Amazing Spider-Man Gravity Feed Pulls

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Miscellaneous, Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

My husband and I decided to give in and buy a gravity feed of Amazing Spider-Man this week. I thought it could be useful to some if I posted a list of what we pulled in our box.

Amazing Spider-Man Box

We pulled 117 common cards. We had a mispack in one of our packs. We got two Blink common cards, and one Blink die with an Aunt May die. Here is a list of all the common cards and how many of each we pulled.

#35     Agent Venom              x3
#36     Aunt May                     x4
#37     Black Cat                      x4
#38     Black Widow               x2
#39     Blade                             x5
#40     Blink                             x4        (One of these came with an Aunt May die.)
#41     Carnage                        x3
#42     Cloak                            x3
#43     Dagger                          x3
#44     Daredevil                     x3
#45     Doctor Octopus          x4
#46     Drax                               x3
#47     Electro                          x3
#48     Firestar                         x3
#49     Ghost Rider                 x2
#50     Gladiator                      x2
#51     Goblin Glider               x3
#52     Green Goblin               x3
#53     Gwen Stacy                   x3
#54     Hobgoblin                     x2
#55     Hulk                                 x3
#56     Iceman                            x3
#57     Iron Spidey                    x3
#58     Kingpin                           x3
#59     Kraven the Hunter      x1
#60     Lizard                              x2
#61     Luke Cage                       x3
#62     Mary Jane                       x2
#63     Mysterio                         x4
#64     Rhino                              x3
#65     Sandman                        x3
#66     Scarlet Witch                x3
#67     Silver Sable                   x3
#68     Spider-Girl                   x3
#69     Spider-Man                  x3
#70     Spider-Woman            x3
#71     Vulture                            x2
#72     Web Shooters               x2
#73     White Tiger                    x3
#74     Wolverine                       x3

We pulled 46 uncommon cards from our box. Here is a breakdown of how many we pulled of each one. There are only two uncommons we didn’t get, Blink and Goblin Glider.

#75      Agent Venom             x2
#76      Aunt May                     x2
#77      Black Cat                      x2
#78      Black Widow               x2
#79      Blade                             x3
#80      Blink                             0
#81      Cloak                              x2
#82      Dagger                           x1
#83      Daredevil                       x2
#84      Doctor Octopus           x1
#85      Electro                            x1
#86      Firestar                          x1
#87      Gladiator                       x1
#88      Goblin Glider               0
#89      Green Goblin                x1
#90      Gwen Stacy                   x2
#91      Hobgoblin                      x2
#92      Hulk                                x1
#93      Iceman                           x1
#94      Iron Spidey                   x2
#95      Kraven the Hunter     x2
#96      Lizard                             x2
#97      Luke Cage                     x1
#98      Mary Jane                      x2
#99      Mysterio                        x1
#100     Rhino                             x1
#101     Sandman                       x2
#102     Scarlet Witch               x2
#103     Spider-Girl                   x1
#104     Vulture                          x1
#105     Web Shooters              x1
#106     Wolverine                     x1

Rares and Super Rare
You won’t get all the rares in one box, but you get a decent amount of them. We pulled 16 rares and none of them were duplicate rares. We also pulled one Super Rare. Most boxes only have one Super Rare, but we’ve seen folks pull two from a box.

#109     Black Widow
#110     Blade
#114     Daredevil
#116     Electro
#117     Firestar
#118     Gladiator
#120     Green Goblin
#121     Gwen Stacy
#122     Hobgoblin
#124     Kraven the Hunter
#125     Lizard
#126     Luke Cage
#127     Mary Jane
#130     Sandman
#133     Web Shooters
#134     Wolverine

#141     Morbius, Unliving Vampire (Super Rare)


I’m not doing a review of the entire set. I’m only going over a few of my favorite cards. If you need a ruling question answered, leave a comment and we’ll delve into it and review the individual card.

Favorites 1Agent Venom, Thunderbolt (left) – I can absolutely see this character on casual teams. He’s affordable, has an interesting ability, really good Global, and his fielding cost isn’t too bad for his stats. I really like this version of Agent Venom.

