Review! – Squirrels!!! The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Review, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


The Reserve Pool has reviewed Squirrel Girl, Kick Butts, Eat Nuts that will be a promo for when you buy a Marvel Civil War Starter set. Here is where you can find their Review. I do not have a picture of her card to use, but you can see a picture of her and the tokens in The Reserve Pool’s Review. I do not have a copy of the card or tokens to review, so this review is primarily about her card ability.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl says:

While Squirrel Girl is active, at the end of your turn, add a squirrel counter to this card. During your turn, when you may use a Global Ability, you may remove a squirrel counter and place a squirrel token with 1A and 1D into the Field Zone. You may have up to 4 Squirrel tokens in the Field Zone at once.

This character has become a household favorite. I want to go over a few things about the ability on this card.


There isn’t anything on her card that says her counters get removed other than to make Squirrel Tokens. Minsc and Boo, “Go for the Eyes, Boo!” has a condition on their card that says their Experience counters are removed if the die goes to the Used Pile. Since she doesn’t say that her squirrel counters are removed under a certain condition, it’s safe to assume that they stay on her card like an Experience counter would, until you remove them to make tokens.


Her tokens are all the same except that they have ‘names’ on them. These names are just for flavor and the tokens are not intended to be unique characters. If they intended for each token to be unique, they would have stated as such in her card text. Those of you wanting to add her to Bard teams are probably looking at the names and thinking they each count as a different character. Sorry to disappoint, but they are all Squirrel Token in name.


The tokens do not have an energy type. Those of you thinking about using them for their Ring team, will not get any benefit from the tokens themselves. The tokens are level one with zero purchase and fielding cost, based off the Drizzt Token Ruling.


Just like Drizzt, The Hunter‘s Guenhwyvar token, the tokens do not count as being ‘fielded’ when they enter the Field Zone. You can find the answer in the Dice Masters FAQ.

Characters are fielded when they are moved from the reserve pool to the field zone (by paying their fielding cost or through any special effect).

Squirrel Girl adds tokens to the Field Zone from her card, so they do not count as being ‘Fielded’ for game effects like those on Human Torch, Johnny Storm.


I’m very excited for this card even though I know nothing about Squirrel Girl as a comic book character. You would think I would since she appeals to the furry in me, but I’ve never heard of her before. That’s shocking even to myself. As for the aesthetics of her Dice Masters card and tokens, I absolutely love how cute the acorn side of the token is. The Squirrel Tokens are adorable and I love the flavor names on them. I even like how menacing her picture on her card looks for her being a Squirrel Girl.

Squirrel Girl DM Card

As for functionality, she is a Fist character with a purchase cost of three and a great ability. Her stats are decent as well (Fielding Cost/Attack/Defense): level one 0/2/2, level two 1/3/2, level three 1/3/3. Her fielding costs are great and even though she has a lower defense on some sides, she can be used as a blocker at no threat of losing her counters. She’s great for producing blockers as well.

You can find this awesome new card at your FLGS as a promotion when you buy a Marvel Civil War Starter set. She comes with her character card, a matching die, and tokens! I’m actually going to order two starters so that we have two copies of Squirrel Girl!

What do you think about Squirrel Girl?
Is there something you think should be added about her?

Leave us a comment here or message us on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. I LOVE this card. I’ve got a few ideas brewing to make some use of her – watch this space…

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  3. What happens when these tokens are KO’d?

    I’ve been using them, and we’re not certain where they go when knocked out.


  4. James Blore says:

    It is for my WKO 🙂 But to be fair, Ben Said Scott did it first, and with style it would seem! (Not sure how to nest comments here – sorry!)

    Liked by 1 person

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