Confusing Card of the Week #34 – Superwoman, Lois Lane

Posted: April 12, 2016 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at Superwoman, Lois Lane from the DC World’s Finest set.

        Superwoman, Lois Lane

Ruling – Ability

Superwoman’s ability allows you to pay three bolts instead of the full five energy to purchase her dice. She does not need to be active for this ability to function.

All of her versions have something to do with using Bolt Energy. I’ve featured her common version, Lois Lane. Superwoman, Amazonian is her uncommon version and Superwoman, Reign of Terror is her rare version. All her abilities work with her Globals. You can convert energy to Bolt Energy and utilize her ability, which ever version you use.

Ruling – Global

I briefly mentioned her Global above. It allows you to pay one of any kind of energy and convert any energy into a Bolt energy for the turn. You can use this Global, then pay three of any energy (using them as Bolt Energy) to purchase one of your Superwoman dice. You can also use this Global to assist you in using the abilities on her other versions.

Her Global only allows you to convert the energy for the turn. You do not physically change the dice from their current energy face to a Bolt energy face. Certain card abilities, like Lantern Ring, Limited Only By Imagination and Fatality, Bounty Hunter, wouldn’t work well with her Global. Those cards count or check for specific energy faces in your Reserve Pool. You aren’t converting the energy when you use Superwoman’s Global until you decide to spend it as a Bolt.

~ I have two Sidekick dice on Mask energy faces. I also have a character die on a double Shield energy face.
~ I use one Shield Energy on the character die to pay for Superwoman’s Global and then spin the character die to the one Shield energy face. For the rest of the turn, when I spend any energy, I can choose to spend it as a Bolt.
~ I use the Shield Energy on the character die, spending it as a Bolt, for Magic Missile‘s Global.

Here is the official Ruling.

Competitive Play Rating
Wow… this card… not sure what to give her honestly, but I don’t see her being playable much, if any, in the current meta of ‘Bard Blitz’ and ‘Guy Rush’ teams. Her Global makes her useless for Bolt teams with Lantern Ring and Fatality. I don’t even want to get into how bad her purchasing an fielding costs are. I just don’t have much to say about her for competitive and I think I’m being overly generous with one star. I’m tempted to give her zero stars, but I’m sure there’s that one person out there that can find a use for her Global that none of us have seen yet. Hopefully anyone using her for Bolts will either read this article or read the official ruling and not bring her to a WKO or other event thinking she’s better than Iceman, Too Cool for Words (like I did when I first saw her). If you have any ideas that would make her useful in a competitive atmosphere, I would absolutely love to hear them! Drop a line here or on Facebook.

Superwoman, Lois Lane gets a competitive play rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Casual Play Rating
This character’s Global is super confusing. I’m still learning things about it that I didn’t know, so I don’t think that I can recommend this card for any beginner. Maybe a more advanced player can find good use for her in a casual setting, but I wouldn’t recommend using her too much against newer players. Her wording is all over the place. It’s a shame too, because her abilities are interesting and unique and that’s why she gets the stars that she does from me. Once you can fully grasp how her Global works, she may make an interesting addition to an advanced team, but it’s really a struggle to figure her out and remember how she works. Folks that don’t use her all the time could easily become confused again because of her odd wording.

Superwoman, Lois Lane gets a casual play rating of two out of five stars.
2 Stars

Worth Mentioning

The way I was reading her Global ability initially (and up to a few hours ago) was completely wrong and thankfully, before I posted this article, it was clarified for me (Thanks to Paul!). I’m not afraid to admit a mistake, and I am not immune to mistakes. Anyone who pretends to know everything, learns nothing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid of discussion!

There is a fantastic group on Facebook with folks from all over the world, and they are all willing to help if they can. It’s called Dice Masters Unlimited and if you’re on Facebook, you need to be in this group! Without someone asking a question and without the brief discussion, I could have potentially given out information that was not accurate today. Thank goodness it didn’t happen! But if you ever see anything that think is not accurate, don’t be afraid to ask me, message, or comment.

Just remember – this is a game and we all love the game. Many folks get very passionate when they think or know they’re right and tempers can get heated – I’ve seen it happen many times in other games I’ve been played or judged for. Thankfully, the group and the folks in it do not make a habit of getting into heated discussions. Everyone has always been very polite to me and folks have always tried to explain things the best they can so that everyone understands. I can’t recommend that group enough.

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. The ruling on her Global was a bummer. I had read it as you had initially, and after seeing the 2 cost Foot Ninjas in the TMNT spoilers I got a whole Villainous Lantern Ring team idea rattling around in my head. Alas, it is not to be!

    Top notch article, as always. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] of the Week article covering Superwoman, specifically because of her Global, and you can find it here. Her Global does not work the same way as Iceman, Too Cool for Words. Iceman spins the Sidekick […]


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