Confusing Card of the Week #17 – Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat and Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist

Posted: December 8, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat from the Marvel Uncanny X-Men Starter set and Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist from the Marvel Avengers vs X-Men set.

Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat        Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist

The abilities on both the cards are very easy to understand and don’t need any explanation.

The reason these two cards are the topic of our CCW post this week, is because of their Globals and the combo some players are trying to pull off. Theory is that you can pay a Mask for Kitty Pryde’s Global and target one character, then pay a Mask for Mr. Fantastic’s Global and target the same character – thus making that character attack and the owner paying one life.

This combo does not work.

Here is why – Can’t trumps can and you can’t force your opponent to pay a cost. For example, you could not force X-23, Scent of Murder to block by using a Global or other ability because her ability says that she can’t block. The only way to make her able to block to is shut down her text box, like with Prismatic Spray, Lesser Spray. You could then force her to block with a Global or ability after her text box is shut down.

Here is the official Ruling.

Since this post was about two different cards, I’ve decided to rate both of them.

Competitive Play Rating – Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat
Kitty Pryde has an interesting Global ability that could be useful for certain teams in the competitive field. I don’t think she really has a place in competitive play right now. Maybe sometime in the future with the addition of new cards, new abilities, etc, there may be more potential for her. As of right now, even rogue teams don’t really have a place for her, but you could possibly see that one team that has her on it.

Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat gets a competitive play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Casual Play Rating – Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat
As for the casual scene, I think Kitty Pryde is an excellent card to use. She has a decent ability and an interesting Global. Beginners using this card are taught how to utilize Globals to their benefit and when it’s beneficial to try for a character versus energy while rolling during the roll and reroll step. Sometimes, you want Kitty Pryde on energy, like if your opponent has a mask left over. They could use her own Global against her the turn she’s fielded. That makes your decision difficult in regards to attacking or not, to get the full benefit of her ability. She is definitely a great strategy teaching character. Her purchase cost isn’t too bad, but would’ve been better if she cost three and not four.

Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat gets a casual play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Competitive Play Rating – Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist
I remember when Mr. Fantastic was the bee’s knees. But that was in the beginning when we only had one set available. Now that there are so many other things out there to do, I can’t see much use anymore in the competitive scene for this particular card. His fielding cost isn’t the greatest for what he does. Sure, he can block, but most competitive teams can shut down his text or easily get around big blockers.

Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist gets a competitive play rating of zero out of five stars.
0 Stars

Casual Play Rating – Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist
Mr. Fantastic may have a place on some beginner teams in casual play, but he just can’t hold his place on the teams of more advanced players. I really feel like his fielding cost brings him down, especially for his ability. I haven’t seen a Mr. Fantastic on a team since Uncanny X-Men released. Maybe there will be a better use for him with the release of more sets, but as of now, he’s only getting one star from me for casual play.

Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant Scientist gets a casual play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

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