Black Cat, Felicia Hardy (center) – I love, love, love this Black Cat. She’s not expensive to buy at all and she’s a Mask Energy character. Her fielding costs are okay, but her level three stats are decent. Her ability is a great ‘block me, I dare you’ taunt, and there are other cards with abilities that force opponents to block. She could easily be paired with any of them. I think this character is wonderful for casual play and could possibly see some competitive play.

Cloak, Tyrone Johnson ( top right) and Dagger, Tandy Bowen (bottom left) – The key to using these characters to the best of their ability is the right team build, as with any Underdog character. When you pair Cloak with a good attacker like Dagger, you can do some decent damage. I wouldn’t attack with Cloak unless necessary because he makes an excellent blocker. Cloak and Dagger would be a great pair to build a casual team around. Not sure how well they can do in the competitive scene though. They both have decent stats for their fielding cost. As for their purchase costs, Dagger’s is great and Cloak’s is okay. I think they would be fun to play with and even trying them on a rogue team in competitive play could be fun.

Favorites 2Drax, Infinity Watch (center) -I really like this version of Drax, a lot. I’ve been toying with two from the starter for my casual Guardians team, but I really can’t wait to try this one. He gives you an alternate fielding option that can be harmful to your opponent. I would make sure I had the energy to field him though, just in case my opponent decided to pay the life to prevent me from fielding him for free. There’s no drawback to using him. His purchase cost is not bad and his stats are good. His fielding cost is high, but with his alternative fielding method, I can’t complain about it too much. I can’t wait to try this guy on my Guardians team to see how he works out.

Goblin Glider, Goblin Tech (right) – I have trouble on my Villain team with getting too many Sidekicks in my bag, even though I use Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants. This particular action is definitely high on my test playing list for my Villain team. I like that it lets you prep the die and not roll it. Many Villains have a high fielding cost and with my luck, I’d roll my Villain and not be able to field it. The purchase cost isn’t that bad considering most Basic Actions are three or four to purchase and with Blue-Eyes, you can reduce it. I’m not sure how viable this card will be in competitive play, but I’m sure it will be on many casual Villain teams.

Favorites 3Gwen Stacy, Public Menace (left) –  For a Spider-Man team, you can’t go wrong with a cheap character! She has okay stats and fielding costs, but she’s a nice early buy to help get things rolling. I also have a Bolt team that could really use a cheap character like her. Her fielding cost for level three is better than Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze even though her stats aren’t better. I can’t count how many times Ghost Rider screwed me over with that level three fielding cost. I plan to do some test playing with her as well, but for now, I think she’s my favorite version for variety teams.

Mysterio, Dr. Ludwig Rinehart (center) – I’m a Mysterio fan, as well as Sinister Six fan. I really want to use a Mysterio and I think this is as good as it gets. He gives you a ‘prep-a-die’ ability that isn’t energy specific which is really good. The down side is that he has to be active to use it. He cost six to purchase and his fielding costs are horrible. Thank goodness he has a big defense because you do not want this guy leaving the field. He could make a good attacker, but there are plenty of other attackers that are much better. I really like his Global though. If your opponent is counting dice and leaving exactly four in their used pile (via Professor X’s Global moving Sidekicks), you could get extra dice into your Prep Area that aren’t just Sidekicks. I think that’s the most exciting part of this card and I can’t wait to give it a shot! I’m pretty sure I can find room on my Villain team for him, or I can make a Sinister Six team, which would just be for casual play.

Sandman, Million Little Pieces (right) – I love this Aftershock ability on Sandman. What I really don’t like is that he cost four to purchase and his stats are not good at all. But his stats work in favor of Retaliation teams because he can get KO’d easily and he’s one of the cheaper Villains in the game. He makes a decent blocker against teams that don’t use Overcrush. I plan to test him with a Villain Retaliation team and see how well he works in casual play. Not sure if this card will see competitive play or not.

