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Posted: May 12, 2016 in Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We purchased one Gravity Feed this time around. If you read my Starter and Collector Box Review then you already know this, but for those that don’t know, Marvel Civil War will not be legal for WKO2. You don’t have to scramble for new cards and dice to adjust your team for the constructed part on Sunday. Sets are legal seven days after the release date.

01 Gravity Feed

Gravity Feed

We pulled 115 common cards.

x4     #33     Ant-Man
x4     #34     Baron Zemo
x3     #35     Black Widow
x2     #36     Bullseye
x2     #37     Captain America
x1     #38     Captain Marvel
x2     #39     Deathlok
x3     #40     Falcon
x3     #41     Goliath
x3     #42     Hercules
x4     #43     Iron Fist
x2     #44     Iron Man
x4     #45     Jessica Jones
x3     #46     Justice
x3     #47     Loki
x4     #48     Luke Cage
x2     #49     Maria Hill
x4     #50     Mary Jane
x3     #51     Moon Knight
x2     #52     Moonstone
x3     #53     Ms. Marvel
x2     #54     Namorita
x3     #55     Nitro
x2     #56     Punisher
x2     #57     Pym Particles
x4     #58     Radioactive Man
x2     #59     Rescue
x3     #60     Rocket Raccoon
x3     #61     Ronin
x3     #62     Scarlet Spider
x3     #63     She-Hulk
x2     #64     Songbird
x3     #65     Speedball
x2     #66     Spider-Man
x3     #67     Taskmaster
x3     #68     Thor
x4     #69     Venom
x3     #70     Vibranium Shield
x3     #71     Wasp
x4     #72     Winter Soldier


We pulled 47 uncommon cards. We got all but one uncommon.

x1     #73     Ant-Man
x1     #74     Baron Zemo
x1     #75     Bullseye
x1     #76     Captain Marvel
x1     #77     Deathlok
x2     #78     Goliath
x2     #79     Hercules
x1     #80     Iron Fist
x1     #81     Jessica Jones
x2     #82     Justice
x2     #83     Loki
x2     #84     Luke Cage
x1     #85     Maria Hill
x1     #86     Mary Jane
x2     #87     Moon Knight
x1     #88     Moonstone
x1     #89     Ms. Marvel
x2     #90     Namorita
x1     #91     Nitro
x2     #92     Punisher
x2     #93     Pym Particles
x1     #94     Radioactive Man
x1     #95     Rescue
x0     #96    Ronin
x2     #97     Songbird
x2     #98     Speedball
x2     #99     Spider-Man
x2     #100     Taskmaster
x1     #101     Thor
x2     #102     Venom
x3     #103     Vibranium Shield
x1     #104     Winter Soldier

Rares and Super Rare

You won’t get all the rares in one feed, but you get a decent amount of them. We pulled 17 rares and none of them were duplicates. We also pulled one Super Rare in this gravity feed.

#106     Baron Zemo
#108     Captain Marvel
#110     Goliath
#112     Iron Fist
#113     Jessica Jones
#116     Luke Cage
#119     Moon Knight
#120     Moonstone
#121     Ms. Marvel
#122     Namorita
#127     Rescue
#128     Songbird
#129     Speedball
#130     Spider-Man
#131     Taskmaster
#132     Thor
#133     Vibranium Shield

#136     Iron Man (Super Rare)


I can’t possibly show you all the cards I like, because I like tons of them. But I can show you some and talk a little about why I like them.

Feed Favorites 1
Falcon, Aviary (left) – When I first read Enlistment, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. reading this particular Falcon, I like him much better than any in the starter and I could totally see myself using him. He’s not expensive to buy, but I wish his level one defense was a little better. Good thing there are cards that bolster defense! But I really like the Enlistment ability now, and I think we’ll see an increase of cards like Solomon Grundy, Buried on a Sunday being played if Enlistment makes the competitive scene. I can’t say how likely it is that we’ll see Enlistment in the major meta. It’s certainly a possibility, especially with cards like this Falcon. Overall, the ability to gain life is rare, even with all the cards in Civil War that have life gain. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy found his way onto several rogue teams in the future.

Iron Man, Secretary of Defense (center) – Oh my goodness!!! This guy is great for mid-late game. This is another Enlistment ability that I like and even if they KO a character, that’s one less dude in your way. And if you can manage to get him on his level one side, that’s a life back to you regardless of what happens with his Enlistment. He’s got some good stats, except for those fielding costs. Level one is okay, and possibly level two, but level three – yuck! I’d still play this Iron Man over either one in the starter. He’s got a hefty purchase cost, but he’s Iron Man, and he has a powerful ability. He gets a thumbs up from me. I don’t know that he’ll see any competitive play outside a miscellaneous rogue team, but I see him as a champion in the casual scene.

