Confusing Card of the Week #24 – Iceman, Too Cool for Words

Posted: February 2, 2016 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today we’re looking at Iceman, Too Cool for Words from the Marvel Uncanny X-Men Starter set.

Iceman, Too Cool for Words

Looking at Iceman’s first ability, it’s fairly straight forward. Once per turn, you can pay a Bolt Energy to double Iceman’s attack value. You can increase Iceman’s attack, like with the Global on Invulnerability, and then use his ability to double his attack.

You have a level two Iceman with an attack of three. You use Invulnerability’s Global two times, making his attack a five. You then use Iceman’s ability to double his attack to a ten.

Now for his Global ability – You can pay a Bolt Energy to spin any number of your Sidekick dice in your Reserve Pool or you Field Zone to their Bolt side. Any active Sidekicks that you choose will be moved to your Reserve Pool on their Bolt side. Since they added the text in parenthesis to his Global, it takes a lot of the confusion about his Global away.

There is not an official ruling on the forums about this card.

Competitive Play Rating
I could not possibly give this card less than four stars for competitive play because it’s a key part to getting Fatality consistently dealing damage. The Fatality/Iceman combo is really strong and I’ve heard rumors of someone winning a tournament of 15+ people using only Fatality, Iceman, and Professor X. While I cannot confirm that this actually occurred, I can say that I would not be surprised at all! We have a local player that has a Bolt team and he only purchases Fatality in any of his games. Now, I know that there are good counters to this type of strategy, so you would need a backup plan. But you can’t deny that this Iceman could be used for many different teams, just because of his Global. If you were using him as a backup, his cost can be reduced using Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but it’s still a little high. He’s got really good stats and great fielding costs, and not to mention his ability is really cool too when paired with the right cards. Personally, I do not like Iceman from comics, and that influences who I put on my team. I tried to play a variation of a Bolt team without him and it worked… a little. He really is a crucial part to the Bolt team.

Iceman, Too Cool for Words gets a competitive play rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

Casual Play Rating
Iceman gets a solid four stars from me. He’s a great strategy learning character for beginners with his regular ability. His Global is interesting for more advanced casual players and beginners alike. There are tons of ways a casual player could utilize this ability. His regular ability isn’t overly complicated and can be easily explained. His purchase cost is a little high, but still reasonable even without a player using Professor X or Blue-Eyes. His fielding cost and stats are perfect for casual and while he can be very powerful, there are plenty of ways to deal with him in a casual setting.

Iceman, Too Cool for Words gets a casual play rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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