Tournament Report! August 27, 2016 – Constructed OP Event

Posted: August 29, 2016 in Report, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I went to the event with no idea what I was going to play, but at the suggestion of one of the players, I decided to play my Superwoman Swarm team.

My Team

My Team 8-27

You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

This team is fun, but difficult to operate at times. There are lots of working parts to this team. You need Spider-Man in the Field Zone to absorb all the blockers, at least one Superwoman in the Field Zone, as well as a ton of Fist Energy in your Reserve Pool for Anger Issues’ Global. I chose to use Superwoman because of her ability. Being able to put her in the Prep Area when purchased is very useful. I use the Swarm characters primarily for energy. Red Dragon is on the team to help me buy Polymorph or Anger Issues if I need them, and I added Kryptonite to help me deal with Oracle, Master Investigator.

Round One

Round One 8-27

My round one opponent was using Wolverine, Formerly Weapon Ten which is very difficult to deal with for a slower team like mine. The combination of Silver Sable, Colossus, and Infiltrate guaranteed my opponent’s victory. There is really only one super effective way to guarantee that you don’t lose against this team and that’s to use Distraction or Blink to push Wolverine back. You could also use the Global on Mera, Queen of Atlantis, bu that would hurt my own team if I used her.

Record after Round One: 0-1-0

Round Two

Bye! With an odd number of players, someone had to be the odd man (or woman) out every round and round two was my time.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

Round Three 8-27

I got to face off against an Ally Spider-Girl team in round three. The Lottery (Parallax) was a huge benefit to me in this match as it helped me to get some of the dice to roll into what I needed. I was lucky that my opponent hadn’t bought her Oracle during our game, but I had purchased a Kryptonite early game – just in case. I was able to Poly in a Spider-Man and a Superwoman during my turns, then I waited for the right time to strike. I was able to trigger lots of Swarm dice and rolled two fists on almost all of them. It was just what I needed to finish off my opponent’s life total.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 4th

Final Thoughts

I enjoy playing this team, but I feel like it’s not good enough to keep up with some of our more advanced players. I’m considering scrapping this team, but it is a really fun team in a completely casual setting and I wouldn’t recommend playing this team at a WKO or PDC event. Maybe changing some cards around will help improve the effectiveness of the team.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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