Review! Faerûn Under Siege Starter and Collector Box

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


It’s that time again! A new set has been released to the masses and I have acquired my Faerûn Under Siege Starter Set and Collector Box.

004 Product

Let’s take a look at all the new abilities in this set.

 Anti-Breath Weapon:
When a character die with Breath Weapon X attacks and uses it’s Breath Weapon ability, you may pay X energy to prevent that damage. We saw the introduction of the Breath Weapon in Battle for Faerûn. Now we have it’s counter, the Anti-Breath Weapon! Breath Weapons are useful and many players have found ways to integrate a Breath Weapon onto their teams. We’ll have to see how these new characters with Anti-Breath Weapon will work themselves onto teams. There isn’t anything overly complicated about using Anti-Breath Weapon. If your opponent attacks and uses a Breath Weapon, you just pay the same amount of energy and you prevent the damage. We assume this means all the damage, to characters and player, and we’re going with that until we hear otherwise.

If a die with Cleave attacks and KOs a blocking character die with combat damage, they deal half of their A (rounded down) to another character die your opponent controls as combat damage (only once). Holy hand-axes Batman! You could easily pair a character with Cleave with Goblin Attack Force, Goblin Squad and use the Global to force your opponent to block, pump up the Cleave character’s attack with a Global like the one on Anger Issues or Invulnerability, and easily wreck some face. You could even throw in some Overcrush for some salt in that wound. This ability looks like it’s going to be fun to play around with. When you use a Global like the one on Anger Issues or Invulnerability, you want to do it before you attack. That’s so you can hit another character with Cleave for more damage and hopefully KO it too. This ability gives me goosebumps and chills! I can’t wait to try it on a team!

Characters with Fabricate will have two numbers (X-Y). If you KO X characters with total purchase cost Y or more, you can purchase the die with Fabricate X-Y for free. This is an interesting ability that gives you a different option for purchasing characters. Let’s say you have a character with Fabricate 2-3 and you have three characters in the field. Character A has a purchase cost 1, Character B has a purchase cost of 2, and Character C has a purchase cost of 4. If you wanted to purchase your Fabricate 2-3 for free, you would be required to KO a minimum of two characters and their purchase cost (added together) would need to total three or more. You could KO Character A and B, Character A and C, or Character B and C. You could not KO only Character C and purchase your Fabricate 2-3 character because it requires you to KO two characters. If you were to use characters that had KO abilities or even some ‘when fielded’ abilities, you could benefit a great deal from using Fabricate.

Characters with Fast deal combat damage before other characters, all at the same time, instead of at the regular time for combat damage. This has got to be one of my favorite new abilities. I love having the chance to deal damage before other characters and this could even be a game winning move! Let’s say I have two Sidekicks and a Potion, Paragon Spell in my Reserve Pool, and my opponent has Nova, The Human Rocket. Both my life total and my opponent’s life total are at one. I attack with both my Sidekicks and my opponent blocks one Sidekick with their Nova and leaves the other Sidekick unblocked. Normally this would result in a tie because of Nova’s ability, but if I give the unblocked Sidekick the Fast ability with my Potion, I would win because that Sidekick would deal his damage before the other characters. This ability is also extremely useful for characters that have a high attack and a low defense, like Ant-Man, Biophysicist. If a character with a defense equal to or less than Ant-Man’s attack were to block him (or be blocked by him) while he had Fast, he would KO that character before it has a chance to deal it’s damage back.

If you field a die with Gate Balor, you could take an unpurchased Balor die from one of your cards and roll it. On a character face, you can place the unpurchased die into your Prep Area. Sometimes a die can Gate in a different type of die (like a fiend). In that case, you may select any qualifying die. This ability may seem difficult or confusing at first, but it really isn’t hard to use. It’s a great alternative to having to purchase every die of a particular character and it’s definitely interesting! I’ve had an opportunity to use it and it was very useful. I fully intend on using it on a fiend team and I recommend that everyone try using it just to see how it works. Of course, you only have a 50/50 chance for it to work each time you try to Gate something in, but totally worth it. I used Erinyes, Lesser Fiend on my draft team and was even able to Gate another in. I fielded my first Erinyes, then used Gate and rolled my second Erinyes from the card. It rolled a character face, so I got to put it into my Prep Area for next turn. Had it rolled energy, it would have been returned to the card and I wouldn’t have lost anything.

