Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Rainbow Draft Weekend 2 has officially launched! We drafted DC on Saturday and Marvel on Sunday of this past weekend. We restricted Basic Actions to the corresponding universe each day, and also allowed players to use Organized Play Basic Actions. We had a total of eleven people on each day with a new player on Saturday, an out of town player on Sunday, and returning players as well as regulars! It’s so nice to have new and returning players for big events like this. It helps revitalize and expand the community.

I want to thank WizKids for allowing our FLGS to host the event and we can’t wait to host the D&D RDW. I also would like to thank our FLGS for hosting the event and being so awesome to our community. All of our players, new and veteran, deserve major thanks as well for coming out and playing in one or both events.

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Rainbow Draft Weekend 2 Prizes!

We drafted War of Light on Saturday and Amazing Spider-Man on Sunday. War of Light is such a fun set to draft and we had three Super Rares and chase card pulled during the draft. Amazing Spider-Man is difficult to draft, but can be very fun and rewarding. We had three Super Rares pulled during the draft. The store gave away booster packs for additional prizing and I had leftover OP cards for players that didn’t place in the top. Everyone was able to get at least one of the participation prizes, and we gave away several extras as random prizes on Sunday.

I want to congratulate all of our players that placed and won those hard to get full art cards! Thanks again to everyone that came out this weekend and made it a great weekend! I hope that everyone out there enjoys their Rainbow Draft Weekends and that they’re all successes. I officially declare our FLGS’s first ever (official) RDW – a success! We hope to have many more in the future!

We will be doing our normal Rainbow Draft event for Green Arrow/Flash the Saturday after the set releases. We always do a Rainbow Draft for each set as it releases. If you’re in the area, come on in and draft with us!

Roll On, Dice Masters!

  1. I’ll playing three rainbow draft 2’s in total. I played in one Sunday (report coming soon…) and two over a couple of weekends in August. A lot of stores over here are doing double-bills in one day and have coordinated dates to try & maximise attendance.

    It’s good to hear you had some returning players and n out of towner RD’s are great for casual players as its a more even playing field.

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