Report! Legion of Doom OP – Unlimited Constructed

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Competitive vs Casual, Report, Rules, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For our last Legion of Doom OP Event, I decided to try my Batman Family team that I had featured here. I decided to change my Batman to Natural Leader, and I decreased Catwoman’s dice by one in order to add one more dice to Batgirl. I felt like that was good move for my team and it did work better.

Round One

Round 1

My first round opponent is still learning the more competitive aspects of the game, but she does well. She started off extremely strong with Guy Gardner, Blinding Rage. I knew I needed some blockers, so I bought up some of my Alfred dice. I tried to keep a few Sidekicks and my Alfred dice in the field to block her Guy dice. When she bought her Constantine, Hellblazer, I got really worried. I was afraid she would stop my Nightwing or Robin.

She ended up using Constantine as an attacker and never used his ability. The game could have gone differently if she had used his ability to shut down my Robin or Nightwing on a few turns. I was able to build up a good amount of attackers and waited for my opportunity to attack and end the game.

We ended the game in turns after time was called and it was a close game. My life total was in single digits while hers was a little above ten. I knew I needed an opening to attack and that’s what I waited for. She attacked me with all her characters and I allowed most of them to hit me directly and only blocked the ones I could KO with my Alfred dice or with Nightwing on my next turn. After my reroll, I ended up with tons of characters in the Field Zone. I had two level three Batman dice, one level two Batman, a level one Nightwing that KO’d a Guy when he attacked, some Alfred dice, and several Sidekicks.

If I hadn’t rolled my two level three Batman dice on that last turn, she very possibly could have won with her next attack. Some different decisions on her part could have changed the flow of the game as well. I was pleased with how well my team preformed in the first round.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

My second round opponent had something interfere with their ability to play this round. They forfeit the round to me and I felt bad about it, but I understand that things happen sometimes. I was really looking forward to this match, but I know we’ll have another opportunity to play in the future.

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three

Round 3

I had no delusions about my team going into this game. I was going up against a skilled player with Green Goblin, “Gobby” and Constantine, Hellblazer. But I was very disappointed in myself. He was rolling his Gobby’s consistently, but I completely forgot about my Batgirl, Stealth Bat! And the possibility of seeing this particular team was the exact reason that I added another Batgirl die. I did the best I could, but Bruce Wayne and Nightwing just couldn’t pull it off.

I was hoping that I could use Nightwing to clear the Sidekicks from his Field Zone so that Gobby didn’t hurt me so bad every turn. All I did was cause myself to die a slow and painful death. But, had I remembered to read my cards and actually played like I somewhat know what I’m doing, I may have done better.

There isn’t much to this story, unfortunately. I made a bad play by not buying a single Batgirl and Gobby chewed me up and spit me out.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 2nd

Final Thoughts

I wish I could have played against my Round Two opponent to better gauge my team’s ability, but I think I have a good idea about how well this team works. I would give this team a rating of four stars for a casual play atmosphere.

As for a competitive atmosphere, this team could get two stars with a few adjustments, but without changes it would get zero stars. For starters, I would swap Catwoman for Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants. I don’t mind bringing a Global like that even though it could help my opponent. I wouldn’t put Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon on this team because that type of Global could help my opponent more than myself. Most of the team is cheap enough that I don’t need Blue-Eyes and I would keep Batman, Natural Leader instead of adding any other version. I almost want to swap Bruce Wayne for Jinzo, Trap Destroyer. And as for Basic Actions, I really like Dark Avenger and I did use the Action Die to my benefit a few times. I would most definitely swap Vigilante Justice for Hulk Out.

If I were to change too much, the spirit of the team would be changed completely. But this team is not meant to be a competitive team in any form, though I think it would make for an interesting challenge (with some modifications) for some teams in a competitive atmosphere.

I do not recommend this team for competitive play, but for someone who is just starting in Dice Masters, this is a great team. It’s easy to put together and not expensive. Four of the cards are from the World’s Finest Starter and only one of the rares I feel in actually a key part of the team. Nightwing is a great character and if there is a decent amount of players and/or product available, he shouldn’t be hard to obtain. Bruce Wayne could be swapped with any other Batman Family character and the team would still function just fine. The rest of the cards could easily be obtained in miscellaneous boosters over time, or traded for.

If you know of someone that’s been thinking about Dice Masters, this is a great way to get them into it – especially if they’re a fan of Batman!

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Drop us a line in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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