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Here is my next installment of my Top List articles, Top 10 Bolt Characters! And once again, Travis and Aaron have contributed their lists, so a huge thanks to them for their help!

The cards I chose are cards that are either very important to the major competitive meta, cards that make for extremely fun combos, or cards that help to shape the game.

Each card has a link to their TRP Wiki page. If you’d like a closer look at the card, follow the link. A huge thanks to TRP for their Wiki. It’s an extremely valuable tool for many players and folks like myself.

Honorable Mentions

I’ve decided to kick this list off with my honorable mentions before doing the countdown to my number one – top Bolt Character.

These cards either have great Globals or very useful abilities and maybe are not used as much as they should be. Here are my honorable mentions:

~ Captain Marvel, Kree-Powered
~ Cheetah, Cursed Archaeologist
~ Cyclops, If Looks Could Kill
~ Fatality, Bounty Hunter
~ Wasp, Founding Avenger

DDK’s Top 10 Bolt Characters
Number 10

Human Torch, Johnny Storm
Avengers vs X-Men, Uncommon

I really like Johnny Storm’s ability and it was one of the earliest ‘burn’ abilities. His ability is great because it damages your opponent and a character. You can easily target one of your own characters with a brutal ability, like Hulk, Green Goliath, and wreck your opponent’s field. That combo is still being used to this day. That’s one of the reasons Johnny Storm squeaked into my list at number ten. He’s very effective with a combo character, but he can be used alone as well.

Number 9

Kryptonite, Green Death
World’s Finest, Common

I love this Non-Basic Action Card and I know it’s not technically a character, but it uses a character slot on your team. It blanks a character during your turn, so it helps you get around Oracle while leaving other potentially useful characters untouched. There are times that I don’t want to Prismatic Spray my opponent’s entire side, because I may want to use one of their Globals during my Attack Step. I will always choose Kryptonite over Spray.

Number 8

Red Dragon, Lesser Dragon
Battle for Faerûn, Common

Red Dragon has a decent ability if you want to purchase him, but he’s really just on my list because of his Global. The reason he’s not higher is because he needs to be on a team that is going to use Action Dice as their important/main purchases. I would use him over Blue-Eyes, I would if Actions were my main thing. He does a little damage to your opponent and then reduced the Action Die’s cost. You can’t get much better than that for Actions!

Number 7

Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box, Common

Foot Ninja is going to become a key card for Flying Sidekicks, or Sidekick heavy teams. He’s too good to pass up! He can plug into other teams fairly easily, but he won’t work as well as he would on a Sidekick specific team. This is one of my favorite cards from my favorite set, but because he works primarily best on a specific team, he only makes number seven on my list.

Number 6

Lantern Ring, Limited Only By Imagination
War of Light, Rare

And I know this isn’t a character, but it does use a character slot. I can’t put this higher on my list than number six, even though it’s a meta card and it’s really good. I’ve put it on teams as a miscellaneous card and found that I didn’t want to buy it because it clogged my bag on teams that didn’t need it. It can theoretically work on any team, but I wouldn’t recommend it for any team that has more than two energy types as main attackers. I find myself using my energy and not holding it for the Attack Step.

Number 5

Miri Riam, Beacon In the Dark
War of Light, Common

Miri is a great character to help you field one cost characters really fast. She works for Swarm Kobolds or Morphing Jars, and if you’re using a Guy Gardner team – she gets more Guys out for you. She’s a key component for Rush teams.

Number 4

Nova, The Human Rocket
Avengers vs X-Men, Rare

I’m sure most folks thought that Nova would be number one, but he’s not! Surprise! He’s my number four because he does have a higher purchasing cost and higher fielding cost on level three. But his ability is what ‘rockets’ him to number four instead of just an honorable mention. You don’t need to attack with him to use his ability. You can attack with any character and then use a Global like the one on Magic Missile, and do damage to Nova to damage your opponent. Then your Nova is still in the Field for your opponent’s turn. He’s got great stats and a very unique ability.

Number 3

Green Goblin, “Gobby”
Avengers vs X-Men, Super Rare

Gobby was a meta shaping character at one point and that’s the main reason he’s number three on my list. He works great with cards that have abilities or Globals that help you get Sidekicks out, like Ring, Lesser Gear or White Tiger, Mystical Amulet. When you pair Gobby with Parallax‘s Global, he can be brutal. But playing the lottery is always a risk.

Number 2

Dwarf Wizard, Paragon Zhentarim
Faerûn Under Siege, Rare

This card is really good and is hard to get around at times. He works well on any team and even better on a Bolt Ring Team. He’s a favorite card of mine and he doesn’t need much explanation on why he’s number two on my list.

Number 1

Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rare

And what should be no surprise to anyone at all – Blue-Eyes tops my list! This card changed the meta is such a huge way that he’s played on about 80% of teams. He’s got such a great Global that is very dynamic for many teams. There are lots of characters that have KO abilities and his Global helps you move those along. Solomon Grundy, Buried on a Sunday is one such character. There isn’t much that needs to be said about how good this card is, and he even has a decent ability, not just an amazing Global!

Breakdown of rarity on my list:

Super Rare = 1
Rare = 4
Uncommon = 1
Common/Starter = 4

Travis and Aaron’s Top Ten Lists

I only added links in their lists for cards not mentioned above.

Travis is my husband and can play almost any team you put in his hands. He’s very knowledgeable and creative when it comes to competitive teams. His list is based off of cards he actually plays, wants to play, or cards he really likes. He didn’t pick cards just because they’re in the major competitive meta.

Travis’s List:

10. Green Goblin, “Gobby”
9.  Green Goblin, Goblin Lord
8.  Red Dragon, Epic Dragon
7.  Starfire, Koriand’r
6.  Cyclops, If Looks Could Kill
5.  Dwarf Wizard, Paragon Zhentarim
4.  Human Torch, Johnny Storm
3.  Miri Riam, Beacon In the Dark
2.  Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate
1.  Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon

Aaron is the son of our FLGS’s owner. He’s got the skill to be competitive, but prefers to play different teams with quirky mechanics, or teams that aren’t what you’d expect. He’s practically grown up in the store and played just about every collectible game out there.

Aaron’s List:

10. Cyclops, If Looks Could Kill
9.  Foot Ninja, Shredder’s Army
8.  Cockatrice, Minion Monstrosity
7.  Human Torch, Johnny Storm
6.  Kryptonite, Green Death
5.  Miri Riam, Beacon In the Dark
4.  Dwarf Wizard, Paragon Zhentarim
3.  Green Goblin, “Gobby”
2.  Lantern Ring, Limited Only By Imagination
1.  Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon

Thanks for checking out our lists!

Is my list close to yours?
What are some cards on your Top List?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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