Review! DC World’s Finest Starter and Collector’s Box

Posted: March 18, 2016 in Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We’ve had a new set release! I know – close on the heels of Faerûn Under Siege, we have DC World’s Finest Starter Set and Collector Box that I’ll be reviewing for you today.

Starter and Collector Box

Let’s take a look at all the new abilities in this set.

 Iron Will:
Iron Will is an interesting ability. A character with Iron Will can’t be KO’d by combat damage, game effect, ability, or any other means unless it has already taken damage from any source. I really like this ability but it could hinder you if you have an ability that requires you KO a character and all you have is Iron Will characters.

Vengeance is an ability that happens when you’re dealt damage and you have a character with Vengeance active in the Field Zone. I like this ability and how some of the characters utilize it. You only need to have the character with Vengeance active when you take damage and you get to do whatever the character’s Vengeance ability says. It doesn’t say that the damage has to come from your opponent, so you can deal damage to yourself (like from Wasp‘s Global) to trigger your character’s Vengeance.

Starter Contents

Let’s take a look at what’s in the starter.
~ World’s Finest Rulebook
~ 12 Basic Action Dice
~ 16 Character Dice
~ 16 Sidekick Dice
~ 24 Character Cards
~ 10 Basic Action Cards
~ 4 Action Indicator Cards
~ 2 Dice Bags

Like all the other starter sets, this one has everything you need for two folks to get started!

Each character has three different cards in the this Starter.
Here are all the character cards from the starter:

Batman Starter
Here we have Batman! He’s the first character we see with the Vengeance ability and two of his versions have it. Terror of Crime Alley allows you to spin each of your named Batman dice up one level and deal one damage to target opposing Sidekick. You have to have Batman, Terror of Crime Alley active and you have to take damage to get that ability, but it’s an interesting ability. Batman, Crimefighter is the one I like the most of the two Vengeance Batman cards. While he’s active, when you take damage, you can deal four damage to a target Villain or Superman Affiliated character die. It’s really easy to make a character a Villain with some of the Global abilities available in previous sets, like Lantern Power Ring, Energy Protection or Takedown, and then do damage to yourself with a global or ability like Wasp, Founding Avenger’s global in order to maximize your use of the Batman, Crimefighter. When we look at Batman, Natural Leader, he has an ability that makes his purchase cost cheaper for each active Batman Affiliated character. I love things that make my dice cheaper and I think this version of Batman is probably my favorite from the starter. I’m looking forward to making a Batman Affiliated team and using him.

But wait! There’s more to these Batman cards! They each have the same Global and it says that if you pay a Fist Energy, you can KO a target level one Villain or Superman Affiliated character. Your opponent can stop this from happening by paying two life. There isn’t a down side to this Global. You can make any character a Villain, as mentioned above, and you can use Stealth Ops to make them ‘level one’ with the action ability or use the Global to spin them down. I can’t wait to build a Batman team!

Catwoman Starter
I’m not sure which Catwoman I like best. I love Antihero because she only cost two energy, but I love Former Burglar because she gets around Sidekicks and she only cost three energy. Stealthy could work really well with a Batman Affiliated team like the one I plan to build. You eliminate as many of their characters as you can via Stealth Ops and Batman’s Global, then hopefully you’ll be clear to attack. They all have their pros and cons and I’ll have to test them to see which one I like best. But if you’re just looking for a cheap Batman Affiliated character, she has plenty versions to choose from.

Harvey Bullock Starter
I’m not a fan of guessing games. If you know you’re drawing four Sidekick dice, then Mafia Ties and Major Crimes Unit could be useful, but his purchase cost is four. If I was going to use any of Harvey Bullock’s cards, I would use Donut Enthusiast because he only cost three, but I’m still not a fan of this particular card. There are better cards in the set you could put on a Batman Affiliated team than these particular versions of Harvey Bullock.

