Tournament Report! – June 3, 2017 Modern Age

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Greeting Fellow Dice Fans!


We’ve been playing a lot of Modern Age lately, even before the official rotation date. Our locals absolutely love the Modern Age format.

I have the videos of the featured matches on my Dice Dice Kitty YouTube channel, in the June 3, 2017 playlist. Please remember to subscribe!

My Team

My Team

I was very excited to see Orion and Big Barda in the Batman set. Even though my overall knowledge of the DC universe is limited, I knew exactly who they were and I wanted to build a team with them. I wanted to use the uncommon Orion because his ability is cool and different. I love the idea of paying an energy to get him into my Prep instead of going to the Used Pile after he damages my opponent. Since I was using that particular Orion, I had to use the Big Barda with the static buff that increases the attack and defense of other New Gods. Now I just needed a way to either give him Overcrush or make him unblockable. I like him being unblockable, so I went with Silver Sable to help him with that. I didn’t know who Mister Miracle was exactly, but he’s a cheap New God that makes for an awesome blocker, so why not? I thought Rip Hunter would be great to guarantee my Orion on level three – but it only works if I draw him. I think he’s better used for Silver Sable to guarantee that cheaper fielding side since I’m just gonna sacrifice her anyway. Cold Gun, Rip’s Chalkboard, and S.T.A.R. Labs are all there for their utility. I decided to go with Haymaker for the attack buff Global, and also to purchase if I need the Overcrush. I knew I’d need a way to decrease the cost of some of my characters, so I decided to use Big Entrance as my second Basic Action.

Round One
Hannah N.

Hannah 1

I always have trouble defeating Hannah – doesn’t matter which team I’m using! Tonight was no different. Hannah has become a very good player for her age. She loves her burn team with Canister and Storm and that’s exactly how I lost. I couldn’t get enough damage through to defeat her. Red Hood was a great addition to her team. She didn’t have to rely mostly on ability damage because she could throw several characters at me as well as a beefy Red Hood. I tried to keep her Field thinned out by using her Canister Global against her characters, but it was to no avail! Hannah went on to win the event with a 3-0-0 record.

Round Two
Jess E.

Jess 1

Jess is a returning player that hasn’t played in over a year. It’s always nice to have players return with new and exciting teams – like his Firefly Parademon team! Even though he felt like he was out of practice, he still defeated me in round two. Firefly is a beast! And the cheap Rockets are a perfect pair for him. The Swarming Parademons are good too. It was a fast team that my New Gods couldn’t keep up with.

Round Three


Popcorn throwing time! I got the bye in round three – which is fine with me. I get to watch everyone else play while causing a huge distraction! Just kidding! I do enjoy being able to watch other matches when I can’t play because of a bye. And hey – I got a free win!

Results – 1/2/0
Final Standing – 7th Place

The Other Teams
Travis F. (Mr. DDK)

Travis 1

J. North
North 1
Joey C.
Joey 1
Jamie T.
Jamie 1
Final Thoughts

I really love Orion and Silver Sable. As much as I like Barda, I don’t think I can keep her. I think I need to replace her with a card that can help me get to Orion faster – and maybe an energy fixer. There were times that I had a Shield and something else, or a Bolt and something else, and I really wanted to use the S.T.A.R. Labs Global, but couldn’t. I like Mister Miracle on the team, but I’d rather use Multiple Man: Pile On! in his place. I plan on adjusting this team for future events, but for now, I want to try my Teen Titans.

Do you have a suggestion to bolster the team?
Have you tried a team like this?
Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page at Dice Dice Kitty!

Thank you for reading! You can find more Dice Masters, HeroClix, and board game related content on my Instagram and Twitter! Every like and follow matters to me!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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