Confusing Card of the Week #4 – Hulk Out, Basic Action Card

Posted: November 11, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

This week’s Confusing Card of the Week is Hulk Out, Basic Action Card and how captured blockers and Overcrush interact. We’ll use the cards referenced in this post.

Hulk Out, Basic Action Ultron Drone, 01000100 01101001 01100101

Ultron Drone, 01000100 01101001 01100101 from the Marvel Age of Ultron set.
Hulk Out, Basic Action from the Marvel Age of Ultron Starter set.
Overcrush: If an attacker with Overcrush attacks and the blocker is removed or knocked out (e.g., by a Global Ability or action) and has no other blockers, all damage would be dealt to the opponent’s life.

The scenario is thus:
~ I use Hulk Out on my Ultron Drone.
~ I end my Main Step and proceed to the Attack Step.
~ I attack with Ultron Drone.
~ My opponent blocks with a Sidekick.
~ I use my Ultron Drone’s ability to capture the Sidekick. Using this ability does not require energy and it is not optional.
~ Now the damage is distributed.

Because my Ultron Drone’s blocker was removed from the field, Overcrush will still hit my opponent. There isn’t a character there to absorb any damage from the Ultron Drone, so my opponent is hit for the full amount of the Ultron Drone’s attack.

My Ultron Drone then returns to my Field Zone because it was blocked. Once blocked – always blocked.

This only works because the Overcrush ability was added to the Ultron Drone by the Action Die, Hulk Out. If I attack with Ultron Drone and don’t give it Overcrush, my opponent could safely block the Ultron Drone with any character, and not take damage. The character would still be captured until the end of turn because of Ultron Drone’s ability.

Competitive Play Rating
While this ability is really good, there are other Basic Actions that you can use alongside characters that already have Overcrush. The cost of this Action Die is great at only two energy and that earns it a few points towards being playable in the competitive field. Depending on the type of team you’re building, this Action could be top choice over other Actions like Polymorph, Distraction, Relentless, and other top choices.

This Action is also a good choice if you build your team with purchasing this Action Die in mind, where your opponent may not have figured on purchasing Action Dice for their team. It’s all depending on play style and team build. But because of that and because you do have to purchase the Action Die and roll it, I can’t see giving it four stars. Hulk Out definitely earns a solid three stars from me though.

Hulk Out, Basic Action gets a competitive play rating of three of five stars.
3 Stars

Casual Play Rating
Casual play always has a different type of team building strategy. Like I’ve mentioned before, you don’t want to use overpowered cards because it could scare away beginning players. In a casual setting, you want to play with good cards; cards that won’t drain the fun out of a game, like the Relentless and Human Paladin combo. Hulk Out is a great card for casual settings. It’s overall a fantastic Action because of it’s cost and ability and it’s accessible to your opponent as well. Because of this, I have to give it four stars. It’s very useful on a casual team alongside Polymorph.

Hulk Out, Basic Action gets a casual play rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?
Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

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