Report! Legion of Doom OP Event – World’s Finest Draft

Posted: March 20, 2016 in Draft, Report, Strategy
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Tonight we had our World’s Finest release draft with prizes from the Legion of Doom OP. We each got twelve packs for the draft and I ended up in third place tonight with Villains. I did okay with my draft picks, but I didn’t get one card in particular that I needed. I doubt it would have changed how my loss went tonight though.

We had a total of nine players tonight and a ton of fun! There were two Super Rares pulled and they were both pulled by the same player! He got a Batcave, Large, Dark, Wet and Black Lantern Green Arrow, Black Archer – which made me super jealous. I want that Black Lantern Green Arrow so bad!


Aside from the Classic Legion of Doom OP Kit prizes, our FLGS gave out booster packs as well. If myself or my husband ever come in first place in an event like this, we forfeit our OP prize to the next place, but we keep anything the store gives out as additional prizing. We also do not roll for the Fellowship prize.

This is how the store distributed prizes:
1st – Scarecrow (Classic Legion of Doom OP Card) and Four Booster Packs
2nd – Three Booster Packs
3rd and 4th – Two Booster Packs Each
5th thru 9th – One Booster Pack Each

Fellowship (determined by random dice roll) – Lex Luthor (Classic Legion of Doom OP Card)
Participation (given to each player) – Black Manta (Classic Legion of Doom OP Card, Alternate Art)

My Team

My team

This was the team I put together from what I drafted.

Superwoman, Lois Lane
Doomsday, Villainous Monster
Bane, Professional Criminal
Poison Ivy, Pretty Poison
Scarecrow, Horror of Gotham
Dick Grayson, Rising to the Occasion
Oracle, Internet Interference
Batgirl, Solo Act

I used two Basic Actions from the World’s Finest Starter: Dark Avenger and Trusted Friend.

There was one character that I wanted really bad and that was Harley Quinn, Leadership Skills. She would have rounded my team off and given me a better option for my four cost Villain. I planned to keep Poison Ivy, but I would have replaced Batgirl for Harley Quinn. I saw one Harley Quinn and I had to pass her for a different card that I needed for something else. I thought I might see another, but I didn’t. It seemed like everyone was drafting Villains!

All teh Dice 2

My first pick was Superwoman. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see her in my first cluster! I was hoping to pick up a few more, but other folks had similar ideas and I only saw one. I grabbed every Doomsday I could and I ended up with four of him to use. The rare Poison Ivy was a lucky pick. She was passed by three people and made it to me! This particular character is great against anything with Iron Will. Bane was another character that I tried to get when I saw him. I featured him in my Gravity Feed Review. I picked an Oracle because there wasn’t anything else worth taking in that particular pack and I added her to my team, just in case someone decided to go heavy on Actions. Dick Grayson, Batgirl, and Scarecrow were mainly just fillers since I couldn’t get my Harley Quinn.

Round One

Round 1 Opponent Team

Round One Opponent’s Team
Kryptonite, Green Plague
Batgirl, Solo Act
Carmine Falcone, Strategist
Harley Quinn, Leadership Skills
Bane, Venom Enhanced
The Joker, Arkham Asylum
Ultraman, From the House of Power
General Zod, Despot

He used the Basic Actions Big Entrance and Resurrection.

My husband and I always seem to find ourselves in a match against each other. We normally have to battle it out in round one or round two. It was round one for this event. He had the worst luck with his rolls and my rolls weren’t all that great, but they were better than his. That’s all it takes sometimes – not the best rolls, just better than your opponent’s. I got to buy my Superwoman on turn one and she was my MVP for the game. He kept a Harley Quinn in the Field Zone, but he couldn’t seem to get any other characters going. He was continually screwed over by his Big Entrance and Kryptonite. He usually drew them on the same turn and both would roll an Action Face. I couldn’t keep characters in the Field Zone because I was attacking with them, so his Kryptonite was virtually useless. Big Entrance was doing him no good at all because he would only have two or three energy at most.

Resurrection was a somewhat helpful for him as it allowed him to roll that extra die on his next turn. He just couldn’t get his dice to roll for him tonight.

