Review! DC HeroClix – Skyscraper Wonder Woman Colossal Figure

Posted: July 26, 2017 in HeroClix, Review
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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Skyscraper Wonder Woman Colossal figure this past weekend, and even got to play with her!

In the comics, the giant robot Wonder Woman was a creation of the Sinister Seer of Saturn. He was determined to get revenge against Wonder Woman and to accomplish it, he wanted to embarrass Wonder Woman with this colossal doppelganger.


In HeroClix, she is definitely an enormous piece as you can see in the picture below. Fugitoid is your average sized HeroClix piece and she towers over him! Her dial fits into four squares instead of one square like Fugitoid, and most other figures.

Skyscraper Wonder Woman


This piece is really pretty and very well done. I love her sculpt and I think the lasso spin-effect is really cool looking. This is one of the few pieces that I’d love to have on a shelf and not just as a playing piece. The colors are bright and vibrant and the dial is easy to read as well. As far as being comic accurate, she is really close to her comic counterpart.

I don’t have much to say on the cosmetics because she looks so amazing! There isn’t much else to cover!

Game Play

As I mentioned earlier, I got to play with this piece this weekend. We were playing a 400 point Modern Age Highlander event. For our local venue, the Highlander rules state that you can have the same Title Name, but the Real Name must be different from other Title Names and Real Names. If there isn’t a Real Name listed, then you can use as many of those pieces as you can fit on your team. We were also limited to only one Super Rare, LE, Prime, etc. We were not allowed to use Resources or Relics.

I used her on her 350 point line and added Fugitoid to the team for 50 points, just to have two figures and the maximum amount of points. This also gave me a theme team for Robot.

Skyscraper Wonder Woman

As you can see on her dial above, she’s huge with her 19 clicks! Her last click is a stop click too, meaning she won’t get KO’d when she first turns to that click from damage. She also gets a wide variety of abilities throughout her dial. Some of my favorites are Running Shot, Hypersonic Speed, Impervious, and Combat Reflexes. Her special abilities are cool, but my favorite is The Trial of Ice. I like being able to give someone an action token or instead, slide them around the map to a more advantageous spot for my attacks or defense.

The biggest problem I had in my matches is the same one I always have when running a team with very few pieces – they get swarmed. Fugitoid was a great distraction for a brief moment, but then the focus was on Skyscraper. If they’re using Outwit or have a way to get around her defenses, she goes down a little faster than what you would think. That’s because she gets all the attacks directed at her and she doesn’t have any backup. I think she’s better on one of her lower point lines with some support pieces as opposed to the big 350 line without support. I plan to try her again in the future on her 225 or 100 point starting line with a few other dudes.

Final Thoughts

Is she worth buying?

~ For a casual player like myself, yes. She has multiple starting lines with various point values that can fit into many different teams. She’s fun to play with and while intimidating to see on the map, isn’t that scary when you’re up against her.

~ For a collector like myself, definitely! She’s a gorgeous figure and I would think any fan of Wonder Woman would love to have her on a display shelf.

~ For a competitive player, not sure. I’m not up to speed on the big meta teams and I’m not experienced enough to make that kind of judgement. I’ve heard the more experienced local players talk about how broken she is on her 15 point starting line, but again – I’m not on the same level of experience, so I don’t know if she’s broken or not.

Overall, I think she’s a piece worth having in most collections. The only major downside to playing with this piece is how to transport her. She definitely won’t fit in my box so I have to carry her in the box she came in to keep her safe. This leaves me with more stuff to keep up with and move around the store while swapping tables.

What do you think of the Skyscraper Wonder Woman?
Have you used her and what build did you use?

Thanks so much for reading! I would love to do more HeroClix articles, so if you have suggestions, drop me a line here or on my Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

May your crits never be misses and your Probs never wasted!


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