Confusing Card of the Week #41 – Save Civilians, Basic Action Card

Posted: May 31, 2016 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at Save Civilians, Basic Action Card  from the DC Justice League Starter set.

        Save Civilians

Ruling – Ability

Save Civilians says that when you field a Sidekick the turn you use the Basic Action, you can reduce the cost of another die by one and prep a die from your bag.

Save Civilians works when you field a Sidekick. Characters that have the Ally keyword are only considered Sidekicks while they are active in the Field Zone. Characters count themselves for ‘When Fielded’ abilities, so an Ally would trigger Save Civilians.

The fielding cost reduction part of this Basic Action can reduce the fielding cost to zero. Unlike purchase costs, fielding costs can be reduced to zero, but cannot be reduced into negative numbers. A character with a printed fielding cost of zero would still be zero and not negative one.

Because Save Civilians says draw a die and not search for a die, you get to refill your bag from your Used Pile if it’s empty and then draw a die and add it to your Prep Area. This is very important to remember because if a card says search, you do not get to refill an empty bag. You can search an empty bag – you can not draw from an empty bag. If you can’t draw a die, you do not take damage like you would in the Clear and Draw step.

Official Sources

Here is the official Ruling.

Competitive Play Rating

This Basic Action is definitely not one you would see in competitive play, and if one pops up – I’d be super surprised. It sounds good while reading it, but to get a full benefit from it, you would need to buy the Action Die, roll it with some Ally characters or hope for Sidekicks, and then benefit from it. It’s got too many conditions with it and there are far better ways to get similar effects.

 Save Civilians, Basic Action Card gets a competitive play rating of zero out of five stars.
0 Stars

Casual Play Rating

This Basic Action has way too many conditions for a casual team. It’s not often that a card gets such a bad rating for both competitive and casual play, but I wanted to feature this card because it has several aspects that can be applied to other cards. I can’t recommend this card for a casual setting or even competitive play.

 Save Civilians, Basic Action Card gets a casual play rating of zero out of five stars.
0 Stars

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