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Posted: January 27, 2017 in Review
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I was finally able to get my hands on some of Turn One Gaming’s Kaboom! sleeves a few months ago. I haven’t written a review about them yet because I wanted to use them for a while to see how they held up. I have a brief review video on my YouTube channel, here. Please remember to subscribe! It’s much appreciated.

Turn One Gaming Supplies

Turn One Gaming Supplies has not disappointed me yet with any of their products. They have cool looking D6’s in various styles; good for Experience counters in Dice Masters or for various uses in other games. They’ve also got dry erase token cards for games like Magic: The Gathering. I’ve got a Turn One Roll Master Playmat that I did a review article on, which you can find here. But I have been itching to get my hands on these sleeves.


I love the Kaboom sleeves art because they match the Roll Master Playmat art. It’s bright, vibrant, and sharp. It’s got a classic comic book feel to it, which is perfect for a game that is primarily focused on comic related content.



The sleeves have a matte finish on both the front and the back, meaning the picture has a matte finish. This is not a commonly used technique among other gaming sleeve producers. I wasn’t sure how I would like having the matte on both sides, but it’s actually very pleasant. The sleeves feel like velvet, and even though you don’t typically shuffle your cards in Dice Masters, I did shuffle test them several times. They shuffle so smooth and easy, like silk through your fingers. They don’t feel slippery like other new sleeves and they don’t fly out of your hands while trying to shuffle either.

The picture below shows a sleeved Dice Masters card and a one without a sleeve. The matte finish actually dulls the glare from the overhead lights. I purposely took the picture with the matte sleeve catching the worst possible glare, and the unsleeved card catching the least possible glare.


Durability and Quality

So far, my sleeves have held up quite well over the past couple of months. I’ve taken my teams and shoved them in my dice bag and thrown the bag in the car; the bag has had tackle boxes and binders fall on it; the sleeves have been bent and twisted – which does result in damage to the sleeve; and I’ve shuffled the sleeves many times over. The only thing that seems to do noticeable damage to the sleeves are things you’d expect, like twisting the sleeve or purposely trying to scratch the sleeve. But when used appropriately, the sleeves feel like they hold up better than others. I haven’t noticed the usual bits of grime that sleeves pick up from being handled and I haven’t seen any blemishes on the picture or the front. I also haven’t had a sleeve tear or rip while sleeving cards. I’ve had plenty of other brands rip while I was putting cards in them.

Overall, I feel like the Turn One Gaming Sleeves have a slight edge on durability.

The only complaint that I have about the sleeves are that the cards slide up in the sleeve and look like they’re trying to slide out. It’s almost as if the sleeve bottoms are too tight and push the card upward. The cards have never slid out of the sleeve enough that the card was fully exposed, but the edge has exposed itself over time. It’s a minor inconvenience, but I’d rather have to pack my cards down on occasion then have too much excess on the sleeves. Sleeve excess makes for difficult shuffling and also leads to an easier to damage sleeve.

Ordering, Pricing, and Packaging

You will likely need to order any T1 supplies from one of the retailers listed on their site, or have your FLGS check with their distributor on the availability of T1 products. There is a store here in my town, so I do not order anything from online retailers unless the FLGS tells me that they are not able to get the items. I’m a huge advocate for supporting your local brick and mortar stores.

The T1 Kaboom sleeves and Benjaminge sleeves come in packages of 100. That’s a huge amount of sleeves for anyone that only wants to buy a handful for a Dice Masters team. And since they hold up so well, you likely won’t be needing that many extras. If you’re like me and have a double deck box full of different teams, then you very well may need the entire package of 100. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing to team up with anyone else wanting the sleeves and make the purchase together and divide the loot between you. You can usually find the T1 sleeves for anywhere between $9.99 and $11.99, depending on the location.

Sleeve Comparisons

These sleeves are not any more expensive than a package of 80 count KMC sleeves, and you’re getting 20 more with T1. KMC 80 count and T1 100 count packages are typically between $9.99 and $11.99, depending on where you shop. I got my package of Kaboom sleeves for $9.99 at my FLGS.

There are cheaper options, such as UltraPro. I am not a huge fan of UltraPro products, but I will default to them if there isn’t something else I like better. They are probably one of the biggest suppliers for all kinds of gaming products. I’m hoping T1 moves up in the gaming world and takes that spot. Most folks will default to UltraPro, just because they’re slightly cheaper. They offer 50 count packs of sleeves for $3.99 and 100 count packs for $7.99. They have a wide variety of colors, but I do not like their picture sleeves at all. I have issues with the picture peeling or getting scratched because of it’s glossy finish. UltraPro has an even cheaper option than these. We call them penny sleeves, because they are 100 count packs of super thin, very cheaply made sleeves. They are not meant to be shuffled and they damage super easy. They usually retail for around $0.99 for a package of 100, which is another reason folks call them penny sleeves – they cost roughly a penny each.

There is another popular brand of sleeve that I do not use mainly because I think they are overpriced. The sleeves are called Dragon Shields and there are lots of competitive TCG players that swear by those sleeves. I wouldn’t normally consider that brand when shopping for sleeves. I’ve had plenty of their sleeves in the past and I did not like them at all. I often found miscut and uneven sleeves in the very same package. When you pay between $11.99 and $13.99 for a box of 100 sleeves, you expect them all to match up. I have also found color distortions in the same box that made the entire box unusable in the particular game we were playing at the time. I also dislike the feel of their sleeves and how they shuffle. Needless to say, they never got much of money to begin with.

Between KMC, UltraPro, and T1, I’m going to choose T1 every time. I feel like I’m getting a high quality product for a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

I’ve asked several of my friends that play Magic on a regular basis, how they liked the Benjamins sleeves they purchased. All of them really like them – almost all of them want to purchase more. The only complaint that I’ve heard so far is the same issue I have with the sleeves being a little too short. They all said that it wasn’t a huge issue, but one that they’d like to see fixed. They all loved the sharp, clear images on the sleeves, but they all want to see more picture options too. All of them love the feel of the sleeves as they shuffle their decks. It’s safe to say that the Turn One sleeves are a hit at our local venue.

I’m not sure when I’ll need another pack of sleeves, but I would totally purchase different picture styles and sleeve my various teams differently. I also play the My Little Pony CCG, and I’m waiting on some more girly type picture sleeves to put on my favorite decks.

Additional Turn One Gaming News

T1 has announced that they’re going to have Space Invaders themed products including playmats, sleeves, dice, and even a deck box! I was super excited for the sleeves, because both of the picture styles look so cool, but then I read that they were only going to have a glossy back and crystal clear front. I’m not excited about that, but I would like to check out the quality of the glossy finish on their sleeves and compare it to their matte finish. I do like that they are offering them in a 50 count package for $4.99, which means they’ll probably average in price from $4.99 to $5.99 depending on your location.

I give them major kudos for the Space Invaders products, and I hope to see the sleeves released in a matte finish as well. I hope that they eventually offer the Benjamins and Kaboom! sleeves in a 50 count package as well.

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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