Confusing Card of the Week #18 – Warth, Hope Burns Bright

Posted: December 17, 2015 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at Warth, Hope Burns Bright from the DC War of Light set.

        Warth, Hope Burns Bright.png

Warth’s ability allows him to use the ‘When Field’ effect of any character you have active. This means the character must be in the Field Zone, before you field Warth, for him to be able to use the ability.

If I have a Green Goblin, “Gobby” in the Field Zone and my opponent has a Hyperion, Avenger active, I can field my Warth and use Green Goblin’s ability. Warth is the character using the ability and is not a Villain, so Hyperion has no effect on him.

In regards to Heroic, Warth does not gain “When Fielded” abilities that require the Heroic keyword to activate. This is because Warth does not gain the keyword, Heroic. Professor X, Founder is active on my side and I field Warth, but nothing happens.

Here is the official Ruling.

Competitive Play Rating
I think this particular card has great rogue potential. He’s a great way to get around certain cards that shut down your Gobby Bombs. I recently built a competitive team that has Gobby and Warth. Not only does he make for a great backup, but he’s additional Gobby Bombs. I run them both at max dice, so I have a potential for eight Bombs if I really needed that many. I don’t see all Gobby Bomb teams running him, because this particular card would rely on your local meta. That’s why he only gets a rogue rating from me, but I really do like him on my team. I can’t complain at all about his stats or fielding cost.

Warth, Hope Burns Bright gets a competitive play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Casual Play Rating
I can’t rate him too high for casual play, but he’s good enough for more experienced players to find a use for him. Beginners may not fully understand his use and he could just sit idle on their teams. He does have really good stats for what it costs to field him and he’s not expensive to purchase. I would definitely encourage the players who understand Warth, to show others how to use him effectively. He makes for an interesting game if used correctly. There are plenty of characters with interesting ‘When Fielded’ abilities out there that casual players can use, and then adding Warth could even increase the effectiveness of their teams. Learning when to buy him or when to reroll him for energy instead of a character, will only come with experience.

Warth, Hope Burns Bright gets a casual play rating of two out of five stars.
2 Stars

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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