Confusing Card of the Week #13 – Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane

Posted: November 19, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today we’re looking at Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane from the DC War of Light set.


When you field Scarecrow, you can pick any Lantern color – preferably a color your opponent is using a lot of. While Scarecrow is active on your side, your opponent must pay one more to field Lanterns of the chosen color.

If your opponent plays Scarecrow too, then his Scarecrow adds a second Lantern color.

So let’s say I play Scarecrow and pick Green. My opponent plays a Scarecrow too and picks Blue. Any Green or Blue Lanterns that either of us try to field will now cost one more.

You definitely don’t want to pick a Lantern color that you use unless your opponent is using a lot of that color too.

Now if we both pick the same Lantern color, Green for example, then all Green Lanterns would cost two more to field. This is because Scarecrow does not replace my opponent’s choices and would add onto it.

Competitive Play Rating
Scarecrow has a great ability for limited play, such as a War of Light Rainbow Draft or even Hybrid, but as for your standard Constructed format, he’s not so good. There aren’t many, if any, Lanterns in the competitive scene. If the numbers of Lanterns grow or even hit rogue status, I could see this card as a potential character. But with so many other options to neutralize characters or abilities, I highly doubt this particular Scarecrow will ever see competitive play.

Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane gets a competitive play rating of zero out of five stars.
0 Stars

Casual Play Rating
I unfortunately don’t see this card getting any love in casual play either. His ability will be virtually useless against most teams unless you and your opponent are both playing Lantern-type teams. Even then, I don’t see him being super useful. He’s got a decent purchase cost and his stats are good for his fielding cost. For casual players that prefer using certain characters, he’s not a bad choice. He could replace a Morphing Jar, Canopic Jar, even though they have a purchase cost of one. That would all come down to personal preference.

Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane gets a casual play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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