Review! Faerûn Under Siege Gravity Feed Pulls

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Miscellaneous, Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

We finally were able to pick up our Faerûn Under Siege gravity feed. This set seems to be very popular and it sells out quickly. We were lucky enough to have a draft with nine people on release weekend. We bought a little over half a feed after the draft and had to wait until late this past week to be able to get our sealed feed. We were not disappointed in our pulls!

Gravity Feed

We pulled 116 common cards. We got all the commons in multiples except for one that we only got one copy of.

x3     #35     Bahamut
x2     #36     Balor
x3     #37     Beholder
x3     #38     Black Dragon
x2     #39     Blink Dog
x2     #40    Bronze Dragon
x4     #41     Bugbear Ambusher
x2     #42     Clay Golem
x4     #43     Cockatrice
x3     #44     Displacer Beast
x3     #45     Drizzt
x3     #46     Dwarf Wizard
x3     #47     Elf Thief
x2     #48     Erinyes
x3     #49     Flesh Golem
x3     #50     Gelatinous Cube
x4     #51     Ghost
x3     #52     Giant Spider
x4     #53     Glabrezu
x3     #54     Gnome Ranger
x3     #55     Goblin
x2     #56     Gorgon
x4     #57     Half-Elf Bard
x3     #58     Half-Orc Barbarian
x3     #59     Hell Hound
x3     #60     Hill Giant
x3     #61     Human Fighter
x3     #62     Intellect Devourer
x3     #63     Iron Golem
x1     #64     Lich
x2     #65     Lizardfolk
x3     #66     Lolth
x3     #67     Oni
x2     #68     Orcus
x2     #69     Potion
x4     #70     Ring
x4     #71     Rust Monster
x2     #72     Storm Giant
x3     #73     White Dragon
x4     #74     Wraith

We pulled 46 uncommon cards. We got all but two of the uncommons in the set.

x1     #75     Bahamut
x2     #76     Balor
x2     #77     Beholder
x1     #78     Black Dragon
x2     #79     Blink Dog
x1     #80     Bugbear Ambusher
x1     #81     Clay Golem
x2     #82     Displacer Beast
x1     #83     Drizzt
x2     #84     Dwarf Wizard
x1     #85     Elf Thief
x1     #86     Erinyes
x1     #87     Flesh Golem
x1     #88     Gelatinous Cube
x1     #89     Ghost
x1     #90     Giant Spider
x2     #91     Goblin
x2     #92     Gorgon
x2     #93     Half-Orc Barbarian
x3     #94     Human Fighter
x0     #95     Intellect Devourer
x1     #96     Iron Golem
x1     #97     Lich
x0     #98     Lizardfolk
x2     #99     Lolth
x3     #100     Oni
x2     #101     Orcus
x1     #102     Potion
x1     #103     Ring
x1     #104     Rust Monster
x2     #105     Storm Giant
x2     #106     Wraith

Rares and Super Rare
You won’t get all the rares in one feed, but you get a decent amount of them. We pulled 16 rares and none of them were duplicates. We also pulled two Super Rares. You will almost always get a Super Rare in every feed. I’ve heard of at least one feed that didn’t have one, but we’ve been lucky and gotten two in almost every feed we’ve bought.

#108     Balor
#109     Black Dragon
#110     Blink Dog
#114     Elf Thief
#116     Flesh Golem
#119     Giant Spider
#120     Goblin
#121     Gorgon
#123     Human Fighter
#124     Intellect Devourer
#127     Lizardfolk
#128     Lolth
#129     Oni
#130     Orcus
#131     Potion
#134     Wraith

#139     Deck of Many Things, Epic Magical Object   (Super Rare)
#140     Hammer of Thunderbolts, Epic Magical Object   (Super Rare)


I’m not doing a review of the entire set. I’m only going over a few of my favorite cards, because I can’t go over all my favorites since there are too many. I picked a handful that will also work outside of the Dungeons and Dragons set. If you need a ruling question answered, leave a comment and we’ll delve into it and review the individual card.

