Report! Blue Dragon OP – Ulimited Constructed

Posted: March 26, 2016 in Report, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Oh man… I don’t even want to talk about how poorly my team performed tonight… but I will. So we were playing our final Blue Dragon OP Event tonight. I had loads of fun (even with my bad rolls) and we even had a new player from out of town and a returning player that hasn’t played in a little while. Some of our regulars were gone this week and I can’t blame them, it’s Easter weekend, but we still managed seven players.

I apologize for the lack of pictures this time, but my eight month old wanted to get into anything and everything, including my dice and phone. I got what pictures I could.

Guy with Spiders

This is my experimental Guy team.

Guy Gardner, Blinding Rage
Miri Riam, Beacon in the Dark
Half-Elf Bard, Master Lords Alliance
Iron Man, Philanthropist
Spider-Man, Webslinger
Elf Thief, Lesser Harper
Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants
Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon

Basic Actions
Hulk Out

The last time I tried a Guy build, I had trouble getting around their characters. I wanted to use Giant Spider, Greater Beast, but we somehow only have a grand total of one – after almost three boxes… not sure how that happened… So I needed an alternative. I thought Spider-Man, Webslinger would be the next best thing. I also had trouble with taking too much damage early game and so I added Iron Man, Philanthropist to make my opponent think twice about attacking me. Miri Riam, Beacon in the Dark is there to help me get Guys in the Field Zone. Elf Thief, Professor X, and Blue-Eyes are fully support characters.

Most Guy teams need to win as early as possible. I can’t seem to roll Guys to save my life, so I needed something for mid-game Guy team build. That’s why I added Half-Elf Bard. He makes all my attackers bigger and with Spider-Man forcing all my opponent’s characters to block him, I should be able to get several characters in for a decent amount of damage, if not a win.

I added Hulk Out to the team just in case my opponent decides to blank or shut down my Spider-Man and I also chose Invulnerability for its Global to help with some early game damage. But all my planning was… bunk. Guy was being exceptionally cruel to me today. I still had fun though and I didn’t do too bad overall, but it was painful to watch on my end.

Round One

03-26-16 Round 01

My first round opponent is one of the sweetest and fun people to play against. She’s fairly new, but she has a pretty good idea of what she needs to do to win. She had a Villain mix with Guy Gardner. She knows exactly how good he is – she was the one that showed me just how good he could be in the first game I ever played against her. She beat me down in two turns and this match was very similar. I think we made it through four turns each before her Guy mutilated my Guy team.

Her Sidekicks absolutely love her Guy! She’s a smart cookie and I had her on the ropes thanks to Miri, but she got the win on this match. She’s a player that could potentially do really well if she gets her hands on the top tier cards. She doesn’t rely completely on Guy, but why not use what works right? This was her first actually tournament as well. We had fun in our match and she went on to win second place tonight!

I had forgotten to snap a team pic during our match, so I had to get one in her second round.

Record after Round One: 0-1-0

Round Two

This was probably the fastest round of the night! I got the bye… But hey, it’s still a win!

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

03-26-16 Round 3

My last round was against another of the sweetest people. She’s a younger player, but she’s played since the first set, AvX. She was playing what looked like a super fun Superman team. She didn’t seem to be getting the rolls she needed to get the characters she wanted. Steel was one that kept popping up and he makes you pay one more energy or one life for Globals. The only issue that I can see with Team Superman, in general, is that they have a lot of higher cost characters and not as many two or three cost characters. Professor X was helping her offset that a little, but it was her rolls that were an issue too. She kept a wall of Sidekicks up and prevented me from getting any early game damage in.

I knew I had to do something before she got her Superman and Kal-L, so I bought both my Spider-Man dice and one of my Iron Man dice. I was able to get two of my four Guys, my Iron Man, one of my Spider-Man dice, and several Sidekicks in the Field Zone at one time to finally attack. If it hadn’t been for my Spider-Man, I may not have won that game. It was a close game and it could have gone to either of us during any turn, it was just going to depend on who got what on their rolls.

I do wish she would have utilized my Blue-Eyes Global more, but I think she may have forgotten I had him on my team. Our match was fun as well and I look forward to playing my Batman Family team against her in the future.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 4th

Final Thoughts

My Guy team still needs work – or I need more practice with it. I highly doubt that this team will be the one I play at the upcoming WKO (WizKids Open) in May. I’m not sure if we’re going to have TMNT and/or Civil War sets release before the WKO or not. If we do, it’s very likely that anything I test play now could end up changing drastically or even getting scrapped. I like to test play ideas, but I’m not settling on anything right now. I might try this team again, but until it gets closer to WKO time, I may just play some fun and different teams.

Holiday Pic 2
I want to thank you all for reading and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! See you on Tuesday with another CCW!

Roll on, Dice Masters!



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