Report! Faerûn Under Siege Release Draft Picks and Team

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Report, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today I’ll be showing you all the cards I drafted and the team I put together for our FUS Release Draft this past Saturday. I also have pictures of my husband’s picks and his team.

I should also add that we allow players to use Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants on their teams. It helps the drafts go smoother and a little quicker. We tried a War of Light draft without him and the rounds were long, and not much fun. Since we started allowing Professor X, draft rounds have run much better.

We had nine players and we played three rounds. Normally, an event with nine or more players would be four rounds, but for our drafts we just do three rounds unless we have twelve or more. We also do best-of-one and 30 minute rounds.

Now, on to my picks and team.

These are the commons I drafted, not including the ones that are on my team. Blink Dog, Erinyes, and Flesh Golem were drafted for their dice. The Bronze Dragon was a final card in his cluster. I picked the Gnome Ranger and the Ring for potential use and didn’t have a spot for them.Kat Draft Pic Common

These are my uncommon picks, not including the ones on my team. I believe the Clay Golem and Orcus were passed to me as the last cards in their respective clusters. I drafted Lolth, Erinyes, Blink Dog, and Human Fighter for their dice. I drafted the Dwarf Wizard because he was the prettiest thing in that particular pick.Kat Draft Pic Uncommon

These are my rare picks, not including the one on my team. I picked Lolth with the intention of using her, but her cost made me flinch a little. We don’t have a Blue-Eyes in this format! I also had the intention of using the Flesh Golem, but didn’t feel I had room for him.Kat Draft Pic Rares

This is what I put on my team. The eighth character was Professor X with one die.Kat Draft Team 1Kat Draft Team 2

I decided to go with some new FUS Basic Action Cards.Kat Draft Team Actions

In my first pack cluster, I saw the rare Blink Dog, Paragon Fey. I loved just about everything about this card, from ability, to fielding costs, to purchase cost. I could not resist! I hate picking based on rarity, but I didn’t feel bad at all about picking the Blink Dog. I knew instantly that it was going to be a key character on my draft team. I wasn’t wrong! Blink Dog set the entire pace for my draft picks. I grabbed each and every Blink Dog that came my way, and it so happened that the last Blink Dog I picked was also a rare and was passed to me. But other folks were picking them as well so I was extremely lucky to get as many as I did.

Another character that I liked was the Erinyes, Lesser Fiend. I picked her early in the draft and was able to get two more copies for her dice. I love the Gate ability and I got it work in two of my three matches.

I was very lucky that a Rust Monster, Lesser Monstrosity eventually came my way. I picked him because I knew there were going to be Gear played. I was not lucky enough to get any more than just the one.

I added Displacer Beast, Lesser Monstrosity primarily for his energy type and cost. I also thought that his ability could be useful but I ended up never purchasing this character during the entire tournament.

I picked the Beholder, Greater Aberration with every intention of using him with my Basic Actions, but sadly I never got to purchase him.

I used my Human Fighter, Greater Lords’ Alliance quite often – more than I expected I would. I would see my opponents buying monsters, so I would buy him early. He was quite handy and I even got several Experience tokens on him.

Oh my, Cockatrice, Lesser Monstrosity! Everyone that saw one would grab it. You didn’t let this card pass you by in the draft – even though it has the same ability as Minion Monstrosity from the Starter… (Go home WizKids. You’re drunk!) Not sure why they did that, but he makes for a super awesome draft character and I only managed to get one – because I opened him in a cluster! I used him to great effect throughout the tournament.

Unfortunately, it’s been almost a week since our release draft and I can’t remember too many details of each of my matches. I can’t really give a tournament report, but I wanted to at least share my spoils and my team build from the event. I will do my best to remember to take notes next time on my rounds so I have a better tournament report to give you all. I’m still new to this and I’m learning as I blog! I did manage to get a fourth place win at this event and net a few packs from additional prizing.

I also wanted to share my husband’s draft picks and his team build as well. I can’t tell you why he picked what he did or what inspired his team build, but at least you can see his spoils. The one thing I do know is that he chose the wrong Beholder for his team. He was sitting next to me during one of the rounds and mentioned it to me.

He managed to get a super rare.Travis Draft Pic Super Rare

UncommonsTravis Draft Pic Uncommon

CommonsTravis Draft Pic Common

My husband’s draft team – eighth character being Professor X.Travis Draft Team 1Travis Draft Team 2

He chose Basic Actions from the Battle for Faerûn Starter.Travis Draft Team Actions

My husband and one other player were undefeated after three rounds, but with his tie breakers, he managed to take first place and received the additional prizes the store offered. He passed his OP Prize to the second place winner.

I hope that you all have had successful drafts and other events for this great new set and I can’t wait to start on some of these cards for CCW. I’ve seen a few already!

May the dice always roll in your favor!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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