Confusing Card of the Week #37 – Parallax, Source of Terror

Posted: May 3, 2016 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at Parallax, Source of Terror from the DC War of Light set.

        Parallax, Source of Terror

Ruling – Ability

Parallax’s ability allows you to draw and roll two dice at the end of the Roll and Reroll Step, but only if you rolled at least three Mask Energy. Parallax will only check for Mask Energy faces, meaning Wild Energy faces do not count. Parallax must be active to be able to use his ability.

When you draw and roll your two additional dice, you only get one roll because they are not part of your roll and reroll.

Ruling – Global

Parallax’s Global allows you to pay one of any energy to reroll any of your dice, but only before your Attack Step. This means that you cannot use this Global outside of your turn. He allows you to choose any of your dice, including characters in the Field Zone, not just dice in your Reserve Pool. Parallax does not need to be active to use his Global.

When you reroll a character die from the Field Zone, it will return to the Field Zone if it lands on a character face. If it lands on an energy face or double energy face, the character die will go to the Reserve Pool. If you choose to use Parallax’s Global to reroll a character die showing an energy face or double energy face, and it lands on a character face, you can pay to Field the character and gain any ‘When Fielded’ abilities.

You cannot reroll a partially spent die. This means that if you have a die on a double energy face, you cannot spin that die down to a single energy face to reroll that same die.

*** EDIT ***
We recently has a situation come up that warranted an edit to this article.

If you have a two of the same character dice (one on a character in the Field Zone, and one showing energy in the Reserve Pool), and you choose to reroll both of them, it’s appropriate to roll them apart from each other so that you can tell which die was which. You can roll one in your right hand and one in your left hand on opposite sides of your play area or roll them at separate times, just make sure your opponent understands exactly what you’re doing.


~ I have a Zatanna, Zatanna Zatara and a Sidekick in the Field Zone. I have two Mask and two Fist Energy in my Reserve Pool.

~ I spend a Fist Energy to use Parallax’s Global to reroll Zatanna and a Sidekick from the Field Zone, as well as a Fist Energy from my Reserve Pool.

~ I get my Zatanna on a character face, and the two Sidekick dice land on Mask Energy. Zatanna returns to the Field Zone, because she didn’t actually leave the Field Zone. She’s still a character. My two Sidekick dice will go to the Reserve Pool giving me a total of four Mask Energy.

~ So now I have Zatanna in the Field Zone and four Mask Energy in my Reserve Pool.

~ I spend a Mask Energy to reroll my Zatanna and she lands on a double energy face. I also three Mask Energy left on my Sidekick Dice.

~ I want to reroll Zatanna again to try for a character face. I cannot spend one of the energy on Zatanna’s die to reroll her. I must use a different die. I pay a Mask Energy from one of the Sidekick Dice in my Reserve Pool and reroll Zatanna. This leaves me with two Mask Energy in my Reserve Pool.

~ Zatanna lands on her level one side. I can Field her for free and use her ability to add a die from my bag to my Prep Area. I still have the two Mask Energy in my Reserve Pool left to buy something or use for other Globals.

The only reason I was able to get her ability was because she was rolled as a character from an energy face.

Added Example After Edit

~ I have a Zatanna on a character face in the Field Zone and a Zatanna showing an energy face in the Reserve Pool.

~ I choose to reroll both Zatanna dice with Parallax’s Global and I tell my opponent how I’m going to proceed. I roll the character in my right hand on the right side of my playmat and the energy in my left hand on the left side of my playmat.

~ The die that was a character rerolls to a character and returns to the Field Zone. The die that was energy rerolls to a character so now I can field her and use her ability to add a die from my bag to my Prep Area.

Here is the official ruling on Parallax and When Fielded Abilities.
Here is the official ruling on the Parallax Global.
You can also find information about Parallax in the Dice Masters Errata.

Competitive Play Rating

This is a card that is way more useful for the Global than its ‘While Active’ ability. I’ve seen several teams utilizing and abusing this Global and if you aren’t using this card, you might want to look at it and see if it has a place on your team. Not all teams will have room for it, but as this card grows in popularity, you may not need to find a place for it as others will bring it. If you absolutely need it on your team, don’t leave it behind! There is no guarantee that you’ll see enough teams using it to justify leaving it behind. I found Parallax to be incredibly useful with Gobby. It could take several tries to get your desired result, but with the chance to do Gobby’s ability multiple times in a turn, it’s worth it. I can’t say that every team should be using it, but I can say that almost every team will find it beneficial.

Parallax, Source of Terror gets a competitive play rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

Casual Play Rating

As good as this card is for competitive play, I can’t say the same for casual players. The confusing wording and complexity of the Global is what keeps me from being able to recommend this card for beginners or strictly casual players. While it is a hugely beneficial card, it could cause lots of confusion. This card is also a good teaching tool in the right hands. I would only recommend that the most advanced casual players use this card and only if they fully understand how it works. If you decide to use it on a casual team, please explain its Global prior to beginning the game. This will allow your opponent to ask questions without feeling rushed during the game. Parallax has a great Global and could enhance many casual teams, it just needs proper explanation.

Parallax, Source of Terror gets a casual play rating of two out of five stars.
2 Stars

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  1. Michaela K says:

    I think another aspect of competitive play that’s often missed is that you must understand how many energy you can afford to spend on Parallax global. It’s always tempting to keep paying until you roll that character face, but there’s a point where it’s better to cut your losses and take the double energy.

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