HeroClix Deadpool and X-Force Pre-Release!

Posted: February 26, 2017 in HeroClix, Rules, Strategy
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Greetings Fellow Dice and Clix Fans!


We just had our Deadpool & X-Force pre-release this past weekend. I didn’t get the super cool Deadpool riding the unicorn or the Deadpool Pirate, but I did get a really cool Deadpool! My Deadpool is stomping around on a HeroClix map, and about to stomp Francis in the face! I was so happy to see such a cool super rare in one of my two pre-release packs. I opened my second pack to find Masacre, Madcap, and an uncommon Deadpool with Shifting Focus – all in one pack!!! All three were lined up side-by-side, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead was chilling at the other end. The hardest part was trying to decide who to use on my team for the day, because I wanted to use so many pieces, but they just wouldn’t fit!

But I settled on this:


My build was 290 points total. I didn’t end up with a theme team, which is fine of course, but I really wanted to try. I couldn’t make it work with the rest of what I pulled.


Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth


Abilities and Traits

Okay, so I’d never actually seen the Title Character thing. I think it’s a really cool trait and I only needed to read over it once to understand how the Plot Points work. They did a great job with the instructions on this. I like the variety of abilities he has and especially how he can go from a Ranged Expert to a Close Combat Expert. I love any ability that heals my dude. I actually got six Plot Points on Deadpool in two different games, but never got to use Slo-Mo Bullet Time! Deadpool seemed to be everyone’s first target, which taught me to keep him behind other characters until I was ready to use him. Madcap helped keep some dudes off of Deadpool during some of my matches, but that Cable – he’s a tough dude to deal with! Two games where Deadpool was KO’d, I forgot to put the action tokens on my characters, but I think my characters had to clear that next turn in each of those games. I feel really bad for forgetting about that, even though I lost both of those games.

Another cool thing his Title Character stuff does, is it can heal him! But, if you didn’t attack that same turn, he gets that damage back… Having Fingers Is For Weaklings is great to get Plot Points, even if you didn’t attack and he ends up losing that click he just got.

I am the Ultimate… Distraction! seems like a pretty decent ability for a cost of two Plot Points. I didn’t get an opportunity to use it in this event, but I’m pretty sure I can find a use for it in a constructed match.

Sculpt and Flavor

This was in the first booster I opened. I had not seen this piece spoiled yet, so when I opened the pack, I had no clue what it was. It wasn’t until I pulled it from the plastic that I realized it was something really cool and I was extremely happy! I love this sculpt and how well it fits Deadpool with how he breaks the 4th wall all the time. I really love that they took the time to add figures from the set as his ‘opponents’ on the map. They even have tiny, nonfunctional dials. I like this sculpt almost as much as the unicorn one… well… actually, probably more. Deadpool riding a unicorn is kind of commonplace now where this is not. The Pirate Deadpool is cool looking, and I love pirates, but I still think this sculpt is my favorite now.

His flavor text for his abilities are all totally perfect. I don’t have a favorite because they’re all just too perfect, but the one that I relate to the most is the Ranged Combat Expert – “If you put it all into damage and miss by one… Don’t look at me.. That was your call”. That is totally me!!! I will do that all the time with RCE. But that’s why I added Negasonic Teenage Warhead to my team.

Overall – favorite piece.



Abilities and Traits

I wanted to play Heroes for Hire really bad because of this dude. But sadly, I didn’t pull enough of them for 300 points. But that’s okay because he ended up working really well with Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. I didn’t have any other Deadpool Corps on my team so I’m the Deadpool… Brand Mercenary You Hired was useless. Boop! on the other hand, was super effective! I would run Madcap into ranged attackers or a group of close combat dudes, and they had to attack him – unless they’re Cable because he’s just that good.

Instant Healing gave me and everyone else a bit of trouble. I did some digging on HCR and found that we weren’t the only ones having issues. I went with what I was told by more experienced players, but I still feel I need to delve deeper into how this ability actually works. We played him as though he healed from taking push damage, which may or may not be accurate from what I was reading on HCR. I’m not experienced enough to make any kind of assumption on that. Even if he can’t heal from taking push damage, he’s still really good!

