Confusing Card of the Week #9 – Stealth Ops, Basic Action Card

Posted: November 16, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today we’re looking at the Stealth Ops, Basic Action Card from the DC War of Light Starter Set.

Stealth Ops Basic ActionRuling
The main focus of the confusion is the ability text for the Action.
I have a Magneto that is level three in the field. His attack is six and his defense is eight. I rolled Stealth Ops on a Pow side. I use Stealth Ops on Magneto. He is now considered to be level one and is unblockable this turn.

Any ability that can affect a level one character, will now affect that specific Magneto die. Since Magneto is considered to be level one now, his attack and defense are equal to his level one side. His attack is four and his defense is four for this turn.

The Global is fairly straight forward on this Action. You pay two Masks and you can spin any character down one level. You may only spin characters down that are above level one. Sidekick dice cannot be spun up or down as they only have one level.

Here is the official Stealth Ops Ruling.

Competitive Play Rating
I cannot see Stealth Ops, as a Action, being useful in the competitive scene. The Global could get this Basic Action Card some play on a very small number of teams. Some of the major drawbacks are that it takes two Masks to use the Global and it can be used against your characters as well. Even though Mask Energy is a highly used energy type, using two for one effect on one character die is expensive. Spinning certain character dice down can be a bad idea as well. This card would require a particular type of combo and strategy to be useful and strategies that require several cards are typically slower and not good for competitive play.

Stealth Ops, Basic Action gets a competitive play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Casual Play Rating
Stealth Ops is a decent Basic Action overall for a casual setting. The Action ability and Global can be utilized with slower combo cards more effectively in casual play. The only drawback is that your opponent can use the Global against your own characters. You can counter that by playing certain characters that are better or still good at lower levels, like Beast, Mutate #666 or Beast, Genetic Expert. I can confidently recommend this card for beginners and advanced casual players.

Stealth Ops, Basic Action gets a casual play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

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