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Posted: April 15, 2016 in News
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


The news has broke today that we have our first officially banned cards in Dice Masters, effective May 1, 2016. You can find the official announcement on the WizKids site, here.

For those that may not be able to view the link, here is what it says:

Hi Dice Masters Fans!

It’s come to our attention that a number of quick aggro strategies have been using the Global Ability on the cards Swords of Revealing Light and Relentless to such an extent that it is making the game not fun. In particular, some games have been ending turn 3 without players having a chance to participate in the game. We have solutions in the R&D pipeline but we’d prefer to not let events between then and now be corrupted by this issue. We’ll be temporarily banning Swords of Revealing Light and Relentless effective May 1st. We’ll evaluate the need to maintain the ban as new cards are released, and the ban may not last through the end of the year.

We appreciate everyone’s continued love and support of Dice Masters.

-Mike and Eric

The banned cards are Swords of Revealing Light from the Yu-Gi-Oh! starter set and Relentless from the Uncanny X-Men starter set. Both are Basic Action Cards and both have the same Global Ability, and is the reason these cards are being banned.

So what does this mean for the upcoming WKOs? This means that these cards cannot be used on any team in any official WizKids event. This also means that it could slow down certain teams that are dominating events across the country. The teams Bard Blitz and Guy Rush were consistently defeating opponents in as little as three turns.

Will Bard Blitz and Guy Rush still be viable? Absolutely. I see no reason why these two teams would fall to the wayside just because of these two banned cards. If someone is fielding a wall of Sidekicks to stop the Blitz or Rush, they can easily be dealt with by using the Global on Magic Missile or other cards that do direct damage. You would need a way to protect your own characters from Globals like that, but it’s one option. Blitz and Rush are definitely going to be slowed down by the banning of Relentless/Swords, but they’re by no means dead. Those teams are definitely down a tier at least, but still viable. I could see Guy teams having a harder time with the ban because Guy’s ability also says that he must attack and relied more heavily on Relentless/Swords than Bard Blitz. A little reworking of each team will be needed since Relentless/Swords was an important part of the teams.

Blitz and Rush will probably need a mid-late game win condition now. Don’t count these teams out yet, but don’t be scared of playing against them either. Slower teams will now have a chance and be able to put up a fight and possibly win. For all the Blitz players out there, speed is still the key. You can still win on turn three, but that’s if they don’t have blockers or you can clear their blockers. The road to victory with Blitz is not a clear cut path anymore, so if you plan to play this team, be prepared for a fight.

How do I feel about the ban? My personal thoughts on the Relentless and Swords Global are not positive ones. Since the release of Uncanny X-Men, I’ve despised Relentless. I’m actually not sad to see these cards get banned, because there aren’t enough answers against them. I don’t like seeing cards that have no answer or too few answers. It seems that WizKids may lift the ban on them later when they release more sets.

I approve of the ban and I applaud WizKids for stepping up and handling this.

And now… I’ve made enemies of every Blitz/Rush player in the world. Even though we’re all paying an entry fee to play in the WKOs, it’s still a game and should still be fun for all players.

Good luck to all your Blitz players out there! I look forward to seeing the new shenanigans you all come up with.

What are your thoughts on the ban?
Are there other cards you think should be on it?Leave us a comment here or message us on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. The0retico says:

    So Guy rush will swap Resurrection for Silver Surfer and Spectre for Relentless. Maybe they will also include Giant Spider or Cloudkill. Bard blitz seems more comlicated to adapt, but it will still go for turn 4 kill with Spray.

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  2. It’s an interesting development. Inevitable really. If not this, then something down the line would have warranted it. In my decades of tabletop gaming it’s just become par for the course.

    At the two FLGS’s I play at the rush team only really was a challenge at one, and even then it never terrified me that much. So my local meta isn’t so impacted by this move at all.

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    • Out local meta isn’t hit hard either. My husband has his team to fix but he only ever played it once. He just wanted to see how his take would work and it was super fast. But others used Relentless on other teams (like me), but again – not painful at all. I can easily find something else.

      Good to know that your local players are like ours. We’re not all about the best teams in the world – we’re out to have fun and try different stuff.

      This mainly impacts the metas that are dominated by the Blitz and also the upcoming WKOs.

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  3. […] Source: News […]


  4. Gary Kondek says:

    I’m a guy “rush” player that never liked relentless, so I’ve gone control with guy as my win condition. If I see conditions that are not favorable for a quick kill, I set up, control your team, then swing/chip away. Just like a lot of other team styles, it can be all about how you want to play, do you like finding out new things and can you adapt to new conditions. I’m very lucky in that I live in an area with 3 active stores that have groups that like to play different styles and I learn new things at every one and luv it. Keep on having fun rolling dice and playing the game, it’s too much fun not to, Gary

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