RNG – Your Best Frenemy

Posted: November 28, 2015 in Strategy
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Greetings Fellow Dice Masters!


Today I want to talk a little bit about RNG. Let’s start with what RNG means.

RNG – Random Number Generator
Most often used in online games.
Example: “We defeated this boss and he didn’t have loot for me. RNG hates me.”

When used in relation to dice and card games, RNG refers to consecutive bad dice rolls or several bad draws in a row.


So how can you get RNG to favor you? Aside from loading dice (which is CHEATING!), you can’t. But you can make yourself aware and be realistic about how your luck flows. This is a topic I really wanted to cover as soon as possible because some players get discouraged with constant bad rolls, and I want them to understand – you are not alone!

The one thing that just kills a bit of my soul when I see it happen, is when someone starts playing Dice Masters and then they quit, saying it’s because it’s too ‘luck-based’. I just want to face-palm and ask them what they honestly thought a dice rolling game was going to be.

Batman Slap

Don’t blame the game because you have bad luck. I hate hearing folks say that the game is bad because it’s all about luck. There are measures you can take to help your odds.

RNG is pure luck. Some people have good luck and get the best rolls all the time, and some people have bad luck and rarely get any good rolls. Then there are folks that roll good sometimes and bad other times. You can’t change your luck but you can learn to manage the results. If you know you lean more to the bad RNG side, prepare for it.

Let’s say I’m running a team with only one Mask character and several Globals that utilize Mask Energy. If I have trouble rolling Mask Energy on Sidekicks, then I may want to try a few things to improve my odds.

Things that may help:
~ add another Mask character to my team.
~ try swapping my dice.
~ try different ways of rolling my dice, like using a dice tower or different trays.
~ try praying to the dice gods before each game… just kidding (unless it actually works!).

Adding another Mask character would definitely help my odds in rolling Mask Energy. The only issue with that is you have to be able to buy the character. Sometimes, this option is just not a good one and other times, it makes a huge difference. It really all comes down to how you want your team to flow and what you can take off in place for something else. Doing this requires lots of test playing and even more patience to find that right combination.

Testing different dice is a must. If you have certain dice that don’t ever seem to roll characters, swap them out. If you don’t have anymore of the dice you need,  talk to other players in your area and see if someone will trade dice with you. I can honestly say that I’ve seen one set of Sidekicks roll terrible for someone, but when put in the hands of another player, they roll fantastic! I’m not sure why that is, other than it may have something to do with personal perspective or how the person rolls the dice.

Dice can also have slight imperfections within them. Most of the translucent dice make it easy to spot them, but the opaque ones are more difficult to figure out. I have a Vision die that has a huge bubble in one corner. He always rolls energy and I really hate that because I need him on a character side. I know he has a bubble because I can clearly see it since his dice are translucent red. This method can also take time and patience to figure out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this slideshow above, you can see the bubble in the corner of this Darkseid die. This absolutely affects the outcome on this particular die. I always try to use dice that have as few imperfections as possible.

You should also try rolling your dice in different ways. I used a dice tower for the longest time. The only reason I quit using it, was because I forgot to bring it with me. If I can remember to grab my dice tower, I would totally use it because I feel like I get better rolls when I do. If the dice tower isn’t for you, try different ‘shake’ methods, or shake your dice longer or less. Practice everything to see what feels like you’re rolling better. Try rolling in a wooden dice box or a plastic basket, which you can get cheap from Wal-Mart. I’ve also got a small plastic tray that I glued felt to the bottom of as an alternative rolling surface.

But when all else fails, you can always try good luck charms. You never know – those pair of My Little Pony socks could be your ticket to winning more!

If you have a method that works for you, feel free to share it in the comments because it could help someone else. If you have ideas for dice trays or other nifty accessories, you are more than welcome to share it here! Sharing our experiences is what helps to grow communities across the world. It makes players feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Until next time!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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