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Posted: August 20, 2017 in Miscellaneous
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Greetings Fellow Gaming Fans!


Jackson had it’s third annual Comic, Anime, Toy Show and I was able to make it out on Sunday for some fun times! Jackson, TN isn’t a small town, so I was expecting to see a huge crowd, even with Gen Con being this weekend – but – I was very disappointed to see such a small amount of people. I would be very surprised if the numbers were over 150. For a city the size of Jackson, TN – that’s ridiculous. There should have been 500 or more for each day this weekend. I have to say that I’m very, very disappointed in the low turnout and Jackson residents should be more supportive of these types of events.

Now, that aside, I was not disappointed with the vendors that were present. There were not as many as I expected, but there were enough and there was a decent variety. I want to use this article to promote the ones that took the time to listen to my ramblings and speak with me.

Kelly Williams

I was so very disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to meet this artist when he was at the Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con. I was only able to stray from my FLGS booth a few times and he was either away or working very diligently. I’m not one to interrupt someone that’s working, if I can help it. He does the most amazing horror artwork and the horror genre is my love! I’m a huge fan of Robert Englund, who portrays Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. My love of theatrical makeup, special effects, and cosplay all has foundations that began with the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie. But, Kelly Williams was here and I finally got my chance!

I opened my binder of blank sketch cards and I told him that I adore his horror work and if he wanted to pick a character and turn it into a horror version of that character, to go for it! If he didn’t feel like it, I told him to choose any character that he wanted to illustrate and have at it. He chose Storm because he really likes Morlock Storm with the Mohawk. That’s my favorite version of Storm – ever! It’s like it was meant to be and it wouldn’t have happened at Dyersburg since the Storm sketch card came out long after our local convention.

The art is breathtaking and I love it so much!



This guy is not only a talented artist, but he’s super cool to talk to. If you have a chance to meet him, go for it! I know we all love our comic characters, but it’s nice to show some love to those that bring those characters to life. Follow him on Twitter at Kelly Williams, man, or check out his website here. You can find a link to contact him about commissions on his site.

Thanks again, Mr. Kelly Williams! You are too awesome and it was an honor to finally meet you!

Venetian Eve

This lady was very nice and helpful. She loves to draw anime characters, Disney characters, and comic book characters, so she’s definitely in the right crowd! She’s got some super cute art and I found a picture that I just had to get for a friend.


You can find her on Facebook here, and Instagram here. She’s got a wide variety of characters and I almost bought a Ninja Turtles picture for myself, but I had to pass on it for now. Hopefully I’ll see her at a convention in the future and if not, it’s one I’d like to order. We didn’t get to chat long, but I enjoyed our short conversation.

Cosplay Folks
Robin Burks

This wonderful lady is an author and cosplayer. She was a delight to talk to and I hope to cross paths with her again. She’s done some really cool cosplays, two of which I’ve seen in person. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Golden Age Wonder Woman from the Superman Celebration was her!

Cosplay Wonder Woman

When I saw her at the convention today, I had a chance to tell her that I really liked her Wonder Woman. I didn’t get a chance to speak to her in all the hustle and bustle of the Superman Celebration so it was nice to have that opportunity now. She was cosplaying as Ursula from The Little Mermaid and I thought it was fantastic!

Robin Burks Ursula

Robin Burks is the author of several futuristic mystery novels that I have yet to get my hands on. I have them on my list of books to read and I hope I can get to them soon! Robin was super sweet and outgoing in our conversation and I hope to have more conversations with her in the future. You can find her Facebook page here, and her Twitter page here.

Thank you for the conversation and hope to bump into you again!

Guests of Gotham

These ladies were super awesome and really fun to talk to! They’re part of Guests of Gotham.

Guests of Gotham

They were both really sweet and I had great conversations with both of them about cosplay. They directed me to other folks that could help with other questions I had that they weren’t sure about. I enjoyed talking to them and hope to see them and more of the folks from Guests of Gotham!

