Team Building Spotlight – Kat’s Colossal Team

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today we’re going to take a look at my Colossal Team. This team is one that I like to play for fun or in OP Events. I do not play to win in our OP events, so I like to play different things to see how they hold up against some of the more competitive players. It also gives them a challenge, sometimes… And sometimes I just slowly place my palm to my forehead and giggle to myself as I’m obliterated. But regardless, it’s a great way for me to test my team’s abilities and see what adjustments I should make.

My Colossal Team is one I also like to use in casual play against more advanced players. I don’t like to play this team against beginners because it can be frustrating to play against if you don’t have a really good understanding of Dice Masters strategy or if you don’t have decent characters to use. There are a few of our competitive players that get frustrated against this team and I’m not sure if I want to improve upon it too much.

Here is my team build and how many of each dice I use:

Colossus, Piotr Rasputin – Three
Sabretooth, Something to Prove – Four
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp, The Power of the Lamp – Three
Sinestro, Thaal Sinestro of Korugar – Two
Beast, Genetic Expert – Two
Morphing  Jar, Canopic Jar – Four
Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon – One
Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants – One

Basic Actions
With Great Power…

I remember seeing the rare Colossus way back when Avengers vs X-Men first released. My husband loved him and wanted to build a team around him. Sadly, it didn’t go so well. Many sets later, I pick him up and find a way to build around his ability. I really liked his ability to do damage consistently, without having to attack. This meant I would always have blockers to defend my life total and it was something different than what other teams did. So that’s the whole goal of this team – get as many level two or level three characters active as possible with Colossus active, and chill.

My main starting strategy for this team is to purchase two to three Morphing Jars on turn one. This helps me with my Professor X Global and helps to maximize the number of Sidekicks in my prep area throughout the game. They also help stabilize my dice flow. I don’t mind getting them on a character side because they make a great lunch for Blue-Eyes if I don’t have a Sidekick in the field. Their attack is really good too on level three. I’ve had many opponents hold off an attack because they didn’t want Morphing Jar to block and potentially KO their attacker.

Turn two I’m hoping to roll six or seven Sidekick dice. I usually keep one or two Sidekicks and some Bolts for Blue-Eyes. Depending on the energy I end up with, I could be buying Sabretooth and/or La Jinn dice, or Action Dice. I always prefer my Sabretooth and La Jinn over buying my Action Dice too early. If I can get one of each on turn two and still have some Mask energy left, then it’s a great day. Usually I only end up being able to get one character and then save what I can for Globals. Depending on how my dice are rolling, determines which one I buy first. If my Sidekicks really want to be on their character side, I buy La Jinn first. If I’m rolling mostly energy, I buy Sabretooth.

Once I get to turn three, I’m hopefully rolling lots of dice. I’m usually trying to buy a Colossus turn three, and if I can’t, I’m buying more Sabretooth and La Jinn, or I buy my Action Dice. I work on building my field presence until I can get my Colossus. If I can’t get Colossus by turn five, I’m having horrible luck and I’m probably almost defeated.

Polymorph helps me get Colossus directly into the field right after I buy him. I don’t always use this method, but it works a lot. Not only does Polymorph help me get my Colossus out, it can also help me get rid of any particularly pesky character on my opponent’s side. It’s a really handy action and it’s Global is also key for my team. If I Polymorph Colossus into the field, I use the Global to spin someone else down and spin him up. Colossus on level one is not a good thing. He’s only a 4A and 4D character. His level two is a better with a 6A and 5D. I rarely use Polymorph for Colossus if I can’t spin him up that same turn with either With Great Power… or the Polymorph Global.

With Great Power… is a new addition to this team. I’ve used it in several games now and I absolutely love this card. It gives this team a huge boost when I’m having bad luck, like a field of level one La Jinn and nothing to KO. I hate having to KO a La Jinn to level another one. I’ve done it before and it’s ended up hurting me.

This team can backfire in a big way if you’re not careful with your character purchases. There are a few characters here that I do not purchase unless I absolutely have to: Beast, Sinestro, Professor X, and Blue-Eyes.

Many teams that use Blue-Eyes and Professor X don’t purchase them anyway because they only use them for their Global abilities. Blue-Eyes has a really good ability, and it works well with La Jinn, if I have another character I can spare. I don’t usually purchase Blue-Eyes though, because it would be another dice in my bag that could get in the way of drawing something else that I need.

Sinestro is a character I like to use in casual games because he’s a little harder to get and he’s definitely manageable for my opponents. Our local meta doesn’t see many Lanterns being played, so there’s a good chance I can use his ability effectively. He’s caused me problems in the past when buying him too early, because his energy type is not ideal for me and he can mess with my dice flow.

Beast is my Tsarina counter. I usually don’t buy him unless I see my opponent is playing Tsarina because I would much rather use Morphing Jar for the Mask energy. I can buy more Morphing Jars than I can Beast on my first turn. Beast is a good character to use in many situations, but his main purpose is to help against Tsarina.

Possible Changes
Sinestro, as I mentioned above, has been known to cause me serious trouble. I’ve wanted to replace him and have thought long and hard on who I could replace him with. I almost added Deadpool, Jack or Deadpool, Chiyonosake in his place, but he’s also a Fist character. I wanted a different energy type because I already have so many Fist characters. But I’m seriously considering this character swap.

My other option is Marvel Girl, Humanity. I really like her as a replacement for Sinestro because she’s not a Fist character and she has a spin mechanic. She cost the same to purchase as Sinestro so replacing him with Marvel Girl wouldn’t hurt my curve any. It would definitely have been better if she was a four to buy instead of five, but her ability is worth it. She works well with Polymorph and also makes for a good Tsarina counter. The only issue with using her over Beast is that she cost five and Beast only cost two. But with her ability, it makes her more valuable against Tsarina. My opponent could use Relentless or some other ‘can’t block’ ability on Beast and then I wouldn’t get his ability. Marvel Girl is not weak to those type of abilities.

If I were to replace Sinestro with Marvel Girl, I could leave Beast on my team as an early purchase against Tsarina. But I could also replace Beast with a cheaper Fist character, like Ant-Man, Biophysicist. Using a cheaper Fist character will help me purchase Sabretooth, La Jinn, and Colossus. Ant-Man, Biophysicist doesn’t have an ability, but he only cost two. He has great stats for such a cheap character and could make for a great surprise attacker. I could also use Ant-Man, Pym Particles in Beast’s place, and he only cost one more to buy than his common version. He has a nice Global for me, but it could also be used against me. That’s the chance you take when you play a card with a Global. He does a decent ability that could be used to my advantage, if I wanted to attack with him. I also like Ant-Man, The Insect World for his ability because it works with well with Polymorph and Colossus. With his purchase cost of three, he’s become a favorite of mine to try out in the place of Beast.

I had also toyed with the idea of replacing Polymorph with Imprisoned. Many players have made this suggestion, but it’s actually a bad idea for this team. Imprisoned’s ability is cancelled anytime you do damage to your opponent. If the ability on Colossus caused your opponent to ‘lose life’ instead of doing damage, then Imprisoned would be amazing for this team. I really love my Basic Actions and I don’t see any reason to change them. If there is a Basic Action that has a better ability than these, I will be reevaluating my current Basic Actions.

I’m always open for suggestions! If you know of a card that would work better than one I’m using or planning to use as a replacement, leave a comment! I would love to hear the opinions of other players on my advanced casual team. I would also like to know if you build a team similar and how it works for you.

May the dice roll in your favor!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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