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Posted: May 1, 2016 in Report, Strategy
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We had our first Spider-Allies OP Event this past Saturday, which coincidentally was also International Table Top Day. I had my demo bag with me as well as loads of table top games like Age of War, almost every Fluxx, Machi Koro, Castle Panic, Zombie Dice, Red Dragon Inn, Inn Fighting, and even Cards Against Humanity. We ended up playing so many games of Superfight and Resistance (which was brought by another gamer) we almost lost track of time! Those are some amazing games that I had not played until yesterday. Those of us that brought games made sure to bring games that didn’t take hours to play. We all had a blast!

After the table top fun was had, we began our OP Event. I decided to try my Colossus Team, which is a favorite of mine to play in casual events. It’s been called the Gandhi of our venue, because I do not attack with any character on the team. My characters damage you just because they’re in the Field Zone! You can find my team build on Dice Masters Database here: Gandhi

My Team

The idea behind this team is to Polymorph Colossus in on turn three or four and then build your Field up with Sabretooth and La Jinn Dice. Beast makes a great blocker and Elf Thief is there to steal your opponent’s energy and block. Prismatic Spray is for any troublesome abilities that may turn up. With Great Power is a good way to bolster my dice levels if I’m having trouble keeping energy for Polymorph’s Global.

Round One

Round 1

My first round opponent was playing his own Batman Family team. My biggest threats were Nightwing, Flying Grayson and Oracle, Master Investigator. He didn’t use his Oracle as much as I thought he would have, but Nightwing forced me to field more Sidekicks than I normally would. That made it harder for me to purchase more Sabretooth dice, since my Sidekicks were needed as blockers or Nightwing targets.

I was able to Polymorph my Colossus into the Field Zone on my third turn. I had to use Blue-Eyes to KO my Sabretooth, purchase Colossus, then Polymorph the Sidekick that was in my Field Zone with Colossus from the Used Pile. I chose to use Sabretooth for Blue-Eyes so that I could reroll my Sabretooth and hopefully get him on level two or three.

Round 1 Poly Colossus

I ended up buying more Sabretooth dice and both Beast dice. I used Polymorph several times to Poly out a Sidekick for Beast. Beast makes an excellent blocker on his level one side, so he’s a great Poly target for me.

My opponent used his Robin, Kid Detective and Batman, Speedy Recovery to great effect and if it hadn’t been for Commissioner Gordon, Calling in Batman‘s Global ability, I may not have won this game. My opponent even made mention of Gordon’s Global on my turn, which I admitted to my opponent that I had forgotten about. I had three Fist Energy and two Wild Energy in my Reserve Pool, and my opponent was at two life when I passed turn. He passed me priority before his Attack Step, and I used Gordon’s Global twice to KO my opponent. The pressure from his constant attacks made me play even more defensively than I thought possible for a team like this.

It was a great match with the game ending before time, and my life in single digits.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

Round 2

The Basic Action Card with the really bad glare on it is Polymorph.

My second round opponent was none other than my wonderful husband, who never goes easy on me, and I love that. I do not like special treatment like that and expect to be treated like any other opponent. This game went a little differently than I thought it would. I usually get slaughtered by his teams, but this was a little more evenly played than other games I’ve played against him.

It was a round of who could put what on the Field and keep it there. We were both using Polymorph, but I couldn’t get the timing right to Poly my Colossus in early. I was behind a few turns on my setup because of that, and that allowed my opponent the time he needed to setup first. He got Oracle in place before I could get going and that slowed me down immensely.

Around mid-game he had a well placed Polymorph to rid my Field Zone of my Colossus and add a Beast in his place. He then used Magic Missile on Hulk to clear my Field Zone, leaving me wide open to an attack from Hulk, Bard, and some other dudes.

Round 2 Hulk Bard

I still had fun and my team performed better than I thought it would, even with the setbacks. But that’s the way it goes in any game and all you can do is try again!

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

Round 3

It doesn’t take a super genius to know that I had my work cut out for me against my round three opponent. Gobby can take someone out fast, and I don’t have anything on my team that can counter something like Gobby. My opponent didn’t purchase any other characters except Gobby. I was still able to buy and Field my Colossus and some Sabretooth dice. Gobby didn’t take me down without taking some damage.

Round 3 Gobby

It was around turn five, my opponent had five Sidekick dice and three Gobby dice in the Field Zone and several energy in his Reserve Pool. He used Parallax to reroll his Gobby dice, getting one character and two Gobby dice showing energy. The character just stayed in the Field Zone, doing no extra damage to me. He used Parallax again, rerolling the two Gobby dice showing energy sides and got two characters. It was game over for me!

Gobby is difficult to deal with in a casual tournament setting, but several players have stepped up their game and tried to find ways around him. Gobby is a big card in our local meta, while other teams like Bard Blitz are not seen much, if at all. This shows you how different each meta can be.

Record after Round Three: 1-2-0
Final Standing: 5th

Final Thoughts

I was toying with the idea of taking a form of this team to the WKO in May. Absolutely not going to happen, so back to the drawing board for me! It’s getting close to crunch time and I have no clue what to play!!! I may be over thinking it a bit too. We consider all of our OP events to be casual and not competitive, even though it seems like there are more competitive teams emerging. I give the WKO credit for that as several of us are planning to go to the one in Owensboro, Kentucky and a few others are considering the possibility of going.

I do love this team to pieces though! I love the idea behind it and I love playing it. It’s not an ‘in your face’ aggressive team, even though the characters are somewhat big or intimidating. This is one of my favorite teams to play in our casual OP tournaments.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Drop a line in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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