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I finally got my two Doctor Strange Team Packs today! While I’m super excited because Doctor Strange is a favorite character of mine, I’ve got to be completely honest. I don’t think many of these cards are going to make it into the major meta, but the Team Pack is absolutely worth purchasing for casual and local play. There are a few cards that definitely make this a worthwhile purchase, and a couple that could possibly see competitive play.


New Ability Keywords

This Team Pack doesn’t bring any new Keywords to the game. I think that’s a great move as these Team Packs are meant to be added to Starters or small collections to help boost existing cards and teams.

New Affiliations


This affiliation was introduced in the DC Green Arrow and The Flash set. It was not identified on the rules insert in the packs and there wasn’t an insert in the Doctor Strange Team Pack. I reached out to WizKids on Twitter and they responded in a very timely manner. A huge thanks to WizKids for the response – it’s super appreciated! This is an official confirmation for the Mystics affiliation.




All of the Ancient One’s cards do something in regards to other Mystics, whether it’s your opponent’s or your own. Of the three, The Original Sorcerer Supreme is the best of them. He’s still really pricey, but his ability is good if you’re running primarily Mystics. I love cost reducers, but Vapors of Valtorr costs way too much for what he does. Wise Master is only going to be good if you’re playing in a limited type event and you know you may see Mystics on your opponent’s team.


I’m not impressed with any of Clea’s cards. Her cost in relation to abilities is way too high. The only one that seems partially playable is the Flames of Regency with the Synergy-type ability to deal damage to a target non-Mystics character die. Faltine Blood costs too much for a cost reducer – and her cost reduction is for fielding, not for purchasing. Dark Sorceress is very expensive to purchase, but that’s not the main reason I don’t care for her. Her ability is a When Fielded ability, and her fielding costs are fairly pricey. If she had a purchase cost of five with those fielding costs, I would like her more.


As much as I love Doctor Strange, I’m not loving his cards so much. Again… all the six and seven cost characters… He’s got great stats and okay fielding costs, but for what it costs to purchase one of his dice, his abilities are a little lacking. Sanctum Santorum and Wand of Watoomb are the two that I like the most, and both have abilities that work with Basic and Non-Basic Action Dice. Hoary Host of Hoggoth would be great against Ring teams, but you would need to purchase him and field him before the Ring team gets set up. Hoary Host of Hoggoth is good against Actions like Power Bolt, but he wouldn’t work well against most Vicious Struggle teams that use Luke Cage’s Global. And Mr. Evan pointed out that my previous statement in regards to Ring teams is not correct. I sometimes forget that Ring grants the ability to the characters and is not coming directly from the Action Die itself. Thank you for pointing out the error!


The Dread One’s ability is okay, but not one I’m crazy about. Dark Lord of Chaos has a great ability, but by the time you’re able to buy any one of their dice and then get him fielded, your opponent will likely have purchased all the Action Dice they want. Burning Ambition is my favorite of the three Dormammu, but he won’t work well against Lantern Ring and he doesn’t do anything against Vicious Struggle teams since they don’t typically field characters. He would work against Bard teams that use Cloudkill, but you’d need to get him bought and in the Field Zone before they were able to buy Cloudkill and set up.


I was so happy to see something with a purchase cost less than six! I actually like all the variety this Non-Basic Action gives you. The ones with the Global scare me a little with Vicious Struggle being such a big thing, but they would be fun and interesting in a casual setting. The All-Seeing is definitely my favorite because with the help of Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard, you could potentially be able to add that tax to your opponent’s Basic Action purchases on turn two. Mystical Conduit is interesting to use against teams that use Basic Actions a lot; Power Bolt, Big Entrance, Nasty Plot, etc. Reside Within the Amulet is one you would put on one of your Basic Actions that you know you’ll use a lot. I could see it used to great effect with Hulk Out.


There isn’t a Mindless Ones that I don’t like. I don’t like Vicious Struggle, but we do have a player that plays a variant build without Kobolds. I could totally see her using Dark Dimension along with her Rocket Raccoon from Civil War. Stare Into Your Soul has Regenerate, which isn’t bad for his purchase and fielding costs. He makes for a great blocker or could work well with Eye of Agomotto and Hulk Out. Unseeing Gaze has Swarm and my locals know how much I love Swarm, but I can’t see myself using this card over Goblin. If we were using only Marvel characters, I would probably go for this guy first as an alternate way to ramp dice.