Tennessee Ghostbusters

I got to spend a little bit of time talking to several of these folks about different fabrication techniques. They make all their gear and it all lights up, makes sounds, and some of it even has motion!

TN Ghostbusters

One of the traps they had on display would shake and rock when the ghost was trying to escape. This bunch of folks are really talented and very willing to help with cosplay ideas. You can find their Facebook page, here.

They were a fun bunch to talk to and I love all of their gadgets and gizmos. The pack that the gentleman on the left is wearing is actually really big and plays various music from the movies, as well as lights up and makes awesome sounds! If you have a chance to meet them, go for it!

Cloud’s Armory

I didn’t take pictures of their towers or other nifty little items – and I wish I had. But you can see their items on their site, here. I like the style of their towers and I love that they can personalize them too. I’m always on the lookout for accessories to enhance the various games I play, and I’m always looking for those affordable accessories too. I’ve looked at Wyrmwood before, but they seem a little on the pricey side. I understand why – because they use crazy materials. But really, all I want is a functional tower that’s easy to transport. Their towers look interesting, unique, and they’re solid. They use pegs and bumpers to help randomize the dice and the center pulls out from the top, just in case you need to get inside the tower.

Be sure to take a look at their towers and other cool things on their site. I know some of you play Dungeons and Dragons and they have some other really awesome accessories you might want to see!


We don’t usually spend a lot of money at conventions. I like to network and meet people so that I can write about it and help them reach various audiences. But occasionally, I will find some things that I can’t let slip away.

STDS9 Figs

I had all the Star Trek figures from the 90’s, because I love Star Trek! But over the years, they have either been stolen, lost, or destroyed by vindictive ex-boyfriends/husband. I’ve been slowly replacing them and I was lucky enough to come across these two Deep Space Nine figures for only $5 each – on sale. Sometimes, hitting a convention on the last day is the best time to go!

Mini DDK found a Minions watch for $2 and I couldn’t let that slip by either. She loves Minions! I like them too, but that’s her favorite thing right now.

My main reason for wanting to go to the convention was to meet Jackson Bostwick. He portrayed Captain Marvel in the Shazam! TV series from the 70’s. I may not have been around to see it air on TV, but I was there for the reruns on cable. Just like the Wonder Woman series with Lynda Carter and the original Batman series with Adam West and Burt Ward, Shazam! taught me lessons about life and how to be a good person. It was a great honor to meet Mr. Bostwick and he was a pleasure to talk to.


The last item I made off with wasn’t a purchase that I made. A family friend that happened to be at the same convention found a copy of a comic book that they knew I had lost many years ago (one of those mean folks I mentioned earlier).


They bought this for me, knowing I needed it. It’s the first appearance of Ben Reilly as Peter Parker’s clone. I know it’s also the origin story of Jackal, but I care way more about the Ben Reilly connection. I really want to rebuild my Scarlet Spider books before trying to rebuild the enormous run of Amazing Spider-Man that was lost. I can’t thank them enough and I would name them, but I have a pretty good idea that they want to stay anonymous – and I respect that. I was super excited when they gave this to me! I’m one step closer to regaining my lost treasures, thanks to them!


While the size of the crowd was disappointing, I still had fun. I enjoyed myself with my family and friends and I made new contacts. Sometimes, it’s not the quantity, but the quality that truly matters. But then again, for events like this, they really need larger crowds to help vendors offset their expenses. I hope all the vendors, artists, and guests were able to do that, despite the low turnout. And in the future, I hope that the city of Jackson, Tennessee will come out in full support of this event or events like it. We had decided at the very last minute to go and I’m very glad we were able to attend.

Mr. DDK and I even made the local news, briefly, on WBBJ 7.

Thanks for reading and please remember to hit that like and follow button – not just for me, but for all those that you like from my article!

Go and get your games on!


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