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Posted: November 9, 2015 in Miscellaneous
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

If you’re here, it’s because of Dice Masters – or you accidentally stumbled upon my ramblings. If you read my first blog post then you know this blog is going to be about all things Dice Masters: strategies, competitive team builds, fun team builds, dealing with RNG, accessories, spoilers (if I can find them), confusing rulings, and more!

You might also be here because I’ve branched out into casual HeroClix play and you’re looking for my tournament articles.

I welcome all gamers of all kinds to check out my articles and thanks for finding me!

Helpful Links

Dice Masters Rules Forum
I use the Wizkids Forums to find rulings or at least a base for rulings. That’s one of the most important sites out there!
Wizkids Rules Forum Home
This is the Forum Home Index. They have the rules forums for all their games here.
Wizkids Info Network
The Wizkids Info Network is where you need to sign up so that you can play in events at your friendly local gaming store (or FLGS) and find tons of other info.
Wizkids Home
This is Wizkids’ home page. If you don’t know already, they make Dice Masters.
WizKids Keywords Page
This is an official comprehensive list of all the Keywords in Dice Masters.
The Reserve Pool
TRP has several different podcasts and is a wonderful resource site for any player.
Double Burst Website and Facebook
This is a great resource for new players and veterans alike! I’ve enjoyed their podcast and recommend it for any Dice Master out there.
Dice Masters Reddit
This is a forum where you can trade and discuss everything Dice Masters!
DM Retrobox
This site is great for team building and researching cards.
Pro Dice Circuit
These folks are super cool. There are PDC State Championships and team lists on their site. You can see what the meta is in other parts of the country compared to where you live.
Dice Masters Dyersburg
This is a link to the group for my FLGS. If you’re in the area, stop on in for a few games!
Dice Dice Kitty Facebook
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty Facebook page!
Dice Dice Kitty Instagram
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty Instagram!
Dice Dice Kitty Twitter
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty Twitter!
Dice Dice Kitty YouTube Channel
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty YouTube Channel!

If you find a useful link, leave a comment here or in the Facebook group and I’ll add it to the list here. If any of the links here are not working, please let me know so I can adjust the post accordingly.

Sellers of Nifty Accessories

These are folks that I have ordered accessories from and have reviews up for their products.

Litko Game Accessories
For all of dice tower and token needs!
Turn One Gaming Supplies
For all your sleeves and other accessories needs! If you want a Roll Master Mat, they have them.
PlaymatMasters on Etsy
Want an awesome playmat design? Check this out!
Inked Gaming
Have a playmat design but need it printed? This is who I use.

About this Blog

This blog is for my opinions on Dice Masters cards, abilities, dice stats, etc. My opinion is not an absolute – it’s a different view point that may help you decide on whether or not to use one card over another. I’m also human, so mistakes will be made. I make calls on cards based on the knowledge I have of Dice Masters and WizKids, but sometimes, WizKids will make a ruling in a different direction. I fully support and enforce all WizKids rulings. I’ve linked a few sites above that also give their opinions. Always do your research and weigh all your options.

I also go over my team builds for the HeroClix tournaments that I play in. I do not currently play competitive HeroClix, yet. I hope to one day be able to move into the competitive scene and look forward to meeting lots of new friends in the Clix Community!


I encourage all players in our area to use good sportsmanship. Treat your opponents with respect, be honest, and above all – have fun! Games are meant to be fun and not taken too serious. I understand that if you pay an entry fee you want to win, but that doesn’t mean you have to be hateful to your opponent if they defeat you.

Lately, I’ve seen an increase in what veteran gamers call elitism, and most of this attitude is centered around which rules questions that WORF chooses to answer. When a player asks for a ruling on a card that you think is simple or obvious, keep in mind that not all players have the same gaming experience or gaming knowledge that you may have. There are also potential language barriers for players to overcome as well. Please be kind and try to be helpful, and if you feel you can’t, then don’t say anything at all. It’s very destructive and damaging to make fun of a person for not knowing what you may consider to be something simple. It’s also very hurtful to criticize WORF for answering a ‘stupid’ question. The person that asked that question because they needed to ask it. Imagine if they saw your hurtful comment and then took it personally. No question is stupid or unimportant if asked in sincerity. I will not tolerate any hateful comments on my articles, or on any of my social media sites – they will be removed.


In some of the posts, specifically in my Confusing Card of the Week posts, I use two different rating systems. One rating is how well the card fits into the constructed format for Competitive Play, and the other is for Casual Play. I use two different systems because one card that’s amazing for a competitive team may be horrible for casual because it’s just too good. Cards that are good in casual are not usually good in competitive play.

