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Posted: March 30, 2016 in Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I’ve been dying to build a Batman Family team. I’ve been studying several of the cards and the interactions between them. I can’t wait to try this team out on Saturday for our last Classic Legion of Doom OP Event. I should make it very clear that I’m not building this as a serious or competitive team – it is meant to be a casual team. After discussing my casual build, I can show how I would adjust the team for a more competitive setting.

I also decided to limit myself to no more than two rares and absolutely no super rares for this team. I want to try a team that anyone, who is just now getting into the game, can build on a budget. Most of the team is easily obtainable through packs or trading and none of the team is overly expensive.

You’ll notice a serious lack of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon and Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants. There is a good reason for this. I plan to play this as a casual team and while those cards are just as good for casual as they are competitive, I didn’t want to include them. Blue-Eyes is expensive and Professor X is a card that most players have. If my opponent doesn’t have Blue-Eyes or Professor X, I don’t think it’ll hurt me that much. If my opponent has them, all the better!

Casual Team Build

If you want to see the team on Dice Masters DB, you can find it here.

Batman Family 1Batman Family 2Batman Family 3

For a Batman Family team, I knew I wanted Batman, Robin, Alfred, and Bruce Wayne but I didn’t know which ones. I found a few other Batman Family characters that I wanted to add: Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and Nightwing. After looking at all the options, I decided to go with:

Batman, Speedy Recovery
Robin, Kid Detective
Alfred Pennyworth, MI-5
Bruce Wayne, International Playboy
Batgirl, Stealth Bat

Commissioner Gordon, Rallying the GCPD
Nightwing, Flying Grayson
Catwoman, Antihero

I picked Terror of Crime Alley over Crimefighter because I wasn’t planning on building an anti-Villain or anti-Team Superman team. Natural Leader was almost my choice because he has an ability that makes him cheaper. I love getting a discount on my character purchases! But I passed him up when I read Terror of Crime Alley. Terror of Crime Alley has a nice Vengeance ability that allows you to spin Batman dice up a level when you take damage. Speedy Recovery is interesting, but would be better suited on a different team.

Robin was an easy choice for me. Dynamic lets you buy Robin for two less if you have a Batman active. That’s handy, but by the time I get Batman, I will probably already have a few Robins. Daring Defense is great for a defensive team, but I wanted something a little more offensive. Kid Detective gets a bonus to attack and defense as long as you have Batman active, and I felt like that Robin was perfect for my team.

I was looking at all the different Alfreds and I found myself torn between two of them. It was between MI-5 and Tough as Nails. I ultimately decided to go with MI-5 instead of Tough as Nails because Alfred is great for blocking and his ability makes it easy to get him back in the Field Zone. Caretaker of Wayne Manor did not appeal to me at all for this team.

Bruce Wayne
I had actually added Billionaire to my team list until I read Matches Malone. Billionaire cost one less to buy, but Matches Malone is worth that extra one energy to purchase. Then I read International Playboy and changed my Bruce Wayne choice! I love the idea of being able to field my Batman at level three, just because one of my characters were KO’d. I like that I can capture an opponent’s die too, but unless they KO one of my characters before the Attack Step, I don’t think I’ll benefit much from that. It would work better if I was using a character like Blue-Eyes or had a way to do direct damage like with Magic Missile. But I still like International Playboy better than Matches Malone for this team.

Using Babs is not an option at all since she’s a super rare. I’m not disputing the amazing ability of this card, but for casual play, I will not use her. So it was between Stealth Bat and Solo Act. This was a really easy choice because Solo Act would not work for my team at all. I like that Stealth Bat is easy to purchase an she can’t be blocked by Villains or Sidekicks, which means possible early game damage. That’s not usually a bad thing.

Commissioner Gordon
Calling in Batman has a decent ability, but I prefer Bat Signal or Rallying the GCPD. If I wasn’t restricting myself on how many rares I’m using for this team, I would absolutely use Bat Signal. But I decided to go with Rallying the GCPD because of my rare limit. I like that he has a built in Vengeance helper Global and even if my Batman dice are all level three, I can still spin him up.

