Custom Fan Made Dice Masters Set – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Dice Masters
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I’ve been dying for a My Little Pony Dice Masters set. It’s an IP that I’m fairly certain WizKids won’t ever use for Dice Masters, though I could be wrong (I hope I’m wrong). I would love to see WizKids acquire the licensing to do a set based off the new Friendship is Magic series as well as the Equestria Girls movies. Believe it or not – those movies are canon and actually really good.

But since I’m almost completely certain that there will never be an official MLP:FiM Dice Masters set, I decided to make my own. I sat down with my TMNT Donnie notebook, pencil in one hand, Netflix controller in the other and started up the first episode. I began writing character names, subtitles, ideas for abilities, energy types, etc as fast I could. By the end of my season one binge, I had a huge list of characters and not enough room in a Box Set – so it became a full collectible set with 124 cards, 10 of which are Basic Action Cards.

My next order of business was to flesh out the character abilities for each version of all the characters. I had to carefully balance certain buffing abilities with keywords, while trying to stay true to each character thematically. Once I had the abilities rough draft worked out, I began working up the stats for each character. That was the easy part! I even created several new affiliations, and threw in Villains for good measure.

Affiliation Guide.png

After all my pen and paper work was done, I hopped on my laptop and opened that fresh Excel spreadsheet and began charting my set on tables. Throughout the entire process, abilities were changes, removed, tweaked, and checked for language and typos.

As soon as I felt like my spreadsheet was done, it was time to find card images! I went to my desktop, jump drive in hand, and pulled up Netflix again. I made my folder for character images and then took a screen shot of everything that looked like it would make for a good card image.

Once the card images were done, I began work on the dice icons. This was the hardest and most time consuming of the whole project, at least for me. I’m more of a writer than an artist. I paint pictures with my words, not with a paint brush in my hands. I did the best job I could with a program that I had never heard of until I started this project. GIMP is a user friendly program that my friend Lauren showed me. (Hi Lauren!) But I still needed to put the cards together, in a template of some kind.

If you haven’t seen this awesome gadget that the folks from DM Retrobox have made, you have to check it out! It’s a Card Generator! Paul (PK2317) from The Reserve Pool showed this glorious creation to me. I have to give him huge thanks for that, because if he hadn’t pointed me in that direction, I would still be trying to photoshop some of these cards. I also have to give super huge thanks to the folks at Retrobox for making that beautiful tool.

It saved me loads of time, but I did have to go in a create my own Crossover dice and purchase cost images because they don’t have that option on the generator yet. The affiliations would show up square through the generator too, so I photoshopped all of the affiliations onto the cards that have one. Such a little price to pay for all the time I saved. I am definitely not complaining!

When it was all said and done, from that first stroke of my pencil to the very last click of the save button, 71 hours worth of work was complete. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more proud or accomplished. I took the files to my local printing shop where a buddy of mine works, and had him print up two sets. My original plan was give a set to someone from WizKids while at Origins, as a token of my appreciation for all the work they do on Dice Masters. It was a labor of love that I wanted to share with them. But as bad luck would have it – I am no longer able to attend Origins.

So, I decided to go ahead and share my set on my Facebook, in hopes that they would someday see it and see how much I love this game! I love it so much that I spent 71 hours of my life creating a set that I will not profit from or gain anything from – other than joy.

This is definitely something I want to make clear, for legal reasons – I do not own My Little Pony (Hasbro does) and I most certainly do not own Dice Masters (WizKids/NECA). This is a tribute, proxy, fan made set and it is not legal for play in any official tournament. I had no collaboration with Hasbro or WizKids.

I also want to put this out there, for legal reasons – WizKids, if you find any part of any of these cards that you like and want to use, please do so without worry! I’d love to see a rare Frightening Cockatrice ability in Dice Masters – anywhere!

PK read through my set after I put it on my Facebook page, and gave me the best feedback ever (thanks again)! He was helping me improve the set by catching things I didn’t see, like wording on certain cards and typos that slid by me. There were only a couple of cards that needed some adjustment to their abilities, which tickled me Pinkie Pie to know the abilities were mostly okay across the whole set. I hope that everyone out there realizes that it takes a team of folks to do something like this. The set still isn’t perfect, but at least it’s awesome!

I want everyone out there that enjoys MLP and/or Dice Masters as much as I do to play with these cards and enjoy this set. I hope to make a set for each season and all the movies. Once I’m done with that, I might incorporate the comics, because they are canon to the MLP universe as well.

I’ve grouped the cards below by character for easier comparison viewing. Just click the thumbnail and you should be able to see a larger image.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One


I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and love that everyone has shown me. I wish I could return it ten times over. I hope that others are inspired by this to make their own favorite IPs into a set – or if not a set, just a few cards. Thanks to Retrobox, we can live our IP Dice Masters dreams!

I’ve never loved a game enough to make a custom set and I’ve never loved a gaming community enough to share something like this with.

Friendship truly is magic.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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    Check it out – it’s incredible – and officially makes her blog 20% cooler than mine!

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