News! Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend Announcement

Posted: August 17, 2016 in News
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

WizKids had announced that there would be a Dungeons and Dragons themed Rainbow Draft Weekend back at Origins. We couldn’t see the pictures all that well, but we could make out a Basic Action, Kobold, and Human Paladin (originally thought to be the Half-Elf Bard). Today, WizKids opened the official site for the Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend.

The participation card is Strahd, Master of Ravenloft. Each participant will receive one sketch variant and one regular art card plus one die. Strahd is a new card, not previously released in any sets. His dice are also new and have not previously been used for any other card.

The prize cards are variants of already existing cards. You can see the new art on the WizKids site. Here are the previously released versions:

~ Magic Missile, Basic Action Card
~ Human Paladin, Lesser Emerald Enclave
~ Kobold, Greater Humanoid

Make sure your FLGS is keeping an eye out for the Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend kit with their distributor and in their WIN account.

I know our local group is looking forward to this and at my FLGS we’ll be drafting Dungeons and Dragons to stay thematic!


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