Review! Marvel Civil War Starter and Collector’s Box

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I have the Marvel Civil War Starter Set and Collector Box that I’ll be reviewing for you today. With only days away from WKO2, some of you may be scrambling to add some of these cards to your team, but this set will not be legal for this weekend’s events. Sets are legal seven days after their official release.

Starter an Collector's Box

Starter Contents

~ Civil War Rulebook
~ 12 Basic Action Dice
~ 16 Character Dice
~ 16 Sidekick Dice
~ 22 Character Cards
~ 10 Basic Action Cards
~ 4 Action Reminder Cards
~ 2 Dice Bags

Like all the other starter sets, this one has everything you need for two folks to get started!

Each character has three different cards in the this Starter – except for Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America and Iron Man only have two copies of their cards, and I can only assume the reason is because they have Super Rare versions in the set.

 New Ability Keywords

Enlistment character abilities can be prevented by your opponent KO’ing a character die they control. Each character with Enlistment does something and it allows your opponent to KO a character they control to prevent the ability. Looking at Iron Man, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. from the starter, you can KO a character die that Iron Man blocks – but your opponent can prevent that ability by KO’ing a different character die they control. I see some potential for this type of ability, but I’m not sure how much I like it for my personal play style. I will definitely test it out with one that appeals to me and see how I like it.

When you field a character die with Intimidate, remove target opposing character die from the Field Zone until end of turn. Place it next to your character cards. At the end of turn, return it to the Field Zone at its previous level. Returning to the Field Zone does not count as fielding that die. This is my new favorite ability. I love the idea of being able to field a character and remove a big nasty from my opponent’s Field Zone until the end of my turn. This ability helps you get around Hulk, Green Goliath, for example. I absolutely can’t wait to test this ability out!

Resistance character abilities function when a character die you control was KO’d in the same turn. I like this ability better than Enlistment. I especially like it on Captain America, Anti-Reg. At the end of your turn, if a character die you control was KO’d this turn, gain one life as long as Cap is still active. Now, that’s not one life per character die, because it says, ‘if a character die was KO’d’ and not ‘when a character die is KO’d’. It only checks to see if any were KO’d. If there was at least one KO’d, you gain one life. I’ll be playing around with this Cap for sure.

New Affiliations

We have two new affiliations that were introduced in the Civil War Starter: Thunderbolts (left) and New Warriors (right).

New Affiliations


01 Black Widow
I really like Widowmaker’s ability to KO  a character die with fielding cost of zero. She gets rid of that pesky Oracle that wrecks everyone’s day. Triple Agent is good for popping Sidekick dice or low defense characters. Graduate of the Red Room is handy for lower the level of some of your opponent’s big meanies. But overall, I would absolutely go with Widowmaker as my favorite. She could potentially even see competitive play if Oracle becomes too much of a headache. I love her purchase costs, fielding costs, and stats. And I have to say – they chose some beautiful art for this card and it even matches her dice colors.

02 Captain America
I like both of these Captain America cards too! So far, this starter is shaping up to be pretty awesome! Both cards have the ability that spins Captain America dice up one level at the end of your turn. They each have a Resistance ability and I really like that they’re opposite of each other. One ability deals damage, while the other lets you gain life. I like this Captain America’s card art better than any in the game so far. I love how it matches Black Widow’s snowy themed card art.

03 Falcon
Picking a favorite Falcon is easy for me. Falcon, Dive Bomber is most definitely my favorite of the three. I’m really digging Intimidate and he has a reasonable purchase cost. I like his attack, but not a fan of his level one defense or his level two fielding cost. I don’t care for his card art so much, but it’s not that big of an issue. It’s always nice to have that cheap blank character too with Talks to Birds. Wingman is a little underwhelming since he can only choose one Sidekick when he’s fielded.

04 Iron man
This also feels like an easy choice for me. I definitely would pick Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. over Pro-Reg. Pro-Reg only has one character face that will gain the ability and it’s not the best ‘When Fielded’ ability either. I would much rather pay one more to purchase Iron Man with Enlistment. He also has the ability to give character dice he blocks a -2A. It’s hands down Director for me. I might play around with this Iron Man to test out the Enlistment ability, but he’s not a character I would use long term, even on a casual team.

05 Rocket Raccoon
We have a new Rocket Raccoon with new dice! I’m not crazy about his card art, but I like all three of his cards. Like I mentioned under Falcon, cheap blank characters can be great! I love that two of these have Fast built into the card. My favorite of the three is Furball because of his Global. I like that I can attack with him, pop his blocker for one damage (or another blocker), and he can deal his damage first. I am seriously considering replacing the Rocket I’m currently using on my casual Guardians of the Galaxy team with Furball.

06 Scarlet Spider
Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love the character Scarlet Spider. I prefer Scarlet Spider to Spider-Man in the comic books (and Ben is the best Scarlet Spider). Now, these three Scarlet Spiders make it very hard to choose a favorite. They all have great abilities! But I’m so into the Intimidate ability, I would probably say that Former Villain is close to being my favorite. I really like Redemption a lot too. I have a team that he would fit perfect on since he can spin himself up. And on top of that, he pops your opponent for one damage if you were able to spin one of your Scarlet Spider dice up. I like the prep ability on Kaine, but I’d rather use Former Villain or Redemption. Kaine’s purchase cost is a little steep for what he does.