Starter Contents

Let’s take a look at what’s in the starter.
~ 12 Basic Action Dice
~ 16 Character Dice
~ 16 Sidekick Dice
~ 24 Character Cards
~ 10 Basic Action Cards
~ 4 Action Indicator Cards
~ 2 Dice Bags
~ Faerûn Under Siege Rulebook

Like all the other starter sets, this one has everything you need for two folks to get started!

Each Character has three different cards in the this Starter.
Here are all the Character cards from the starter:

Bronze Dragon
Here we see our first Anti-Breath Weapon! Not only does Apprentice Dragon have Anti-Breath Weapon, but his Burst side reduces the cost for him to use it. I really like him for countering Breath Weapons, but I also like Master Dragon a lot too. He makes your opponent think twice about using their Breath Weapon, especially if it’s a Breath Weapon 1.

I really like Minion Monstrosity and Master Monstrosity. I like Minion Monstrosity’s ability to just KO any character die that has a cost of four or less. Cockatrice has a low attack on all sides and decent defense, which is one of the reasons that I like Master Monstrosity’s ability so much. He can take a hit from a blocker and potentially KO it too. There are ways to increase his attack and lower his purchasing cost. Master Monstrosity gets more love from me than Minion Monstrosity because Minion can’t target Master with his ability.

I absolutely love Minion Fiend! He makes my Fiends cost one less to purchase while he’s active and he makes for a fantastic blocker! I couldn’t ask for more! Master Fiend isn’t bad either, but I’d like him more if his purchasing cost was four and not five. I’m loving the Apprentice Fiend as well. I really like the ability, but then I see the Minion Fiend and it makes my decision really hard as to which one I want I my Fiend Team. The only thing I can do is test with both of them and see who works best.

Gnome Ranger
I really like Apprentice Emerald Enclave and Master Lord’s Alliance. They each have useful abilities that could be integrated on almost any team. I do not like Minion Harper, or any other character that requires you to do something with Experience tokens like this one does. Now, his ‘when fielded’ ability isn’t that bad, but you won’t get the full benefit of the card if your opponent isn’t running any monsters – not to be confused with the monster term in Yu-Gi-Oh! as it means character. Monster in the D&D sets refers exclusively to characters with the monster flag. (Cross-IP Terminology) Minion Harper is not totally dependent on your opponent having monsters, but if I were going to play a card like this, I’d rather be able to utilize it entirely than partially.

Half-Elf Bard
I can’t decide which of these Half-Elf Bards I like best. They each have their pros and cons and they all seem to have their own place on many different teams. I think the most universally useful one would be Master Lord’s Alliance.

Hell Hound
If you’re looking for a cheaper Fiend, Hell Hound is your Fiend! None of the ones in the starter have a purchase cost over three, and two of the abilities are really good, not to mention there is a vanilla Hell Hound for those that need a cheap Fist character with decent stats. Personally, I like Apprentice Fiend over the other two. I like that I can attack with him and he automatically deals one damage to a character or player of my choice. He’s a lot like Cheetah, Cursed Archaeologist from the DC Justice League set, but a little bit better. Master Fiend is good too, and can be very useful to get around bigger blockers or the solo fielded character. Just imagine -You have three Apprentice Fiends in the Field Zone with a Hulk, Green Goliath. You attack with all three Hell Hounds and each one does one damage to Hulk. Each time Hulk is hit, he’ll deal a minimum of two damage to each opposing character. That’s six damage being spread across your opponent’s characters.

Hill Giant
Oh my goodness… Why did they make so many good, low purchase cost characters in the starter?! I’m happy they did! Apprentice Giant and Master Giant – love them both. Apprentice Giant is a beefy, three cost character with a built in Overcrush. Master Giant is just a massive character that your opponent is not going to block unless they use two or more character dice and you could give him Overcrush with card abilities or actions like Hulk Out. If you’re looking for a super cheap and beefy character, you can’t go wrong with Minion Giant. So many options here!