FUS Favorites 1
Cockatrice, Lesser Monstrosity (left) – This particular card is almost identical to Cockatrice, Minion Monstrosity. The wording is slightly different, but they do the exact same thing and their purchase costs are the same. This is super convenient for those that don’t buy the starters. This card has a super handy ability for getting around some of those characters that are difficult to get around. If you don’t buy a starter for this set (which I highly recommend getting one!), then you can still get this great character in the set.

Elf Thief, Lesser Harper (center) -This character here is too cool! I plan to do a CCW about this one so be on the lookout for it. But the ability to field any character for free is awesome and then you get to ‘steal’ an energy from an opponent which is amazing. You can’t go wrong with this character and his purchase cost of two energy and he’s a Mask character to top it off! This character is probably going to be popular and if not, I would be very surprised.

Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct (right) -I really like these Fabricate cards. They give you an alternate purchasing option and that’s something we haven’t seen a lot of yet. I’m not really sure just how popular these type of cards will be, but I really like them. This is just the common version of Flesh Golem, and there are several other type of Golems and Constructs that all do similar things. Many of them direct X amount of damage to themselves from characters or players. That ability could be useful for certain teams. These cards are worth checking out.

FUS Favorites 2
Intellect Devourer, Lesser Aberration (left) -Any card that causes your opponent to lose resources of some kind can be very useful. Intellect Devourer is another card that does just that, reducing the amount of energy your opponent has to use during your turn. This card is another option for many teams out there. The fielding costs are really good – some of the best. With the Blue-Eyes White Dragon global, you can potentially utilize this character multiple turns in a row.

Balor, Greater Fiend (center) -I love the Gate ability! This type of ability works best within the D&D sets, but you can still use it on other teams as a way to potentially get more character dice without having to purchase them. There are other fiends that cost a little less than this Balor, but most of them only allow the Gate ability for their dice. This particular character can get you any fiend (potentially). Any card that has an alternate purchasing ability is one that deserves a little consideration.

Displacer Beast, Greater Monstrosity (right) – This Displacer Beast gives you the ability to pull a character of your opponent’s into the attack and also gives you the ability to choose the blocker for it. This is probably going to be another CCW post later as well. Cards that give a player a level of ‘control’ are probably going to be popular among several players. I personally want to find room for this one on several of my teams. He only cost four to purchase, which can be reduced, and his fielding cost and stats are great! Not only that, but he’s also a Mask character. This character deserves some looking into.

FUS Favorites 3
Oni, Greater Giant (left) – There was a need for more answers against Action Dice. The Oni may not be pretty, but his cost is good for his ability. His level one and level two fielding cost isn’t bad, and his stats are okay, but you would be using him for his ability and not for his stats necessarily. I really like him and I love the choice of colors for his die. He’s a good alternative to help you get rid of some of those Action Dice like Imprisoned, that are making your games difficult.

Blink Dog, Paragon Fey (center) – I can’t tell you how much I love this card. I drafted this particular card and several dice and he’s so much fun! He may not work with your Blue-Eyes, but he makes your opponent think twice about attacking or even blocking this character. This character is easily KO’d and has a chance to do two damage to your opponent. Even if he doesn’t get his ability to go off, you’re still getting to reroll him on your next turn. I almost would have liked to see this character be a Bolt or even a Fist character, but even though it’s a Shield character, I can still find room for him.

Potion, Paragon Spell (right) – Fast is a new ability in the Faerûn Under Siege set. I really like the potential for this new ability and it raises many new questions, so be on the lookout for CCW posts about this card too. Being able to give a character the ability to do damage before normal combat damage is incredibly useful. Just imagine being able to increase your blocking character’s attack, then use something like Potion to give them Fast so that you KO their blocked attacking character before it has a chance to do anything to your blocker. There are so many possibilities with this new ability and I can’t wait to see characters with a built in Fast ability.

 What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
Leave a comment and let us know!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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