Krypto Starter
If I were going to build a Superman Affiliated team, one of these Krypto cards would probably be on it. You can’t go wrong with a cheap character card like Super Dog. His fielding costs are great, or super if you prefer, and he only cost three to purchase. I would lean more towards using Super Loyal because he has Fast, but I also really like Test Pilot! Test Pilot would be great on a solid Superman Affiliated team. I’m thinking about doing a Superman Affiliated team at some point, but I may leave that to my husband, since he likes Superman more than I do. I’ve always been a huge Wonder Woman and Supergirl fan.

Oracle Starter
Oracle seems to be a good counter to several different types of teams. Clock Tower Surveillance is great against Guy Gardner teams. It slows them down just a little, but that little bit may be enough to help you get ahead. Master Investigator is just good in general. She makes that Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants or Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon global cost one more. Hacker is just nasty overall. Most folks like to use certain characters because they have cheaper fielding costs and Hacker makes those fielding costs increase by one. Oracle is definitely an interesting character with several interesting abilities. Her purchase costs aren’t bad, her fielding costs are perfect, and her defense makes her a great pick for several teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these made it onto a competitive team somewhere.

Power Girl Starter
Anyone that knows me, knows I don’t like the Power Girl in comics – at all. I was hoping her cards would be decent so I could find a reason to like her in some form. I can’t find it. She cost too much to purchase for what she does. Her abilities are really restrictive and she really only has a place on a strict Superman Affiliated team. She has one redeeming quality and that’s her fielding cost. It’s not terrible like some of the other characters with similar attack and defense. If I was going to use any of these Power Girl cards, I would probably use Solar Energy Absorption. Her ability to gain you life is good late game, but the issue I have with all of the abilities is that you not only need her active, but you need another Superman Affiliated character active. For Solar Energy Absorption, both Power Girl and the other Superman Affiliated character must survive your opponent’s turn in order to gain the benefit from her ability. Maybe someone can find a use for her on a team somewhere, but she won’t make the cut for any of mine.

Steel Starter
Steel has some decent abilities for his purchase costs and his fielding costs aren’t bad at all. John Henry Irons is probably my favorite of the three. He has Iron Will and only cost four to purchase. I don’t see anything bad about this version. Organic Steel Coating prevents your Steel dice from being targeted by Globals. His purchase cost of four feels appropriate for his ability. Metal Zero Armor is my second favorite of the three. I like that he does damage back to something for targeting a Steel die with an ability. The ability doesn’t even have to do damage to the Steel dice, it just has to target one of your Steel dice. Between John Henry Irons and Metal Zero Armor, I don’t know which one I would put on a team, because I like both of them a lot.

Superman Starter
All I can say is wow. Superman has such an awesome Global. All three of his versions have the Global on them. The purchase costs on all the versions is a little expensive, but for good reason. His stats are high on all levels and his fielding costs aren’t bad for the stats, even though his level two fielding cost is two. Hero of Metropolis has the ability to reduce his purchase cost and he’s probably my favorite of the three for that reason. Invulnerable has Iron Will and a purchase cost of six, but given his stats, the purchase cost seems appropriate. Super Strength is awesome. He cost seven, but with his stats, Iron Will, and Overcrush, he would be my second favorite of the three. I wonder which, if any, my husband would pick for a Superman Affiliation team? I would pick either Hero of Metropolis and use Hulk Out to give him Overcrush, or Super Strength and use Blue-Eyes to get him cheaper.

This starter, like the others, has ten Basic Action Cards and four Action Indicator Cards or Action Reminder Cards.

Basic Actions 0Basic Actions 1Basic Actions 2Basic Actions 3Basic Actions 4
There are several good Basic Actions here and you could possibly see some of them in the competitive scene. Some of my favorites are Brave Sacrifice, Man of Steel, To the Rescue!, Trusted Friend, and Vigilante Justice. Brave Sacrifice is a key Basic Action for an Ally team. World’s Finest has introduced the Ally keyword into DC Dice Masters.
Action Indicator Cards
The Action Indicator Cards in this starter are the same as the ones that come in the World’s Finest Collector’s Box


Dice BagsStarter Dice Bags

I like collecting these cool looking bags even though we use our own custom dice bags. The bags that come in the starter are durable and good to use until you can upgrade. They are a little narrow and anyone with larger than normal hands would have trouble reaching into the bags. I have average hands for a woman and I have trouble grasping dice and pulling them out.