White Dragon
Easily, my favorite White Dragon is Apprentice Dragon. There are so many ways to spin an opponent’s characters down levels ad that makes Apprentice Dragon very useful. Master Dragon is too situational. You need him against opponents that are using ‘good’ characters and even then, he’s still not that great. The best thing about him is that his Breath Weapon is a 2. I don’t much like the Minion Dragon at all, even though he could potentially make a decent blocker. There are much better options available.

This starter, like the others, has ten Basic Action Cards and four Action Indicator Cards or Action Reminder Cards.

Basic Actions 01Basic Actions 02Basic Actions 03Basic Actions 04Basic Actions 05
There are so many great Action Cards in this starter! Some of my favorites are the ones that cost two to purchase, Power Word Kill, Delayed Blast Fireball, and Cloudkill. I also like that there are now Gear as Basic Actions. I was very pleased with the cards in the starter.
Action Indicator Cards
The Action Indicator Cards in this starter are the same as the ones that came in the Amazing Spider-Man Starter.

FUS Checklist Both Sides

Dice Bags004 Dice Bag Both

003 Dice Bag Backs
I love that they’re putting art on the bags in the starters now, but in all honesty, who actually uses these regularly? They’re sturdy, durable bags, but I do not know anyone that uses them once they’ve been playing past a month or so. At least they’re awesome looking!

Action Dice and Sidekick Dice
Action Dice and Sidekick Dice
Here is my one, major complaint with this starter – same as the Amazing Spider-Man set. The ‘orange’ Action Dice are not orange. They are clearly bright yellow. I have serious issue with this… my OCD does not like it!

But that’s it for the Faerûn Under Siege Starter set, except of course, the Rulebook. They have one of those in there too.

 Collector’s Box

Action Dice and Sidekick Dice
Action Dice Comparison
The Action Dice on the left are from the Collector’s Box, and the ones one the right are from the Starter. Not much color difference! The Collector’s Box Action Dice are an off-white, bone color instead of being bright white. If you have the Amazing Spider-Man Collector’s Box, they’re the same as those dice.

Sidekick Comparison
Close up comparison of the Sidekick Dice – Left is from the Collector’s Box, right is from the Starter.

Dice Bag
Dice Bag Collector Box Both Sides
I don’t like these nylon type bags at all. I didn’t buy the first ones back in Uncanny X-Men, and I wasn’t planning on ever buying or even owning any of them. But here it is – nestled into my Collector’s Box. While I think the art is amazingly awesome, I absolutely detest the material. I handcraft my own dice bags and sell them at my FLGS, so this type of product doesn’t go over well there.

Drizzt Collector Box Promo
I love the art on this card and I love collecting all the different promos and variants of cards. As far as being a good card to use, probably not, unless you play a limited format with only the Dungeons and Dragons sets. Drizzt, The Hunter with his ability to create a 3A, 3D Guenhwyvar token is really cool! We’ve never seen an ability like this and even though she leaves play at the end of turn, she’s unblockable as long as Drizzt attacks. There are ways to pull him back into the Field Zone with Globals so he doesn’t get KO’d or go to your Used Pile and you can increase Guehywyvar’s attack with other Globals. Overall, not a terrible card, but you need to be able to get Experience if you’re not playing in D&D Limited events.

Wait… something’s missing…


They have taken the four booster packs out of the Collector’s Box and replaced them with that dice bag…

If it weren’t for the promo Drizzt, The Hunter, I would not have purchased this Collector’s Box. That was literally the only reason I purchased it… I was very underwhelmed with the Collector’s Box and I’m afraid they’ve ruined them by replacing packs with the dice bag. I’m not looking forward to the next Collector’s Box…

But as for the starter, I loved it! My only real complaint is about the yellow-not orange Action Dice. Not like that’s a big deal when the rest of the contents are so good! I would highly recommend this starter for anyone who is just now getting into Dice Masters.

 How about you folks? What’s your opinion on it? Drop a comment here or the Facebook group and let us know what you think.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. I really do love this set! So many good cards! I mean Banishment, you power bolt or magic missile some pisky character enough to KO it then use banishment to send it from Prep area to Used Pile!! Fabulous!! No rerolling that guy this turn, nope!! Low cost actions, great abilities, and plenty of versatility, which makes for a great set. Two thumbs up from me!! Only complaint is I would have liked packs in the collector’s box. Can’t wait for future sets!!


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