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Posted: March 8, 2017 in HeroClix, Report, Strategy, Team Building
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Greetings Fellow Dice and Clix Fans!


My FLGS likes to change up the format each week to give players an opportunity to build something different and try something new. The one rule that’s remained a constant though has been the Highlander rule. The Highlander rule at my FLGS is that no two characters on your team can have the same ‘real name’. You can use two Batman characters, but their real names have to be different – like Bruce Wayne on one and Dick Grayson on the other.

Special format rules for the event:

~ Highlander (Different Real Name)
~ 400 points
~ You can only use one Super Rare, LE, or Prime.
~ You may use any number of Rares, Uncommons, and Commons.
~ No Resources, Relics, etc.

My Team:

So I knew I wanted to go with a TMNT team of some kind, whether it be TMNT Ally, TMNT Villain, or whatever. I knew I could do a theme team with all the TMNT stuff I have. I tried to do a team with Irma at 60 points (S2), Shredder (S1), Krang (S1), and Monsterex (S1), but the points were off too much, by like 35. So I tried to knock Irma down to her 25 point version. That put me right at 400, but I wasn’t feeling the team. I scrapped the team and stared at my pieces.

I had decided to go with TMNT Villain and I wanted to make them work. So I looked over all my pieces with the TMNT Villain keyword. I knew right away that I wanted to use Krang. I have only played with him once and I didn’t use him right. I wanted to play with him again and this time, not go Colossal right out of the gate.

So, Krang was added to the team at 170 points, leaving me 230 points.

I really wanted to play with Monsterex again too. He was another piece that I botched while learning to play with him. He added 125 points to the team, leaving me with 105 points.

I started looking at all the TMNT Villains that I had left and chose the ones I really wanted to play. I was torn between Shredder (S1), Rat King (S2), and Chien Khan (S2). They all have their appeal, but the one thing that pushed Rat King into the lead of this rat race, was his Pawns In My Game ability. I like Mind Control shenanigans and this is probably one of my favorite Mind Control specials besides Circe’s from Superman and Wonder Woman. I pulled her in my sealed for that event and boy was she a hoot!

Rat King was added to my team at 100 points, leaving me with 5 points to spare. We were not permitted to use Resources or Relics, and I didn’t have any 5 point TMNT Villains, so I went with a build of 395 points. I had one Super Rare and two Rare pieces on my team, meeting the restrictions on rarity for this event.

My Team

Krang – TMNT Series One


This guy is silly. I love Molecular Amplification Chip. In my video (Round Three vs Hannah), I forgot to give him his two clicks. The camera battery died and I was able to catch my mistake while we paused for the battery to charge a little. I took a look back at the footage to be sure that Robin missed his attack because Krang’s defense was supposed to be lower when Robin attacked and his attack was a miss. I think I’m going to use my tiny dice as a way to remind me of things like that, when I need to push or take damage from abilities that I use.

I also love his Shapeshifting Hands – I used it to great effect in my match with Hannah. While Krang was in base contact with three characters and just out of reach of a fourth (Commissioner Gordon). I decided to activate Molecular Amplification Chip and made Krang Colossal. I then chose Quake as the standard attack power for Shapeshifting Hands, and attacked with a 13 attack on all four characters, dealing them all two damage and knocking them all back two spaces. I’ve never had something like that work in a game and to finally be able to pull off some silly shenanigans, made my day. I used it later in the match to give Krang Poison because Deadshot was in base contact with Krang.

Krang’s Probability Control is an awesome thing to have too. And if he ends on his click with IQ of 968 – Until He Gets Mad, you not only get Prob, but you get Outwit too. It also keeps his powers from being countered by certain pieces, which is totally handy.

Krang put in the most work on my team in all of my matches. I love this piece, and I see now why he’s a Super Rare. I won’t play him as much in our local scene, because I feel like he is almost too powerful and could potentially run off new players if I use him too often. I still love that ugly brain monster from Dimension X, though… never thought I would ever say that!

Monsterex – TMNT Series One


I seem to continue making errors while playing with this piece. Bailee’s Dreadpool almost blew him up in two hits. I was shocked when I realized he was on his list click and hadn’t died yet. But I really love the Which Monster Dominates? and Which Legend Controls? abilities. I need to learn how to use them effectively though and I think I made an error in my match with Hannah. I misread Blades/Claws/Fangs and thought that I couldn’t use it when I charged, but I think you can. When you Charge, you give the character a power action which could result in the character getting a close combat action as a free action. Blades/Claws/Fangs says that when the character is given a close combat action, you can use Blades/Claws/Fangs. It doesn’t say that you can’t use it when the close combat action is free action, so I assume that I could have used Blades/Claws/Fangs on my Charge. If that’s not right, let me know! Remember, I’m still a noobie here.

This piece is definitely confusing for someone that’s not an experienced player. I don’t know how Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs interacts. I assume that each attack made with Flurry will result in a roll for Blades/Claws/Fangs if I choose to use it. But then I wonder, can I Blades/Claws/Fangs with the first attack and not the second? So many things to research with this piece! I still love him and I’m still learning how to use him effectively.

Rat King – TMNT Series Two

Rat King

Krang and Rat King are totally my favorite pieces on this team. I love that I can hide this guy in the hindering terrain and control your dudes that are six squares or less away from me with Pawns In My Game. He’s an additional Prob for this team and he has Perplex as well on his starting click.

I really love that he has the Mystics team ability, so if your close combat dude gets up in his face and hits him, you’re still taking one back. And he has a Poison too that helps against those melee dudes. Super Senses is a great way to possibly avoid damage and still get that Poison to tick. Against Hannah, I used this guy to control Batman and he smacked Looker while under Rat King’s control. I also used him to move Deadshot into close combat with Krang, hopefully to prevent him from shooting my dudes. There are so many things I love about this character.

I really want to pair Rat King with a character that can drop Smoke Clouds so that I have free reign to go where I choose and control dudes. I dislike having to take damage for Mind Control, but I guess without that drawback, it’d be a bit too powerful.


I really enjoyed this team build, but I feel like it’s a bit too much for a normally casual scene – mostly because of Krang. I will definitely be looking into some different builds with Rat King and a Smoke Cloud character of some kind. I really like Monsterex, but I really need more game experience to understand how to use him to his full potential.

I have to give a shout-out to a new player, Bailee. She decided to play, just for fun. Between me, North, Hannah, and Jamie, we had more than enough pieces to loan her a team. She decided to buy one Deadpool and X-Force booster, just to see what she got. She pulled more than enough to make a team and ended up winning the whole event. She pulled a Dreadpool and made all of us jealous! But she did really well and she literally had zero Clix knowledge prior to her first match with me. We tied in that first round, only because Monsterex ran from Dreadpool! Hopefully she had enough fun to continue playing with us each week.

We have a sealed event scheduled for March 11, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play or not. If I can’t play, I’ll definitely record featured matches from the event!

You can find the videos for this event on my YouTube channel.
Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe and follow me on social media!

May your crits never be misses and your Probs never wasted!


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