I like to win, but I don’t like winning when my opponent seems to be having a rough time. I didn’t purchase many character dice because I mainly bought my Dark Avenger dice and used its Global when I could. I found this Basic Action to be very useful and Trusted Friend – not so much.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

Round 2 Opponent Team

Round Two Opponent’s Team
Poison Ivy, Home and Garden
Black Lantern Green Arrow, Black Archer
Doomsday, Villainous Monster
The Riddler, Minotaur’s Fury
Ultraman, From the House of Power
Lex Luthor, Citizen of Metropolis
Bane, Venom Enhanced
Harley Quinn, Leadership Skills

He used the Basic Actions Relentless and The Outsider.

This player is probably one of the most competitive players I know. He’s a great player and is always fun to play against. He was my only loss and he went on to win the event, undefeated.

I had a tough time against him. As many of us know, dice don’t always roll the way you want them to. I tried to maximize my damage output by buying my Dark Avenger dice and trying to attack with Superwoman as often as I could (I bought her early game again). I did not purchase any other dice during this game other than my three Basic Action dice for Dark Avenger and my one Superwoman die. His Poison Ivy was proving to be an issue for me because I couldn’t get around her. His Black Lantern Green Arrow and Poison Ivy hit me early game for a ton of damage – with the help of The Outsider’s Global.

Round 2

I forgot about his Relentless Global, until he used it on my blocker and attacked for game. That seems to be my biggest issue – I forget about things all the time! I doubt the end result would have been different even if I had been utilizing Relentless. I had taken so much damage early game that I just couldn’t bounce back. I was able to reduce his life total to single digits though and I still had fun. I love the Black Lantern Green Arrow and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on one.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

Round 3 Opponent Team

Round Two Opponent’s Team
Superman, Determined
Dick Grayson, The Hero We Need
Bruce Wayne, Billionaire
Wonder Woman, Amazonian Defender
Nightwing, Flying Grayson
Lois Lane, Daily Planet Reporter
Clark Kent, The Glasses Come Off
Harvey Bullock, Intimidating Investigator

He used the Basic Actions Blink – Transmutation and Delayed Blast Fireball.

Round 3

I feel bad about this win too. I had all the right rolls and he didn’t get many that he wanted. He got some good ones, but his Nightwing and Wonder Woman did not want to roll characters for him. We still had fun though and it was fun to cut up during our match. He was so proud of his Nightwing card and he enjoyed being able to KO my Superwoman with him.

Bo's favorite card

He had several moments that the game seemed like it could turn in his favor, but then he would end up with terrible rolls. One particular roll of his was just awful. He rolled six dice and rolled all characters. Luckily he had a reroll, but he didn’t get to field his Bruce Wayne that turn.

Bo's bad luck

I was able to buy almost all of my Doomsday dice and had them active with Poison Ivy and Bane. I ended up defeating him with Dark Avenger Action Dice, then finally attacking with one level two Superwoman, one level three Bane, two level three Doomsday, and one level two Doomsday.

Attacking Villains, for game

Even though I won, I don’t like that it was because of his dice not rolling decently. Bad rolls are going to happen, but it can be disheartening when it feels like every turn is bad. But this is a dice game.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0

Final Thoughts

Looking back on what I drafted over certain other cards, I see where I should have drafted a little differently. One of the biggest moments that sticks out in my mind was passing the Harley Quinn. I had already drafted several Villains and had a good idea with how I was going to go with my team. I picked a rare – Lois Lane, Inspirational – over the Harley Quinn. I really wish I hadn’t done that now, but at least I’ve learned my lesson. The reason I drafted the Lois Lane was because I saw her and remembered she was one of the rares I needed for our set binder. Bad move on my part. I was thinking, ‘I bet another Harley will come around’, which she never did. If I had drafted that Harley, I probably would have added one of the Penguin (The Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot or The Penguin, Bully) cards that I drafted to my team instead of Dick Grayson. Harley would have been in Batgirl’s spot. I probably would have picked Oswald Cobblepot, but Bully could be useful with the Poison Ivy I drafted.

I never used Trusted Friend or its Global. I added it to my team just to use with the Batman Family cards I had, but in hindsight, I probably would have picked something different. I like using Basic Action Cards from the same set starter as the draft packs. It feels more thematic that way, but if I’d thought about it a little more, I probably would have used Hulk Out instead. There were plenty of times I wished my Superwoman had Overcrush.

Even though there were some things I would have done differently, I still enjoyed my team. I really enjoy drafts and I always seem to have a great time. This set was very fun to draft with and I would totally do it again. Finishing third place earned me two booster packs as prizes. Everyone had a great time!

What are some of your favorite cards to draft?
What do you think of World’s Finest drafting?
Leave us a comment and let us know!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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