I Have Been, and Always Shall Be, a Dice Master – Adding HeroClix!

Posted: February 19, 2017 in HeroClix, Rules, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans – And Fellow Clix Fans!!!


Ever since Star Wars Destiny released, I’ve been asked many times if I would be covering Destiny as well. Personally, I am not the biggest Star Wars fan. I am a much bigger Star Trek fan, but I do enjoy the Star Wars movies – yes, you can enjoy both, despite what the hardcore fans on both sides say. It’s not a competition – it’s called personal preference and neither one is better than the other. I think I just heard an audible *GASP!* from all over the universe right now. You can like both Star Wars and Star Trek while being a bigger fan of one more than the other – without the universe imploding in on you.

But that being said, I will not be buying into any Star Wars Destiny. I’ve watched the game played and discussed the game with some of our local Dice Masters who are playing both (yes, you can do that too), and Destiny is not the game for me. I don’t like how the game is designed as a whole. It could have been Star Trek themed and I wouldn’t play it. That doesn’t mean the game is better or worse than Dice Masters or any other game out there – it’s personal preference.

I encourage players of any collectible game to play at least two different collectible games, because the different game play or different game strategies could help you in other games. Thinking differently in one game could help you realize something you hadn’t yet thought of in the other game. I play the My Little Pony CCG on a casual level, mainly because it’s about as expensive as MtG to play competitively and I’m not excited about sinking that much money into a single deck of cards. I’ve also played HeroClix casually for a long time. I recently decided  to play in more of the store HeroClix events and even do a bit of branching out here on my blog with some HeroClix related articles.

I do not play competitive Clix (yet) – so if you’re looking for the next big thing in Clix, it’s not here. I’m reaching out to all those fellow players that like myself, that want to play the Clix they like and not the ones they feel they have to play. Saturday, I played in a tournament and I used a TMNT Ally team. I’m definitely not up on the rules for Clix and had to constantly ask our resident expert lots of questions. We may have even botched some of those, but I imagine someone out there will watch the videos and be kind enough to point out any game play errors so we don’t make them again.

I know if you’re an experienced Clix player reading this, you probably will find my team silly or you think I’m a noob for my lack of Clix experience. Everyone has to start somewhere and I definitely welcome advice and positive criticism. I would like comments to remain family friendly across all my outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, here). Maybe one day I will find myself looking at meta pieces and playing in a larger event, but for now, I’m keeping it casual in my hometown.

The store’s rules for this event were:
~ 400 point Golden Age build.
~ Common, Uncommon, and Rare only. No LE, Super Rare, Prime, etc.
~ No Resources, Relics, etc.
~ Highlander Rule – No two characters with the same ‘Real Name’ could be on the same team. For example, you could have two Batman characters, but one would have to be Bruce Wayne and the other Dick Grayson. I’ve tried researching Highlander rules and I’ve seen lots of variations and can’t find anything official. I originally had two Raphael characters on my team but because the TMNT pieces don’t have ‘real names’, the FLGS said that the ‘Universe’ would act as the real name. This allowed me to have two different Raphael characters, one being the 1988 Comic series and the other being the 2012 animated series. The FLGS allows for multiples of the same character that don’t have a real name, like a Thug or Foot Soldier.

* Side Note! *
I am only the TO for Dice Masters and the MLP CCG at my FLGS. I have nothing to do with formatting the Clix events. If you have suggestions for different events, you are welcome to comment them here, message me, email me, etc, and I will absolutely pass them on to the store.

This was my team from Saturday:

395 points total



My record was 2-1-0 for the event. I lost to an X-Men team build that was really good, but because of technical issues with my camera, I was not able to record that match.

The idea I had was to use Fugitoid as a pack-mule and move my dudes around. I’m still learning all the tricks to doing that, like attacking with my dudes first, then carrying them off with Fugitoid to keep them out of combat to clear their tokens on the nest turn. So I was going to use Fugitoid to ferry in Leatherhead, Mikey, Raph, and Casey. Leatherhead buffs his attack and Mikey’s attack if they’re adjacent to each other. Casey does the same for himself and Raph. I later realized that I should have left Casey behind and carried Leo instead. Casey has Willpower and Leo has Leadership. Taking Leo would have definitely been better. I could ferry everyone except Casey up ten spaces, and just run Casey up to them. Leo could potential clear a token off Casey on turn three with Leadership, leaving him available to charge up to a dude with Raph by his side.

I keep forgetting about Mikey’s free Smoke Cloud. It’s actually a really good ability that helps block line of fire for some characters and also prevents certain characters from charging  up to my dudes, if I place the Smoke Clouds appropriately. I was using them in my last match to stop X-23 from charging me and blowing me up. I held out much longer in that match because of Mikey’s Smoke Clouds. I can use Fugitoid to Phase/Teleport Mikey and Leatherhead away from dudes and then use Mikey’s ability to place the Smoke Clouds to hide my getaway!

I like keeping Leo around Casey and Raph to boost their defenses up from seventeen to eighteen with his Defend. I can’t tell you how many times that one extra defense point has mattered in other games! Leo can use his Leadership to clear Raph or Casey when they need it and Leo is a nice attacker too.

I had an epic fail happen in round one that you can see in the video on my YouTube channel. I rolled a crit miss on an attack, used my Prob to avoid taking damage, and still rolled two ones on the reroll. That has never happened to me so it was fairly astounding to see, and luckily, I caught it on camera!

I really like my Turtle Clix and I’m very happy that they are playable against other current pieces. Being the Star Trek fan that I am, I jumped into the Star Trek Clix and began playing again after many years, just because of them. I quickly realized how under powered they were and got very discouraged. I didn’t want to play anything else, so I quit playing again until Guardians of the Galaxy released. I wanted to play with the comic book versions of the Guardians and in the pre-release, I pulled a super rare Groot. I still haven’t been able to get the super rare Rocket to go with him, but I loved my Guardians team, and it was playable in our local meta. Then I got my hands on Deadpool stuff. I fell in love with my Deadpool team and the speech bubbles. I quit playing again for a little while because I couldn’t use my teams in the ‘no super rare’ formats and that’s what the store was running the most of. So now, I have TMNT characters that I can play with in any format, potentially win a match or two, and still have fun! That matters a lot to me – I’m not gonna play a game if I’m not having fun.

And while I’m going to branch out and play some Clix, I will always be a Dice Master, so I don’t want my fellow Dice Masters to think I’m leaving that scene. It’s quite the opposite! Being part of both the Dice Masters and HeroClix communities will only help me to become a better competitive player in DM, and possibly, one day, a competitive Clix player.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and be on the lookout for videos of my HeroClix matches!

May your crits never be misses and your Probs never wasted!

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