07 She-Hulk
I’ve never been a fan of the character She-Hulk or her cards in Dice Masters, but Sensational and Buy My Comics! definitely have my attention. She’s a great mid-late game character with those abilities. Courtroom Warrior is okay, but I feel like her purchase cost is a little too high for what she does. I never thought I would consider putting She-Hulk on any team of mine, but she would be a great addition to my Girl Power team when I rebuild it. And I actually like her card art!

08 Wasp
And when we look at the Global on Wasp, Fashionista, I instantly think of She-Hulk, Sensational. What a great combo, right in the Starter! I like that Pixie has Fast and that she’s only three to purchase. She’s a great early game character and she’s a Mask character too! She’s a win-win regardless of what she rolls if you’re using Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants. Janet Van Dyne is another cheap blank character that would be great if that’s what you needed. She’s also an Avenger and would go well with Nick Fury, Patch.

Basic Action Cards

Basic Actions 1Basic Actions 2Basic Actions 3Basic Actions 4Basic Actions 5

I really like several of the Basic Actions. I won’t discuss all of them, just the ones I really like or see potential in.

I love the reactive Global on Brother Fights Brother. You could easily pair that with Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon. The only problem with that is your opponent would be able to utilize it as well.

I really like Driven Underground for both it’s Action text and it’s Global. I’m not sure if it’ll see any competitive play, but it would be great for casual. This Action works well with Wasp, Fashionista from this starter.

I could see Escape Incarceration being used on competitive teams. It’s got some great Action text that can be easily abused.

Long Live the Resistance! is an interesting Basic Action. It cost a whopping five to buy, but you gain four life if you roll it, or five from Resistance. It’s got a decent Global on it too that prevents all damage to you from one opposing die’s “When Attacks” ability at the cost of a Mask Energy. I could see some competitive teams and lots of casual teams using this Basic Action.

Superhero Registration Act could potentially see some play on rogue teams. Using this Action instead of bringing Professor X could be a good alternative, depending on the team. You would most definitely want to use Red Dragon, Lesser Dragon as well to reduce the cost.

The Front Line is the replacement for Relentless. It has a similar Global that makes a character unable to block, at the cost of a Fist Energy. Your opponent can pay one life to prevent the effect. I totally see this card being used in competitive play and in a way, I feel like it’s better than Relentless because I could see someone buying the Action Die as well.

Action Indicator Cards
The Action Reminder Cards are the same in the Starter and Collector’s Box. I placed the Action Dice and Sidekick picture in the Collector’s Box section for comparison of those dice.



Dice Bags

Starter Bags

I like collecting these cool looking bags even though we use our own custom dice bags. The bags that come in the starter are durable and good to use until you can upgrade. They are a little narrow and anyone with larger than normal hands would have trouble reaching into the bags. I have average hands for a woman and I have trouble grasping dice and pulling them out.

Special Starter Promo

Starter Promo

I have a Review of this card and everything I would say here, is said there. Please check out Review! – Squirrels!!! The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!. The only thing I could add is, she’s so cute and fluffy, I could die!!! I love her!

But that’s it for the Marvel Civil War Starter set, except of course, the Rulebook. They have one of those in there too.

 Collector’s Box Contents

~ Ten Basic Action Cards (same as Starter)
~ Four Action Reminder Cards (same as Starter)
~ Eight Premium Colored Sidekick Dice
~ Twelve Premium Basic Action Dice (same colors as Starter, but base color matches Sidekicks)
~ Promo Full Art Vibranium Shield, Symbol of Freedom card
~ Felt Dice Bag (Red)
~ Paper Playmat with Checklist on back
~ Four Foil Booster Packs
~ Dice Storage Trays

And… one Silica packet.

Action Dice and Sidekick Dice

Action Dice and Sidekicks
Starter dice are on the left and Collector’s Box dice are on the right. Once again, we have bright yellow instead of orange. I’ve given up fighting my OCD on it. I have just accepted bright yellow as the new orange. I was just a little disappointed to see this ‘greyish bone’ color again. This is the same color as the Amazing Spider-Man Collector’s Box and I wasn’t impressed with it then either. I want to see some reversed color Sidekick dice – black with white. Or maybe even a cool swirl pattern or the metallic style like AvX’s Collector’s Box (Setup Box), but maybe a different color.

I would like the Premium Dice to have their own level of collectibility. (And Spellcheck says that’s not a word, but I say it is.) That would make the Collector’s Boxes more desirable, in my opinion. We buy them for the promo card and the packs – and that’s it. I want to feel like I’m getting more than just four packs full of commons and an alternate art card for $25.00. We purchase two copies of the Starters, so the Basic Actions are just extras, and we don’t use these boxes as storage.

Promo Vibranium Shield, Symbol of Freedom

Collector's Box Promo

I have to say, I actually like this promo. The others have been cool looking, but aside from Professor X, Recruiting Young Mutants from the Uncanny X-Men Collector’s Box, I haven’t felt the desire to use any of the other CB promos. This one I might consider using, because I really like this card’s ability. I’m not sure it’ll see major meta or tier play, but for local meta and casual play, I could see myself using it.

As a side note, I’m very pleased to see the return of the multicolored dice. Captain America has a cool looking die that’s red and blue swirled with white accents. Perfect colors for Captain America!

Cap Die

But overall, I like the characters and the Basic Actions from the Civil War Starter. I look forward to playing with several of them.

What are your favorite cards in the Starter?
What do you think of the Premium Dice?
Anything you want to add about the Starter or Collector’s Box?
Leave us a comment here or message us on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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