Action Dice and Sidekick Dice
Action Dice Sidekick Dice Starter
I love most of the new shades in this starter. The blue is a light, powder blue and the purple is a beautiful lavender shade. The red seems a little watered down, almost a red-orange, and the orange… well, it’s closer to orange than the bright yellow we saw in Amazing Spider-Man. Overall, I like the colors.

Special Starter Promo

Bat-Mite, 5th Dimension

There was this nifty Buy-A-Starter Promo that we got with our World’s Finest Starter. He has an anti-Batman ability on him and he can’t be KO’d by combat damage. He’s a fun character for playing in DC only formats and he’s a great collectible card and die!

But that’s it for the DC World’s Finest Starter set, except of course, the Rulebook. They have one of those in there too.

 Collector’s Box

Action Dice and Sidekick Dice
Collector's Box Action Dice
Collector's Box Sidekick Dice

Action Dice Comparison
The Action Dice on the right are from the Collector’s Box, and the ones one the left are from the Starter. I need a better camera or need to take pictures in better lighting – or something! These type of dice are among my favorites and this picture does them no justice at all! Batman would be disappointed at the lack of justice… I love the cloudy translucent type dice. It’s like holding a cube of fog in your hand. I’m just tickled that I have purple to go with my pink ones now! Again with the orange… still better than the bright yellow, but not quite orange.

Sidekick Dice Comparison
Close up comparison of the Sidekick Dice – Right is from the Collector’s Box, left is from the Starter. This picture shows the color difference a little better, but still, lack of justice is present… I’m sorry Batman… don’t hurt me!

Dice Bag and Promo
Collector's Box Promo and Dice Bag
So here we have the usual felt bag similar to the ones in the other Collector’s Boxes, except for Faerûn Under Siege (nylon bag) and Battle for Faerûn (didn’t have a Collector’s Box). This felt bag is the first black one. These are great for beginners and I much prefer these to the bags in the starter.

The promo is a full art/alternate art version of Superman, Hero of Metropolis. I think he looks pretty cool.

Now, the last Collector’s Box (Faerûn Under Siege) had one of those nylon bags, that I dislike greatly, instead of the four booster packs. Thankfully, this set’s Collector’s Box saw the return of the packs and no nylon bag. I’m super happy with my Collector’s Box! We may not have pulled anything big in our four packs, but I’m happier with the packs. Who doesn’t love to open packs?!

The only thing I would suggest to WizKids about the Collector’s Boxes is that they put the characters from the starter in it too. I would pay $5-$10 more for the Collector’s Box if they put the characters in it too. I could see $5 more if they only included the cards and $10 more if they included the dice too. Since both my husband and I play, we buy two starters and a Collector’s Box for each set and have since the beginning. We would love to only buy one starter and one Collector’s Box. I can’t even tell you how many basic Sidekick Dice we have… it’s a bunch!

 I would definitely recommend this starter for anyone who is just now getting into Dice Masters. It has some interesting characters with unique abilities as well as some great Basic Actions for beginners.

One other thing I want to mention about the Starter are the character dice. I plan to go more in depth about them in my gravity feed review, but I wanted to preview two specifically from the starter.

New Dice Colors

This is the Superman and Steel die. They have started using a swirl type coloring, similar to Cirrus Dice and Gemini Dice from Chessex. Superman resembles the Cirrus type and Steel resembles the Gemini. There are other character dice like this in the set, but these are in the starter. I’ll preview the others in my gravity feed review post. These are the first two-color dice that we’ve gotten in Dice Masters.

 How about you folks? What’s your opinion on it? Drop a comment here or on Facebook and let us know what you think.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. Great review. Thorough & thoughtful.

    We’re a little behind over here in the UK – my FLGS tells me my pre-orders will be in on Tuesday. I can’t wait!

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    • Thank you for your comment! Glad you liked it! It really is a great starter. It seems like each starter is awesome in its own way though. Hopefully I can get our gravity feed post up tonight! Our 8 month old is being very demanding right now. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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