Maria Hill, Deputy Director (right) – I love this card. She cost two to buy and her fielding costs are fantastic. She’s a great alternative answer to stopping an onslaught from Blitz since it requires some Sidekicks for an early game win. Using Resurrection, you could possibly get her in the Field Zone early. She doesn’t specify Sidekick Dice or Sidekick Characters, so she can block Allies as well. She’s a wonderful defensive card and I can see her making her way into the meta if Blitz or Ally teams hold up.

Feed Favorites 2
Moonstone, Ms. Marvel (left) – This card is great! She’s an answer to Gobby, Tsarina, and other major threats in the competitive scene. She’s only a purchase cost of four, but her fielding stats are not the best. You also need her on her higher levels, so using Polymorph for it’s Global would be a must. She may never make it to the competitive scene because of the work she requires to use her effectively, but she’s still a great option for rogue teams that are using Polymorph already or even Poly-Hulk teams.

Goliath, Giant Genius (center) – Who doesn’t use Globals? Not many folks out there use teams without a single Global on them. They’re out there, but not in droves. When my opponent uses that Professor X Global, he’ll give my Goliath Overcrush until end of turn. I don’t see this card making it to the competitive scene, unless the Fist Ring teams find a way to use him. He’s got a fantastic Global, better than Anger Issues because it also boosts the Defense where Anger Issues is only an Attack boost. I love this card for casual play and I have the perfect team to put him on!

Iron Fist, Fist of K’un-Lun (right) – This is a wonderful sneak blocker. He could turn the tides for you against the Blitz or surprise block their big meanie and it only costs you three life to do it. That’s much better than taking 5+ damage and you could get the drop on their attacker. Iron Fist is most likely going to get KO’d by the attacker, so this helps get him into your Prep Area to roll on your next turn. I really like this card and I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up on some competitive teams. With all the new ways to gain life, his ability shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you paired him with a Taunt and Distraction, you could potentially have an army of Iron Fist on your turn, ready to beat some face.

Feed Favorites 3
Punisher, War Journal (left) – This guy is so good! There are plenty of ways to manipulate your dice bag and what dice you draw. Just add Punisher to that Iron Fist team and he could clear the way, with help from other fielded characters. He costs five to buy, but he’s got decent stats for attacking and his fielding costs aren’t too bad. Intimidate is my new favorite ability and this Punisher says, “You get Intimidate, you get Intimidate, you all get Intimmidate!” I can’t wait to try this guy out!

Captain Marvel, Kree-Powered (center) – Recently, Captain Marvel has become a favorite comic book character of mine. I’ve been a little disappointed in her other versions from previous sets and when I saw she was in Civil War, I got excited. It wasn’t until I saw her rare version though, that I squealed with excitement. I now have a Captain Marvel that I can use! Being able to have a second Attack Step is huge! She has to be active at the end of the first Attack Step and you must attack with at least one character die in each Attack Step. I can think of tons of teams that could abuse this, like Lantern Ring teams. She’s very expensive at a purchase cost of seven, but rightfully so. She’s got some decent stats and fielding costs for what she does. I could see this character making her way into the competitive scene with the right folks and I can’t wait to try her out!

Spider-Man, Photo Op (right) – Here is another card that I feel could find a place in competitive meta. It punishes your opponent for using their ‘When Fielded’ abilities and punishes them even more if he’s level one. This doesn’t just shut down damage dealing ‘When Fielded’ abilities, like Moonstone does, Spider-Man stops them all. He has a purchase cost of five, but that can be reduced with cards like Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon. His fielding costs and stats are okay, not great, but his ability is what makes him stand out. You only need to get him fielded and then keep him there. This Spider-Man definitely has potential.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel like the majority of the set will work well within itself. I think limited events like Drafts or themed events will be a lot of fun, but I don’t see a whole lot that will actually make it to the big time. But then again, not every set has groundbreaking and meta-changing cards. I like sets like this where they are good, but not epic. Too much of an epic thing can be bad, and this is true for games as well. If every set had epic cards that caused a major shift in the meta, then everyone would complain because they have to spend too much money to keep up. But then you have good sets like Civil War, that are thematically fun, that several folks don’t like because they don’t break the game further. Not everyone is going to be happy with every set. I dislike Uncanny X-Men with a passion, but there are other folks that really like that particular set.

There are cards that I believe will have a chance in the meta if used by the right folks. There are others that I think could make it to staple status, depending on how much the meta shifts from the aggressive and mid-range aggressive builds. There are definitely good tech cards for some of the current major meta cards. The first opportunity to see these cards in a larger official event will be at Nationals. I don’t think we’ll be attending Nationals unless we win a spot from the WKO2 this weekend, and that will take a miracle. I look forward to seeing reports from Nationals, so if any of you are going, please write up an article on The Reserve Pool’s Blog section (or where ever you hang your blogger hat).

I like Civil War and I can’t wait to draft with it this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it and excited to see if I can find new rares or super rares! To everyone traveling for WKO2, stay safe and have fun! If you’re headed to Owensboro, Kentucky, you can find me there!

What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
How do you think the meta will shift?
What cards do you see making it to the meta?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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