This was one of my rare picks for the team. Nightwing, Dick Grayson just doesn’t fit this team or my play style. I seriously considered adding Qualified Combatant instead of Flying Grayson because his stats are decent and his cost is cheap. If I were going to swap a rare out to put another one on the team, Nightwing would be the pick. I love Flying Grayson and the ability to do direct damage and even divide it up, but there are some other cards that I would almost rather use the rare versions of. I’ll do a few test runs and see how I like this setup to see if I want to swap before Saturday.

I just didn’t care too much for Former Burglar, Stealthy, or Acrobat for this team. Acrobat was a serious consideration, but I wanted the cheapest character I could get and Antihero only cost two energy. She’s a Fist character too, so that’s a major plus! She could come in handy when I try to use Commissioner Gordon’s Global.

Basic Action Cards
For Basic Actions, I chose two from the World’s Finest starter. I picked Dark Avenger and Vigilante Justice. Dark Avenger is my ‘I dare you’ Action. Since I have Batman and Commissioner Gordon with Vengeance, my opponent may not want to use that Global on Dark Avenger while they’re active. The Action Ability is handy for me too. Vigilante Justice works great when I’m attacking with my characters. It makes my opponent think more carefully about how they block.

Team Strategy

The strategy for this team depends on if my opponent has Professor X and/or Blue-Eyes. I’m going to go over a strategy that assumes neither of those cards are present.

The idea is to buy up Alfred and Catwoman for the first few turns and field several Sidekicks to keep them out of the bag. This should help with energy and enable me to buy my four cost characters more easily.

The first opportunity I have, I want to buy Bruce Wayne and Batman dice. The sooner I can get the ball rolling with that combo, the better. I want to keep my Bruce Wayne dice in the field and block with Alfred, hopefully allowing him to get KO’d. I can then use Alfred and Bruce Wayne’s abilities and if all goes according to plan, I could get my Alfred back and have a level three Batman in the Field Zone – all because an Alfred was KO’d.

Nightwing is my next major purchase, because I can then do damage to characters with his ability to help control the field and maybe do some damage to my opponent as well. I also want to start purchasing Robin and Commissioner Gordon dice after I get at least one Nightwing dice. Robin will help put pressure on my opponent and Commissioner Gordon will help with any Batman and Commissioner Gordon dice that aren’t level three. Gordon gives me an additional blocker as well since I plan to attack with my Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, and Batgirl dice.

The Basic Actions I chose are to help with character control. I could also use Dark Avenger on my own Alfred if I have a Bruce Wayne active. Dark Avenger is my ‘I dare you’ Action. Since I have Batman and Commissioner Gordon with Vengeance, my opponent may not want to use that Global on Dark Avenger while they’re active. Vigilante Justice works great when I’m attacking with my characters. It makes my opponent think more carefully about how they block, especially if they have a character in the Field Zone that they don’t want to lose.

So that’s it for my casual, all World’s Finest, Batman Family Team. Now I want to look at how I would build a more competitive team using some Batman Family cards.

Competitive Team Build

From the team build above, we’re going to use Alfred… that’s it. Surprised? Well, I have another Batman Family character to add, but that’s it. Everything else is from other sets.

You can see the team on Dice Masters DB, here.

Alfred Fab 1Alfred Fab 2Alfred Fab 3

(Don’t make fun of my shopped in Dwarf Wizard. He’s sensitive about it. I will have one in possession… one day…)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon
Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants
Clay Golem, Lesser Construct
Giant Spider, Greater Beast
Dick Grayson, Brand New Bat
Alfred Pennyworth, MI-5
Elf Thief, Lesser Harper
Dwarf Wizard, Paragon Zhentarim

And I couldn’t decide on Basic Actions, so I picked some with Globals that I pump Dick Grayson with, Invulnerability and Resurrection.

I’m not going to go into super deep detail with this build. Most of the cards are obvious, like Blue-Eyes, Professor X, Dwarf Wizard, and Elf Thief. Those cards are way too good to not consider using. The less obvious cards are Alfred, Clay Golem, Giant Spider, and Dick Grayson.

