Breaking!!! Street Date Pushed Back for Green Arrow/The Flash Set!

Posted: September 6, 2016 in News
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I’m very sad to bring you this breaking news. We were told by our distributor that the Green Arrow / The Flash set is being delayed. We were told that the new street date is September 14, 2016.

For those of you not familiar with these terms:

Distributor – The people/places retail stores get their product from.
Street Date – The official date the item goes on sale. Selling before this date is called breaking street date and can have consequences depending on the company.

This puts a kink in the plans of many venues and TO’s out there as many of them already had scheduled Release Parties with Rainbow Drafts of the new set. We were not given a reason or explanation as to why the set is delayed. We were also told that a lot of NECA/WizKids products are getting their release dates pushed back.

If I find out anything else about the delay, I will update in this article.

*** UPDATE #1 ***

Wizkids has sent out tweets on Twitter confirming the release date for TODAY! September 7, 2016!!! It’s still unclear as to what happened and why our distributor got the date wrong.

Be merry and draft away!


WizKids Twitter

*** UPDATE #2 ***

We got some information directly from our distributor representative. We were told that someone received an email about street dates that involved several N.E.C.A./WizKids products, and they saw that the release dates were different from what they already had. They sent the word out to several of the reps that street dates were delayed, but in fact they were the European street dates and not US street dates.

This mix up had nothing to do with WizKids or anyone on their end – it was completely on the distributor’s end.

Before everyone gets angry at their distributors, keep in mind that they’re humans and folks make mistakes. It didn’t physically hurt anyone and it’s not something that can’t be corrected. Some folks may get their product a day late, but it should be coming. If your reps are still saying that the release date is September 14th, you can inform them that WK officially announced it released today on their Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully the distributors already have it straightened out though.

Have a happy release day!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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