Review! Amazing Spider-Man Starter and Collector Box

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today I have an Amazing Spider-Man Starter and Collector Box up for review!

Starter and Collector Box

Spider-Man was always one of my favorite super heroes (definitely my favorite Marvel hero) and I am super excited for this set!

There are a few new things in this set including Underdog, Aftershock and Sacrifice.

Underdog is interesting and could be difficult for some teams to utilize if the team isn’t meant to be an Underdog team. Underdog can be very powerful though, if used correctly. You get to use the Underdog ability if you have less character dice in the field than you opponent.

Ally is a new ability that means the character dice count as Sidekicks while active in the Field Zone. They don’t count as Sidekicks in your bag, Prep Area, Used Pile, Reserve Pool, etc. – Only in the Field Zone. I can see a few interesting uses for this ability.

Aftershock is what happens when a character is KO’d by your opponent. Aftershock can also give you some pretty decent benefits. Characters with Aftershock don’t necessarily need a certain team, like most Underdog characters.

Sacrifice is new terminology added in this set. When you sacrifice a character for a special effect, the sacrificed character does not go to your Prep Area. It goes to your Used Pile instead.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the starter.
~ Rulebook
~ 12 Basic Action Dice
~ 16 Character Dice
~ 16 Sidekick Dice
~ 24 Character Cards
~ 10 Basic Action Cards
~ 4 Action Indicator Cards
~ 2 Dice Bags
~ Amazing Spider-Man Checklist

Like all the other starter sets, this one has everything you need for two folks to get started!

Each Character has three different cards in the Starter.
Here are all the Character cards from the starter:

CarnageCarnage, Cletus Kassidy is my favorite of the three Carnage cards. I have a team that uses Jinzo, Trap Destroyer and Wasp, Founding Avenger to deal damage to my opponent or force them to pay life when they use Actions and Globals. I also have Wolverine, Canucklehead as my attacker on that team and I think Carnage would be a great addition to that team.

DraxI can’t say how thrilled I am to have Drax for my Guardians team! I think my favorite one so far is Drax, Arthur Douglas. I just need him to beat face with Rocket, “Blam! Murdered You!”. Drax, the Destroyer could be particularly useful too and it’s eventually going to come down to a bit of test playing to see which one I like better.

Ghost RiderI can’t decide which I like best between Ghost Rider, Alejandra and Ghost Rider, New Rider. Both definitely have their benefits and I almost lean more towards dealing damage than gaining life. There aren’t enough decent life gaining cards out there and I think that’s why I like Alejandra so much.

KingpinAnd yet another tough decision. Kingpin, Empire Builder and Kingpin, Payback are both characters I can utilize on teams I already have built. I can’t decide which one I prefer! Again I lean towards Payback for direct damage, but I have a Colossus, Piotr Rasputin team I could totally utilize Empire Builder on. There is a new Basic Action I absolutely plan to add to that team (With Great Power…) which is pictured in the Actions below.

Silver SableSilver Sable, Wild Pack is hands down my favorite of these three. This particular ability seems really good, her purchase cost isn’t bad, her fielding cost is decent, and her stats aren’t too bad. I could almost find a spot on any team for her.

Spider-ManHere is my favorite Marvel Hero! And I couldn’t be more pleased with Spider-Man, “Public Menace!”.  With this Spider-Man, you can make any character on your side a Spider-Man affiliated character, then use Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon‘s Global to KO Spider-Man, gain life, and reduce the cost of the next die you purchase by two.

Spider-WomanI really don’t care for any of the Spider-Woman cards. If I had to pick one that I liked better than the others, I would have to pick Spider-Woman, Agent. She’s a good defensive character with her, ‘come at me bro’ ability. But I can’t see myself using any of these cards for my teams.

White TigerI like how White Tiger, Mystical Amulet and White Tiger, Razor Sharp basically fuel themselves with their Global. I like all three versions of White Tiger. I can see a use for each one, including White Tiger, Hero for Hire.

This starter, like the others, has ten Basic Action Cards and four Action Indicator Cards or Action Reminder Cards. I definitely have my favorites in this set, but the one I’m most excited to try is With Great Power… on my Colossus team.
Here are the Basic Action Cards:
Basic Actions 1
Basic Actions 2Basic Actions 3Basic Actions 4Basic Actions 5Action Indicator Cards
We’ve got a few new colors and some old favorites, like Pink! Love the new design on these cards as well!

If you’re like me, you want that checklist for your set!
Amazing Spider-Man Checklist

The Starter also comes with these nifty looking dice bags. Top picture is one side and the bottom picture is the other side.
Starter Bags

Every Starter comes with 16 Sidekick Dice (enough for two people), and 12 Action Dice (3 of each color, also enough for two people). My only real complaint with the Starter for this set, is that they Orange Action Dice are not Orange at all. They’re a very bright yellow.

Here are the dice from both the Starter (left) and the Collector Box (right).

Sidekick DiceAction Dice

That’s pretty much everything in the Starter, besides the Rulebook.

The Collector Box is a nice addition to any collection. Here’s what comes in this Collector Box:
~ 2 plastic storage trays that hold up to 300 dice.
~ A paper playmat with a checklist on the back.
~ 10 Basic Actions (Same as the Starter).
~ 4 different color Action Indicator Cards (Same as the Starter).
~ 8 ‘special’ colored Sidekick dice.
~ 12 Action Dice, 3 of each color (Same colors as the Starter) but with the same base color as the Sidekicks in the Collector Box.
~ A felt dice bag.
~ A full art promo card (Spider-Man, Great Responsibility).

The pictures of the dice above show the ones from the Collector Box on the right side. The ‘special’ Collector Box dice don’t look all that special in this set. They have a shimmering swirl to them, but it’s super subtle and you only see it if you’re looking for it. My husband said that he thought they were trying to make it look like Spider-Man’s webbing.

Another issue I have with the Collector Box dice is the same issue I have with the Starter dice. The Orange Action dice are not Orange; they are a very bright yellow.

Here is the felt bag and full art promo Spider-Man!
Full Art Spider-Man and felt bag

Overall – I would recommend purchasing at least the Starter for all the unique cards in it. If you only want the Basic Actions, and don’t care about the extra stuff in the Collector Box, the Starter is still cheaper. The Starter is absolutely worth it and if you’re like me and want everything, the Collector Box is a must have.

Enjoy this new set, have fun with characters you like, and above all –

Roll on Dice Masters!

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