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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at The Question: Find the Answers from the DC Batman set.

W The Question, Find the Answers

Ruling – Gadgeteer Keyword

From the WizKids Keywords page:

Gadgeteer: When a character die with Gadgeteer attacks, you may roll a gear die or an action die with the Continuous keyword in your Used Pile.  If you roll a non-energy face, you may move it unto your Field Zone.  Otherwise, return it to your Used Pile.

I think there is a typo in on the WizKids Keywords page. Where it says ‘you may move it unto your Field Zone’, I think it’s supposed to say into and not unto. But I’m certain we all know what they mean.

Gadgeteer is a new Keyword in the Batman set. This ability only works when the character with Gadgeteer attacks and only if you have a Gear or Continuous action die in your Used Pile. Gear dice will have the Equip Keyword on their card.

You cannot use the Gadgeteer ability for a non-Continuous action die.

When your Gadgeteer character attacks, you get to choose a qualifying action die from your Used Pile and roll it. It can be a Basic Action die or a Non-Basic Action die, so long as it’s Gear or has the Continuous keyword.

After you roll the action die, if it shows an Action face (non-energy face), you get to move it into your Field Zone. Moving a die is not the same as using it, much like moving a character die is not the same as fielding it. If it shows an energy face, you must return it to the Used Pile. The image below shows where you can find the different faces on the Die Face Reference part of the card.

Action and Energy Faces

This ability is optional and not mandatory because it uses ‘may’ in the text. If your Gadgeteer character attacks and you have a Continuous die in your Used Pile, you are not required to use the Gadgeteer ability. If you forget to use it and the Attack Step has moved into the Assign Blockers portion, you have missed your opportunity to use Gadgeteer.

Ruling – Ability

The Question’s other ability works like a While Active ability even though it doesn’t say While Active. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.



Whenever you use an action die, The Question gains +1A and +1D until the end of the turn. You can use multiple action dice on the same turn and his ability will trigger for each one.

What is considered ‘using’ an Action Die?
~ When you have a non-Continuous action die showing an action face in your Reserve Pool and you use it for it’s effect, moving it Out of Play, that is considered using it.
~ When you have a Continuous action die showing an action face in your Reserve Pool, using it means putting it into the Field Zone. When you activate a Continuous action die for it’s effect, that is not the same as using the action die because the die was used by fielding it.
~ Abilities that say ‘use an action die’ or ‘use the effect of an action die’ are all considered to be using an action die.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ The Question is a Mask type character card.
~ He has the Justice League affiliation.
~ He has a max dice of four.
~ This card is a Uncommon and is #75 of 124.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Gadgeteer and Using Action Dice.

Game State
~ I have one level three Question (2A/4D) die in the Field Zone. I also have two Kryptonite: Green Death dice, one Unstable Canister die, and one Captain Cold’s Cold Gun: Frozen “Firearm” die, all showing action faces, in my Reserve Pool.
~ My opponent has two Sidekick die in the Field Zone.
~ It is currently during my Main Step.
(Main Step)
~ I use one of my Kryptonite dice, moving it Out of Play, and target one of my opponent’s Sidekick dice. The Question’s ability triggers and he gains +1A and +1D.
~ I use my other Kryptonite die, moving it Out of Play, and target my opponent’s Sidekick die again. The Question’s ability triggers and he gains +1A and +1D, which brings his total to +2A and +2D.
~ I use my Unstable Canister die, moving it Out of Play, and target that same Sidekick die which KO’s it. The Question’s ability triggers and he gains +1A and +1D, which brings his total to +3A and +3D.
~ I use my Cold Gun die, moving it to the Field Zone. The Question’s ability triggers and he gains +1A and +1D, which brings his total to +4A and +4D.
~ I activate my Cold Gun die, moving it Out of Play, to target my opponent’s second Sidekick die which KO’s it. This does not trigger Question’s ability.
(Attack Step – Assign Attackers)
~ I assign my Question (6A/8D) to attack, moving him to the Attack Zone.
~ The Question’s Gadgeteer ability triggers when he attacks and I check my Used Pile for Continuous action dice. I have one Turtle Van and one Bat-Signal die in my Used Pile and I choose the Turtle Van Basic Action and roll it. It lands on an Action face and I move it into my Field Zone.
(Attack Step – Assign Blockers)
~ My opponent does not have any blockers to assign.
(Attack Step – Actions and Globals)
~ I do not use any Action Dice or Globals.
~ My opponent does not use any Globals.
(Attack Step – Assign and Resolve Damage)
~ The Question assigns all six of his attack to my opponent and my opponent loses six life. The Question die is immediately moved Out of Play because he attacked and was not blocked.
(Clean Up Step)
~ Character dice that were KO’d by combat damage during the Attack Step are now placed in the Prep Area.
~ Characters blocked, but not KO’d are removed from the Attack Zone, but stay in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is part of the Field Zone, but only attacking and blocking characters can be in the Attack Zone.
~ All effects end unless otherwise specified (like a While Active or ‘End of Turn’ ability). The Question will lose all of the +1A and +1D bonuses he gained this turn.
~ All damage is cleared.
~ End of turn abilities will resolve.
~ My turn is now over and my opponent’s turn will begin.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find a relevant ruling about similar text for using an action die, here.
You can find a relevant ruling about Continuous actions and abilities, here.
You can find a relevant ruling about While Active text being missing from the card, here.

Basic Information

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

I like this version of Question better than the other two versions. It’s easy to build up lots of action dice for a single turn with Boomerang or even Scarlet Witch: Hex Bolts from the Doctor Strange Team Pack. Since I love Overcrush so much, using Proton Cannon just makes sense, because his stats can become massive! I love that he has Gadgeteer too, which can help you get your Continuous action die back in play. He’s got a great purchase cost and while his attack stats are not the best, his stats can get a boost and even be swapped with Kal-L’s Global. I think this card is great for casual play and possibly good for a rogue team in Modern Age competitive play too.

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Special thanks to The Reserve Pool for the use of their site.

Roll on, Dice Masters!


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