I love Scarlet Witch’s die and I like all of her versions. Witchy Woman is great for just about any casual Vicious Struggle team (is that a thing?? I guess it is… kinda… but I wouldn’t encourage it). I don’t encourage casual VS teams, but if you really want to do one, leave out the Kobolds and Luke Cage and go for Mindless Ones and Scarlet Witch. Hex Bolts is great for any Action Die centered team. As long as you have that one energy to pay, you get to put that used Action Die in your Prep Area! Chaos Magic is fun too and she does something that not a lot of cards in the game do – gain life. She’s also centered around Action Dice, and every version of Scarlet Witch says Action Die, so she covers both Basic and Non-Basic Action Dice.


Oh my… Wong could possibly see some play outside of casual events. All of Wong’s cards have the Ally keyword, meaning they count as Sidekick dice while in the Field Zone. He’s got decent stats, great fielding costs, and the most expensive of the purchase costs is three. Expert of Kamar-Taj also has Fast which allows him to deal his combat damage first. Dedicated to the Ancient One has this interesting direct damage ability that you can use when he’s fielded. Faithful Servant has a static effect that buffs all other Sidekick dice while he’s active. Those Flying Ninjas might get a little bigger now.


I wasn’t super impressed by any of the dice, except for Scarlet Witch’s.


Dormammu and Wong are standard opaque. Ancient One is mostly opaque, but the edges allow some light to pass through which is probably just due to thickness and color choice. Eye of Agamotto is standard translucent. Doctor Strange, Clea, and Mindless Ones have the shimmering swirl look. Scarlet Witch is definitely the best looking dice from this set, at least in my opinion. Her dice have the multi-color swirl, but the purple hue is so light that it’s hard to see in the picture. The dice are really pretty in person.

Final Thoughts

Going through the first half of the characters, I was not very excited. But when I started to reach the less expensive characters, I was much happier. In a competitive meta like our current one, those higher cost characters will probably not see competitive play. They would need to have amazing abilities to make them worth their purchase, like Hulk, Green Goliath. But the less expensive characters could squeak onto a team as rogue cards. I do like the variety of cards and abilities in the Team Pack and I think it’s a great item to add to a Starter. This Team Pack definitely has some good cards for newer players and some great cards for local metas that don’t see some of the more aggressive team builds. I think it’s worth having this Team Pack in your collection for any future changes that could spring up in the major competitive meta.

I purchased two of the Team Packs so I would have max dice for each character. I messaged WizKids with several interview style questions and one of them was about the dice in this Team Pack. I asked if these particular dice would surface in a future Marvel set, but I have not heard back from them yet. I suspect that the dice will only be available in these Team Packs, so I would suggest buying two if you plan to use the max number of dice for a particular character.

I totally love the Team Pack idea. I’ve done something similar for my players that are not fortunate enough to be able to purchase a starter or additional product to upgrade their teams. I’ve made Guardians of Galaxy and Batman team bags with commons and uncommons as well as max dice for each character. The player can then look through the characters and pick the ones they like and adjust the dice as they wish. The only suggestion I have to improve the Team Packs is to give max dice for each character, even if they reduce the total number of characters by two or three. I’d rather have five or six characters with max dice than eight characters with half their max dice. But overall, I would absolutely recommend the Doctor Strange Team Pack for any casual player that’s looking for something new and different to add to their team.

What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
How do you think the meta will shift, if at all?
What cards are you excited to try in a casual setting?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Special thanks to The Reserve Pool for the use of their site!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. notmyname says:

    Not getting max dice = lame. It’s not a starter, no reason for not including the dice needed for the cards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like they could have reduced the number of characters and changed the number of dice. Some of the characters, you’ll probably never use max dice for, but others you will. They could have made some a Max 2 (like all the expensive ones) and others Max 4 (like Wong).

      But with feedback, maybe WizKids will do some tweaking and adjust future team packs.

      Just remember to be constructive with your critiques. :3


  2. Evan Harris says:

    The Dr Strange – Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth wouldn’t do anything against a Ring team as the ring is granting the characters the ability to do damage. The damage all comes from characters and not action dice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Totally agree with you re: purchase cost. This set wasn’t looking so good u till I saw the lower cost guys. It’s out over here yet, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with Wong, Scarlett Witch & the Eye for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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