For this team, the idea is to buy as many Alfred as early as possible. You want to use your Alfred dice to Fabricate your Clay Golem dice – as many as you can. You almost have to use Resurrection on turn one as well as use Professor X’s Global effectively, but you could potentially Fabricate a few Clay Golem dice as early as your third turn. The Clay Golems are a nice wall that your opponent should have trouble getting around.

The other possibility is attacking with the Clay Golems for a decent amount of early game damage. That leaves your opponent vulnerable for Dick Grayson to swoop in and win you the game.

Do I think this could be top tier? Probably not, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It really depends on your rolls and your opponent’s rolls and who gets to go first. I look forward to trying this team as well as my casual team.

As always – should any of the links in my post stop working, I beg you to notify me! I will fix them as soon as possible. There are a ton of links in this particular post.

Do you have a Batman Family or other affiliated team?
What would you do different?
Drop me a line here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

 Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. I like the competitive build. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been toying around with a similar build myself – that ‘Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat’ is quite the card!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love him!!! I’m hoping to get some testing done on that team tonight.

      Last night, my husband played his casual Villains build (mostly World’s Finest cards) against my Batman Family. First game was bad. I lost horribly because I forgot about Batgirl!

      Second game was more even, but his Ultraman + Krypronite combo is brutal! He still got me. I need to spam my Batgirl against that team.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve not put Batgirl on my version of the Bat-Family team. In fact – I’m the only real Villain player in my meta so it’s more likely i’ll need to keep an eye out on her being used against me!

    There are some incredible Villains in the set – I’ll be trying to fit a few into my existing Villain builds…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Troy Miller says:

    I too am working on building a Bat-centered team, I really like the possibilities. I’m not going with the Batman/Robin combo myself, although when I did I was toying with the Batman that has reduced cost for other Bat-family people, so I was typically only paying 2 or 3 for him by the time I got an Alfred and maybe a Robin or someone else out there.

    With your team as is, though, the one thing I would think about is abusing the Batman you chose. With no BEWD or Golem, he is your ticket to KO shenanigans. I.e., if you were to put the rare Dick Grayson in there instead of Gordon, then you could actually use a Dark Avenger die on yourself – sure, you take a couple of damage to yourself, but then you potentially pump up Dick Grayson, who can punch through blockers, plus you also activate Bruce Wayne, which probably gives you the ability to take over your opponent’s heavy hitter that you can also swing with. Even if it’s not quite enough for total lethal, you’ll likely have done a fair bit of damage without really having lost much of your board position.

    Of course, you’d still be vulnerable to a Mera global and some other counters to combat damage, but this is a casual team, right?

    I hope to play around with this some more this weekend as well. I look forward to hearing how yours goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I originally planned to center my BatFam around Dick Grayson, Brand New Bat, but without that easy KO on BEWD, I decided to go The Robin route. I also wanted to make sure that this team would be functional for new/casual players. I really liked how Batman, Speedy Recovery played for me when I tested the team. I have considered Natural Leader a few times, and I may swap him out before tomorrow, if I can test him tonight. I like discounts!

      I do plan to do a tournament report for this team.

      Mera isn’t a commonly used card in our meta. I do need to test play against her at some point with several of my potential WKO teams.

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading!


  4. Troy Miller says:

    I played with my version of Bat-family last night, and it worked out pretty well. I used Natural Leader combined with Bruce Wayne: International Playboy. The general idea was to get out a bunch of Bat-family characters, like Alfred and Oracle, then go for Bruce Wayne. Once I get him out there, my Bat-men are cheap, down to 2 or even 1 depending. Then I go for it – first I buy a couple of Batmen and they go in my Used, then I fabricate (or otherwise KO) Alfred and one other character. Bruce Wayne kicks in for both KO’d characters and I get to immediately pull in the Bat-men I bought on Lvl 3, PLUS I get to capture two of my opponent’s lvl 1 or 2 characters, meaning their field is slimmed down and I have a couple of 6 attack Batman dice to swing with.

    Liked by 1 person

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