Plasticity and Poison is just funny. I love that combination of those two, and then he has Perplex too – all on the same clicks, except the last where he loses his Perplex. Starting off with Sidestep is always nice because I can Sidestep and then move, or move and then Sidestep, to get him further out into the mix of things before my other pieces.  He’s also got your standard Toughness on the first and second click, making him a little more difficult to damage.

Sculpt and Flavor

His sculpt is pretty standard as far as pose and appearance. He’s a dude, in a menacing stance. But his flavor text for his abilities made me giggle a few times. My favorite is Toughness, “Jokes on you… I Like That!”

Overall, I think it’s a nice piece to add to a collection or team. I would love to know how WizKids will rule on his Instant Healing and it’s interaction with pushing damage though. I would also like to figure out the timing and details for when his Instant Healing would go off after an attack that knocks him back into a wall, dealing him additional damage. I’m not sure if we played that correctly or not either.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead


Abilities and Traits

I’m not used to seeing such good characters for such a low cost. I love this! Mind Control with a selective Outwit (which I kept forgetting to use), Super Senses, and Probability Control! I would keep her in close combat with Madcap standing adjacent to her, which gave me an opportunity to Prob Madcap, one of his attackers, or possibly my Deadpool if I didn’t get him blocked off. I would attempt a Mind Control on a dude, smack their own dude, and then they couldn’t hit her back if they were adjacent to Madcap. It was funny when it worked, but some of these pieces are really hard to hit! She was the only piece I used that had the improved movement trait. She could ignore elevated terrain and other characters while moving. It made it much easier to get her in position with Madcap.

Sculpt and Flavor

Both the sculpt and the flavor text gets a solid ‘meh’ from me. I get how it all relates to the character, but I wasn’t overly excited about the flavor text. I wasn’t excited about the sculpt either. Sure, her comic version is cool because she’s part of the Hellfire Club, but I love the Negasonic from the movie! I kind of wish they had went that route instead, but then again, this was one my most useful pieces so I don’t mind too much.




So, the first thing I noticed was this guy has a really cool Regeneration ability that could be a nasty Blades/Claws/Fangs roll too! I also saw he had a whopping nine clicks! That pretty much had me sold on him and I didn’t really look at the rest of his card too closely – BIG mistake! He has Stealth… cool, but he’s a melee dude… I guess that would help to keep him from getting shot by other ranged dudes while he’s waylaying on another target. Too bad he can’t make his own hindering terrain…

After my first game with this piece, I instantly regretting choosing him. He cost me 70 points for a chump that’s super slow and that nobody worries about. He’s easy to pick off with those Cables I mentioned before. I couldn’t believe how slow he was at getting places. You’d think a movement of seven would be okay, but he has zero range and no Charge or anything else that would make him worthwhile for me. If I hadn’t been so hasty in adding him to my team, I’d have chosen Masacre, uncommon Deadpool, or Foolkiller instead. They would have made much better additions and put me closer to 300 points. I feel like he was a wasted spot on my team. I keep thinking that I’m missing something here, because he’s 70 points! He can’t really be that bad, can he? It’s probably just that I’m bad instead – or maybe he was just on the wrong team. If you like this dude, please, let me know how you made him work! I would absolutely welcome the strategy talk!

Sculpt and Flavor

I really don’t like the sculpt and the flavor text is just your standard vanilla flavor. Not every piece can be a Deadpool!


I think I built a decent team, minus the Wolverine. I ended with a record of 2-2-0 for the event. The biggest flaw was definitely in my strategy. I’m still learning the chess part of this game and I think I learned a lot in this event. I pulled my new favorite Deadpool, just because he’s different from the one I thought would be my favorite. I love the other pieces I got and have a decent jump on a Heroes for Hire team now!

We had ten players for our pre-release and I got to play against folks I knew and didn’t know! I always love making new friends and I may have made three new ones, hopefully. I hope to make it up to their FLGS sometime soon and get some footage from there as well. I want to thank Bob and everyone else for letting me interrupt their matches to ask silly rules questions, and I want to thank Evan for being so helpful to an opponent in a tournament! If the rest of the Clix community is like this, then they’re up there with the Dice Masters community. That makes me so very happy to see because it makes me feel like WizKids is encouraging that kind of friendly atmosphere through their games, and the world needs more nice folks!

You can find the videos for this event on my YouTube channel.
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May your crits never be misses and your Probs never wasted!

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