Competitive Play Ratings

Golden Age, Modern Age, and PDC Prime

For competitive play, you want a team that’s fast, effective, and lethal. The competitive scene is about taking home the prize, especially if you pay an entry fee to play. I will do my best to rate cards effectively based on information I’ve gotten from competitive events, through personal experience, and reports. These ratings are for constructed formats only – not competitive draft formats. If you disagree with a rating, that’s fine – leave a comment with your opinion!

Zero out of five stars – Cards with this rating are normally not seen at all on top competitive teams. These cards are not recommended for competitive play.
0 Stars

One out of five stars – Cards with this rating are usually not seen on top competitive teams. These cards may have a useful ability but are dependent on a combo or something else for you to get the full benefit of the card. Cards with this rating are not recommended for competitive play.
1 Star

Two out of five stars – Cards with this rating might see some competitive play, but are very difficult to use. These cards may have a useful ability that’s difficult to utilize, but has a huge benefit if you can get it to work. These cards usually require big combo set ups that typically won’t go off until the last minute and aren’t always enough to earn you a victory. These cards are not recommended for competitive play, but are sometimes worth revisiting when each new set comes out.
2 Stars

Three out of five stars – This is the rogue category, not to be confused with Rogue from the X-Men, or Star Wars: Rogue One. A rogue team is one that consists of cards not typically seen in the meta, but can catch the meta off guard and defeat it. You generally only see three or four rogue cards in a top eight list. These cards are usually paired with others, but they can also be solo cards. These cards are recommended for consideration and should always be revisited with each new set.
3 Stars

Four out of five stars – These cards are seen on most competitive team builds, or have the potential to be meta cards. They are powerful on their own or in combos. These could also be important characters for a team mechanic or have an important utility ability or Global. These cards are highly recommended for competitive play and should always be revisited with each new set.
4 Stars

Five out of five stars – Not many cards will get a rating this high. These cards are seen on almost every competitive team build. They are extremely useful and do not require any other cards to be useful. These cards are typically the ones that fuel teams and make other cards playable.
5 Stars

Casual Play Ratings

Casual play should be fun and educational for beginning players. This is not the platform you should bring that new tournament team you want to test to. When you beat down a new player, they many times will not come back because they’ve been discouraged or they think they have to have the best to play for fun. Even more experienced players can become discouraged. These ratings are based mainly on personal experience and observation from our casual group. This type of setting should be strictly fun and entertaining and not where you go to beat down folks with the best teams.

Zero out of five stars – Cards with this rating are ones that are either too powerful for casual play, or they have abilities that are too difficult to use. If they’re overpowered, they will get zero stars because overpowered cards can ruin the game for casual players. I don’t recommend playing these cards in casual settings at all.
0 Stars

One out of five stars – Cards with this rating are usually too complicated or difficult for casual teams. They typically require a more focused team and generally are not fun to play. These cards could also be very powerful for competitive teams but not much fun for your opponents. Some of these cards can still be played for Globals or abilities, but it is recommended that these cards be used with care.
1 Star

Two out of five stars – These cards are ones that have difficult abilities, but can be fun to play when paired with the right cards. They are typically not one of the overpowered cards that ruin games for casual players. These dice usually need to be bought at the right time or need other cards to be effective. These cards are not usually recommended for beginners, but can be used by more skilled players.
2 Stars

Three out of five stars – These are cards that are recommended for beginners. They’re average cards with average abilities. They have easy to understand abilities, or abilities that can be explained easily.
3 Stars

Four out of five stars – These cards are excellent to play in casual. They have Globals or abilities that need little assistance and make for an entertaining game. Cards with this rating can enhance other cards on your team as well. These cards can sometimes have a more complex ability or Global, but they make for great teaching tools against beginners. These cards are highly recommended for casual play.
4 Stars

Five out of five stars – Cards with this rating are some of the best for casual play. The abilities and Globals on these cards can make the game fun and even boost the team they’re added to. These cards can work by themselves or with additional cards without any major complications. These cards are the most recommended for any player of any skill level, especially a beginner.
5 Stars

Half-Star Rating
I will rarely give any card a half of any star. If I do, it’s because it’s too good for the lower star but not quite good enough for the next star. So if I rate a competitive card at four and a half out of five stars, it’s because it may be used on a number of teams, but only because it’s part of a specific combo. It could also be that they’re better than other four star cards, but not quite worth five stars. Cards that get five stars are typically solo cards that do not need other cards, but enhance other cards. So, half-stars are going to be rare, but possible.
4.5 Stars


I’m always open for Confusing Card of Week suggestions, so don’t be shy! If you ask a question in sincerity, then there isn’t such a thing as a stupid or unimportant question. Feel free to leave a comment and ask anything Dice Masters related and I hope you find my articles helpful and enjoyable!

Have an idea for a team?
Have a card you’re confused about?
Want to see an article about something?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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