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I apologize for how late I am in getting this article out, but with the my schedule this past week, I’ve had a hard time getting anything done. Our most recent event was an Unlimited Constructed event. I recorded some first turn information, but it’s a little silly to record and document all of that now that WizKids has implemented a much needed fix. Now we just need to hear about set rotations, but I still think rotation will be a little ways off.

My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

The idea behind this team is get Cyclops in the Field Zone with some Sidekicks or other characters, then attack and use The Front Line for what should hopefully be a knockout. Dwarf Wizard and Oracle are on the team for control and to help me slow my opponent down. I use S.T.A.R. Labs for it’s Global instead of using PXG. Iceman helps me get Bolt energy for Invulnerability’s Global, if it’s needed. Parallax’s Lottery is supposed to help me reroll my dice to get the rolls I need, but I’ll discuss him later. Red Dragon helps me buy my Action Dice a little cheaper while getting in that point of damage each time. Some of you may be asking, why Blue-Eyes and Red Dragon? I use Blue-Eyes to KO my characters and buy Cyclops and Front Line cheaper, but sometimes, you don’t have that character to feed to Blue-Eyes when you want to buy Front Line. Using Red Dragon as well guarantees that I have an option if I don’t have a character. It’s important that I get Front Line dice, so I can’t always depend on having that Blue-Eyes food.

Round One


I went second in my round one match. I dislike Rush-centered teams because I typically can’t outrun them. Lucky for me, my opponent was a little out of practice and hadn’t played for a month or so. I purchased a Dwarf Wizard early and made sure to keep several blockers in the Field Zone. I used my Dwarf Wizard for Blue-Eyes and kept my Sidekicks as blockers until he fielded a Guy Gardner die. He attacked with Guy and I blocked with a Sidekick, so that I could roll my Dwarf Wizard and blank Guy on my next turn. That set the tone for the remainder of the game. I was below ten life, but was able to get a Cyclops fielded and attack with him to clear the Field Zone so all my attackers made it through unblocked and gained the +3A from Front Line. If my opponent hadn’t been so out of practice, he probably would have demolished me.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two


I went first against Mr. DDK’s Avenger team. This team is very hard to defeat because it’s devastatingly fast against most of the teams I play. I had a strategy in mind to use against him this time – Dwarf Wizard! I only needed to blank his Nick Fury and then I wouldn’t die as fast. Things were going good a few turns in and I had his Nick Fury blanked. I draw my four dice and scoop up my Prep Area dice which gave me a total of seven Sidekicks, one Front Line, one Cyclops, and one Polymorph (his Action Die). Things were looking really good when I rerolled and ended up with Cyclops, Polymorph (I was going to swap out Nick for Ant-Man, just because his defense was much lower), two Sidekicks and a bunch of energy. The only problem was my Front Line didn’t reroll into an Action. I played the Lottery four times, trying to get that one Front Line die to roll on an Action Face.


I only needed the Action Face to win the game. I know when to cut my losses and move on, so I fielded my Cyclops and set up for my next turn, hoping that my opponent didn’t draw and roll the Front Line die I knew he would likely draw on his turn. I had enough blockers in the Field that I was able to defend the onslaught. I made a comeback on my next turn with a fresh Front Line die and earned my round two victory.

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three


I went first against this Gobby/Ring team. Gobby is always scary, and not only did I have to worry about him, but my opponent also had Dwarf Wizard and Joker for me to deal with. I went straight for Cyclops and Front Line. My opponent tried to get his Gobby combo to go off before I could cycle Cyclops through my bag, but using his PXG helped me ramp into everything I needed by turn five. Cyclops cleared any resistance from his Field which left him completely open for a full hit from my powered up Cyclops and Sidekicks.

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0
Final Standing: 1st

Final Thoughts

This is exactly the type of team I would take to a WKO. It’s got several meta cards, but with a twist. It’s like my Nova-Ring team from the WKO2, which uses Lantern Ring, but uses Dwarf Wizard and Nova as the win condition. Front Line teams don’t use Cyclops, but I like using him to clear the Field for my attackers. I fully intend to tweak this team to be more competitive against Rush type teams. If I was going to a WKO this round, I would probably being playing some form of this team. I love playing teams that have combos or a twist on a meta combo.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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