Tournament Report! August 20, 2016 – Constructed OP Event

Posted: August 24, 2016 in Report, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I just discovered that DiceMastersDB is shutting down. This saddens me greatly as I love that site and I utilize it often. I will have to go back and remove all the links in all my articles as they will no longer be working. I’ve began using DM Retrobox in place of Dice Masters DB. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all their work and for the use of their site. I’m very sad to see them shutting down.

My Team

My Team 8-20

You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

So, the idea behind my Ghandi team is simple, yet difficult to accomplish at times because it is a slower team. I need to have at least one Colossus die in the Field Zone as well as a couple of level two or higher characters. From there, it’s a simple matter of when to block and what else to buy. This team can defeat an opponent without ever attacking. With this new version of my team, I replaced Morphing Jar, Canopic Jar with Elf Thief, Lesser Harper and Sinestro, Thaal Sinestro of Korugar with Wonder Woman, Trinity War. I decided to replace La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp, The Power of the Lamp with Parallax, Source of Terror for the Lottery Global, just as a utility in the event I needed it. I was very pleased with the results of the changes. The team ran much smoother and simpler than before. Elf Thief makes for great Blue-Eyes food to buy Colossus much cheaper and Wonder Woman works perfect with this strategy.

Round One

Round One 8-20

Round one was against a Flying Sidekick variant that uses the new Foot Ninja, Ninja Syndicate as it’s main heavy hitter. This game was totally about when to block and when to let characters through. I needed to be very careful and not keep any of my own Sidekicks in the Field Zone because they would also increase Foot Ninja’s attack and defense. I utilized Parallax’s Global to great effect; the one match the Lottery actually paid off. My opponent purchased Gobby, but he waited until too late into our match to do so. I was able to keep several Elf Thief dice in the Field as blockers against the heavy hitting Foot Ninja. I was lucky that his Falcon dice didn’t want to cooperate with him all the time and he wasn’t able to play the Lottery much. Colossus and several level two/three characters were enough to ensure my victory.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

Round Two 8-20

Here in round two I was against Wolverine, Formerly Weapon Ten. I was lucky enough to get Colossus in the Field Zone very early as well as several level two/three characters. My opponent attacked when he could with Wolverine, but I either let him through or I had a blocker available when he didn’t have Overcrush. My team was able to race Wolverine to victory, which is something that’s very difficult to do with my team. But I was able to get the right rolls at the right time, and I made all the right purchases. My opponent tried his best, but his dice didn’t always roll what he needed. That happens in this game, much like in a card game where you don’t draw anything useful. I was thrilled to defeat my husband for once, because he’s a very difficult opponent to play against!

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three

Round Three 8-20

My final round was against a Bard Blitz variant. There isn’t much to say about this game as it went very quickly. I did what I could with blockers, but it wasn’t enough. The addition of Giant Spider to my opponent’s team was a huge advantage in our game. This made it too difficult to block all of his attackers. Cloudkill was a key component as well, especially when you don’t save energy for blockers. My opponent played very well and I did what I could, but I was unable to get Colossus active.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 2nd

Final Thoughts

I really like the changes I made to the team and the only other change that I want to make is to my Basic Actions. I want to replace With Great Power… because I’ve never had a reason to purchase it and I feel I could probably find something better. Resurrection is an obvious choice, but I think I’m going to look for something a little less beneficial to my opponent. I haven’t looked too much into it, but I’ll be sure to do a write up when I find that perfect fit for this team. I’d love to hear any suggestions from folks on what they think would be a great replacement for the With Great Power… Basic Action Card.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. I was informed that one of the links in my article was not working. If you find a broken link, please let me know. The broken link was the one to my team on DM Retrobox. Hopefully I figured it out!


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