Confusing Card of the Week #29 – Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct

Posted: March 9, 2016 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

Today, we’re going to take a look at Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct from the Dungeons and Dragons Faerûn Under Siege set.

        Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct

Ruling – Fabricate Ability

Fabricate is a new ability in the Dungeons and Dragons Faerûn Under Siege set. New abilities can bring some confusion until players get used to them. You do not need a die with Fabricate in the field to be able to use this ability and you cannot use your opponent’s character dice.

Fabricate 2-3 is what this version of Flesh Golem has. It means that you can KO two character dice with a total purchase cost of three or more in order to purchase one of your Flesh Golem dice for free. So if you have a Fabricate 3-5, you would need to KO three character dice that have a total purchase cost of five or more.

Another point that’s worth mentioning is that if you use a character that has an ability that triggers when it’s KO’d, you must complete the Fabricate game action before starting another game action.

I have a Sidekick, Solomon Grundy, Buried on a Sunday, and an Elf Thief, Lesser Harper active. I want to purchase an Iron Golem, Lesser Construct by using its Fabricate 3-5. I can KO Solomon Grundy and the Elf Thief to accomplish this. When I KO Grundy, his ability will not trigger until I complete my Fabricate.

Step 1 – KO the Sidekick, Solomon Grundy, and Elf Thief. (Fabricate game action – start)
Step 2 – Buy an Iron Golem for free. (Fabricate game action – finish)
Step 3 – Trigger Solomon Grundy’s KO ability and KO an opposing character.

You cannot use Fabricate without an effect. If you have purchased all of your Fabricate character’s dice, you cannot Fabricate again unless a game effect would return one to the card.

I have three Flesh Golem dice total. I have purchased two of them and one remains on the card. I use the Fabricate ability to purchase the last one. I don’t have any dice left on my Flesh Golem’s card. I cannot use Flesh Golem’s Fabricate again.

Ruling – Damage Redirection Ability

Flesh Golem has another ability on his card. He allows you to redirect one damage from you to his die. This is a ‘While Active’ ability and that means you can only do it once a turn, regardless of how many Flesh Golems you have active.

If you were to have Iron Golem, Lesser Construct active, you could redirect up to three damage from you to an Iron Golem die. You could even split the damage up so long as it never adds up to more than three total.

If I have an Iron Golem active and my opponent uses Power Bolt, I can redirect the two damage to my Iron Golem. In the same turn, my opponent uses Relentless‘s Global on my Iron Golem and then attacks with a Sidekick. I can redirect the one damage the Sidekick would do to me to my Iron Golem. If my opponent used anything to make that Sidekick’s attack more than one, I could only redirect one of the Sidekick’s damage. This redirection ability works the same regardless of the number of Iron Golem dice in the Field Zone.

If you have multiple dice in the Field Zone, you can choose which one takes the damage. But that only works for Golems with a redirection ability higher than one.

Here is the official Ruling on Fabricate.
Here is the official Ruling on damage redirection.

Competitive Play Rating
This particular Flesh Golem is not a favorite of mine for any form of constructed competitive event. He’s just a little underwhelming for my tastes. I can see some of the other Golems making a possible appearance on a rogue team, but I can’t see this one making the cut. The Fabricate ability makes for an easy way to KO your characters that you want KO’d, like Solomon Grundy and Elf Thief (so you can reroll him), but I’m not sure how much these cards will be used. I give the Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct a one out of five stars because you may encounter someone, somewhere that tries to use him because of his Fabricate and his damage redirection. He has a good defense stat, but his steep fielding cost on level one and two make me cringe a little at using him on any competitive team.

Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct gets a competitive play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Casual Play Rating
For casual play, this card is great. It helps teach new game mechanics and how to use certain ‘while active’ abilities. His ability is easy to understand once explained and not difficult to play with. He makes for a great draft pick as well. His fielding cost is high for level one, but I feel like his stats offset this in a casual setting. He can be purchased easily and even be used as a combo card for characters that do something when KO’d. I wouldn’t say that this character is for everyone, but he definitely has a place on a few casual teams.

Flesh Golem, Lesser Construct gets a casual play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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