Favorites 4Black Cat, Probability Control (left) – For as much as I love the common version of Black Cat, I love this one just as much or maybe a bit more. You just need to field this version and you get to force a reroll of one of your opponent’s characters. She’s basically a smaller version of Storm, Wind-Rider. She makes a great Spider-Team character with her purchase cost and fielding cost, and her stats aren’t too bad on level two and three. I can’t decide which one I want on my Spider-Team, but I plan to test play with both.

Cloak, Secret Defender (center) – This Cloak would go great with Dagger, Tandy Bowen. Both the common and uncommon Cloak cards would make a great pair with Dagger, so it all comes down to personal preference and play style. I like both Cloak abilities personally and think they both make for a great casual team option.

Doctor Octopus, 8 Dangers (right) – This Doctor Octopus is devastating! I really like these new abilities that give you something, but make your opponent pay life to turn it off. This would be a late game purchase, but could be a serious game changer. His level three stats and his ability make the level three fielding cost a little less painful to pay. I really can’t wait to try this Doctor Octopus on a casual team with Sandman and Mysterio.

Favorites 5Green Goblin, Goblin Grandmaster (left) – His purchase cost is great and his stats on level two and three are good. His fielding costs aren’t as big an issue because of his ability. He also has a personal Polymorph type ability, so if you fielded him on level one, you could sacrifice a character to spin him up a level. He’s a Mask Energy character and a Villain too, which could help speed up some of the Villain teams in casual play. Not sure he’ll see competitive play, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Lizard, Sewer Dweller (center) – Here is another cheap Villain die. Villains will have their day! I really like the idea of pairing this Lizard with Green Goblin, Goblin Grandmaster. His ability is great when paired with a character like that Green Goblin or Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I can’t complain about his fielding cost too much when you look at the potential with his ability. If you have enough Sidekicks or expendable characters in the field, this Lizard is going to get to an opponent unopposed. He would even go good with Doctor Octopus, 8 Dangers and his awesome ability. I think my Villain team is going to get an overhaul!

Favorites 6Firestar, Amazing Friend (left) -I like Firestar’s ability, a lot, but I don’t like her purchase cost or her level three fielding cost. I do like that she’s a Bolt character so she would fit in really well on my Bolt team. Her cost can be reduced with Blue-Eyes White Dragon and her stats aren’t too bad for my Bolt team. I can’t see her making it into the competitive field though, even with a good ability like hers.

Green Goblin, Goblin Legacy (center) – Another ability that I love. Sure, he hits you with it too, but to field him for free makes it totally worth it. He only has a purchase cost of four and he’s also a Mask character. Villains totally needed cheaper characters and we’re seeing plenty of them now.

Gwen Stacy, The Amazing Spider-Gwen (right) – This Gwen Stacy is awesome for Spider-Teams. As long as you have another Spider-Man affiliated character out in the field, you can field her for free. Her purchase cost is cheap, at three, and her stats are decent for a cheaper character. I really like this Gwen for Spider-Teams more than my Bolt team. I plan to test this Gwen and the common version on my Spider-Team to see which I like better.

Favorites 7Hobgoblin, Mad Fashion Designer (left) – Oh my goodness! This Hobgoblin can be a total nuisance for your opponents. His fielding cost isn’t all that nice for anyone playing him and his purchase cost is high, but I would still love to try him on a team though. His ability is too good to not try out.

Lizard, Scientist (center) – I like that this version has a defensive ability, even though his defense is awful. Every time your opponent uses Blue-Eyes, Lizard is going to get a bigger defense and that’s not something your opponent will want to deal with while attacking. He’s a cheaper Villain which is also good for any Villain team.

Mary Jane, MJ (right) – You can’t have a Spider-Team without Mary Jane and this one is the best! She has Ally and when you field her, you can target any non-Villain character that you control and give them Overcrush for the turn. If you target Spider-Man specifically, he gets +1A as well. MJ helps to get the job done! She’s my first choice on a Spider-Team. Her purchase cost is only two and she’s a Mask character. Her fielding cost is great, and her stats are what you’d expect from a character without super powers or technology. I honestly think that this character could possibly see some competitive play. I’m sure she’ll see lots of casual play. I love this Mary Jane so much, I think Peter Parker might get jealous!

 What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
Leave a comment and let us know!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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