Confusing Card of the Week #8 – Stinking Cloud, Basic Action Card

Posted: November 15, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today we’re looking at the Stinking Cloud, Basic Action Card from the Dungeons and Dragons Battle for Faerûn Starter set.

Stinking CloudRuling
If you roll this Action Die on a Pow side, you will get both of the abilities on Stinking Cloud.

The first part of the Action is fairly simple. You use the Action Dice and it does one damage to all characters that are currently in the Field Zone. If you want to use Stinking Cloud and not damage too many of your characters, it’s best to use the Action Dice first and then field any characters you may have rolled that turn.

The second part of the Action is a little more confusing. When you use this Action, you deal the damage to all characters first; then any level one characters that were damaged by Stinking Cloud, cannot attack or block.

Some were confused and thought that it affected characters that were fielded after Stinking Cloud was used, as well as the ones that were damaged by it. In the Battle for Faerûn rule book (page 10 under Eric, Turn 3), the example shows that you can use Stinking Cloud first and then field level one characters and they can still attack.

Stinking Cloud Ref(part of text in above picture)
“In his main step, Eric first uses the Stinking Cloud. It does one damage to Eric’s two NPCs in the field and one damage to each of Mike’s three NPCs. Since each NPC took one damage and has a defense of one, they are all knocked out and go to their owner’s prep areas. Eric places the Stinking Cloud die out of play.
Next he buys another Halfling Thief.He places the energy out of play, and the Thief in his used pile. Then he fields his NPC, attacks Mike with it, reduces Mike’s life to 9, and moves the NPC out of play. His turn ends. He moves the out-of-play dice to his used pile.”

*moves the NPC out of play* – This is not accurate. He would move his NPC to the used pile.
*NPC = Sidekick*

Competitive Play Rating
While I don’t think Stinking Cloud is particularly good for competitive play, it’s possible that someone out there may be able to find a use for it. It’s one saving grace is that it only cost two to purchase a die. But if I really wanted a cheap Basic Action, I’d probably go with Invulnerability or Hulk Out. But it all comes down to play style. I could be proven totally wrong about this card and we could see it on every Worlds Top Eight team this year… but don’t hold your breath.

This card can be really useful if you found a way (Polymorph maybe) to make your opponent’s characters level one so you can utilize the second part of Stinking Cloud’s text. Doing one damage to all characters is not really beneficial unless you’re using Hulk, Green Goliath.

Stinking Cloud, Basic Action gets a competitive play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Casual Play Rating
This card gets a solid three out of five stars for casual play. The purchase cost is great for an action die in casual play, and the ability is average and easy for newer players to use. Overall, this isn’t a bad choice for a beginning player to add to a team. They may even be able to build a team around it, similar to a competitive Hulk, Green Goliath team and still keep it fun.

Stinking Cloud, Basic Action gets a casual play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?
Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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