Confusing Card of the Week #11 – Thanos, Infinite

Posted: November 17, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today we’re looking at Thanos, Infinite from the Marvel Age of Ultron set.

Thanos Infinite

Let’s use the example from the forum post here.
I have a Falcon, Recon die and four Sidekicks active. Falcon says that when he attacks, Sidekicks can’t be blocked. You can use a global like the one on Takedown or Pandora’s Box to make any of the Sidekicks Villains. With Global abilities like the ones on Takedown and Pandora’s Box, you need to pay the energy required for each Sidekick die. Since they can’t be blocked, they will all damage your opponent. Each one that was given the Villain affiliation will grant you an Infinity Counter on Thanos.

With four Sidekick dice and Falcon attacking, your opponent with take the damage from the Sidekicks. This will give Thanos four Infinity Counters and make him cost eight less to purchase.

Now, let’s use the ability on Cheetah, Cursed Archaeologist for the next example. She says that when she attacks, she deals one damage to your opponent. This is considered ‘ability damage’ and not ‘combat damage’. Combat damage is damage from a character’s attack value. Cheetah would have to damage your opponent with her attack, not her ability in order to get an Infinity Counter on Thanos from her.

Here is the official Thanos, Infinite Ruling.

Competitive Play Rating
Thanos could be a powerful card on the right team. I think it’s possible to see him on competitive teams, but he really only works for certain ones that would fall into the rogue team category. He’s more of an additional card that could be beneficial than a card you really need for the team.

But with certain teams, he would be very easy to purchase and would pose a huge problem for your opponent. Normally I  don’t like to see a fielding cost of one/two/three like Thanos has, but his stats more than make up for it. And with the potential to purchase him for one or two Mask, he would be a great add-on for certain teams.

Thanos, Infinite gets a competitive play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Casual Play Rating
Thanos can be a great card for beginners or advanced casual players. His stats are fantastic and his fielding cost isn’t an issue with stats like those.

My only complaint is that he’s a Super Rare. When players see Super Rares, they can sometimes feel intimidated. There are some Super Rares that are not recommended for any casual play and then there are others, like Thanos, that are perfectly fine. Just use caution when building a team with this card that you don’t build a team that’s too good. Thanos is a really good card and I can’t give him a low rating simply for being a Super Rare.

Thanos would be a great asset on a Villain team that isn’t using cards like Relentless or combos like Falcon, Recon/Sidekicks/Takedown. If that’s a route you really want to go with your team, then use good judgement in your matches. Combos and teams like these can ruin the game for folks that only play in casual settings. Remember to keep it fun and friendly!

Thanos, Infinite gets a casual play rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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