Confusing Card of the Week #44 – Scarecrow, Legion of Doom

Posted: July 14, 2016 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Rules
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at Scarecrow, Legion of Doom from the DC Legion of Doom OP Kit. I typically try to avoid Organized Play cards for CCW articles, but since this is a meta card, I felt I could deviate this week.

        Scarecrow, Legion of Doom

Ruling – Ability

Scarecrow’s ability says that while he’s active, characters with an attack of two or less cannot attack you. ‘While Active’ abilities do not trigger for each of the character’s dice in the Field Zone – It only checks to see that there is at least one of the character’s dice in the Field Zone. The best example for ‘While Active’ abilities that I’ve seen is to think of them like a light switch – either it’s on or it’s off.

When Scarecrow is active, the only characters that can attack are ones that have an attack of three or greater. A player can boost the attack of a character in order to get around Scarecrow’s ability. The attack increase must be done before the Attack Step.


~ I have one Sidekick in the Field Zone and my opponent has Scarecrow active in the Field Zone.
~ During my Main Step, I use the Global on Anger Issues two times to increase my Sidekick’s attack by two, for a total of three.
~ I can now attack with my Sidekick.

Max Dice

Most of the character cards in Dice Masters have a max dice number of four. There are lots of cards that have a different mas dice number and Scarecow is one of them. His max dice number is two. Always remember to check your dice numbers!

Official Sources

Here is the official Ruling.

Competitive Play Rating

Scarecrow is a one of the key meta characters that slows down or even stops Bard Blitz. While Blitz is not seeing a ton of play now in major meta scenes, it could still be big in local metas. I give Scarecrow a rogue team rating of three stars, but keep in mind that a three star rating doesn’t mean it’s not as good as other meta cards – it just means that he’s a rogue card which isn’t seen on every team. Scarecrow does see play in the major meta, but with a lack of Blitz, he doesn’t really shine. He is a great card if the meta you’re in has low attack stat characters as key attackers.

Scarecrow, Legion of Doom gets a competitive play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Casual Play Rating

For casual play, if you can get your hands on a Scarecrow, he can be great. Many casual players will use Sidekicks as attackers, without a stat booster. There are tons of other characters with low attack stats that see lots of casual play. Scarecrow can be a thought provoking card for beginners and help teach them how to find ways around cards. His TFC is only three, with a cost of one on each level, and his defense is kinda beefy on each side. He’s also a Mask character and he only costs four energy. I could easily recommend Scarecrow for any player of any skill level.

 Scarecrow, Legion of Doom gets a casual play rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. Michaela K says:

    I really like to use OP Scarecrow with Venom: Angelo Fortunato and Dr. Doom: Reed Richards’ Rival to lock down my opponent’s board. Then their characters have to have 4D just to stay on the board, and 6 A to be able to attack.

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