Confusing Card of the Week #105 – Angela: Art of the Hunt

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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Angela: Art of the Hunt from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy set.

W Angela, Art of the Hunt

Ruling – Infiltrate Ability

“When a character die with Infiltrate attacks and is not blocked, you may choose to remove that character die from combat and not deal combat damage to your opponent. If you do, that character die deals 1 damage to your opponent and the die remains in your Field Zone instead of going to your Used Pile.”

Infiltrate is an ability that allows you to choose between dealing combat damage as normal, or keeping your character active in the field and only dealing one ability damage to your opponent instead.

Infiltrate damage is dealt after blockers are assigned during the Attack Step. After blockers are assigned, you can choose to activate the Infiltrate ability on each character die that has Infiltrate. When you activate the Infiltrate ability, the dice are immediately removed from the Attack Zone and placed in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is still part of the Field Zone, but only attacking and blocking dice are placed here to show they are in combat.

Infiltrate damage is considered ability damage and not combat damage. If another ability would affect damage being dealt to a player, this damage can be affected. If the ability specifies combat damage, Infiltrate damage cannot be affected by that ability.

If a character die is blocked, they cannot use their Infiltrate ability, even if the blocker is removed prior to combat damage being resolve. Once a character is blocked, they are considered to be blocked for that entire combat.

If a character die is not blocked, that die can use it’s Infiltrate ability to deal one damage directly to the opponent. If they do, that die does not deal any combat damage.

Attack Step – Assign Attackers
~ This is where attacking dice are assigned.
Attack Step – Assign Blockers
~ This is where blocking dice are assigned.
~ Any dice with Infiltrate can be activated in this step after all blockers have been assigned and those dice with Infiltrate are not blocked.
~ Once activated, the dice will be removed from the Attack Zone, remaining in the Field Zone, and your opponent will take one damage from each dice with Infiltrate. Those dice are no longer considered to be attacking.

Ruling – Ability

Angela has an additional ability on her card that affects her Infiltrate ability. Her additional ability allows her to deal an additional damage with her Infiltrate ability when she uses it.

If Angela is not blocked, she can use Infiltrate. When she uses Infiltrate, she can deal two damage instead of one and she remains in the Field Zone.

Attack Step – Assign Attackers
~ A level three Angela die is assigned to attack.
Attack Step – Assign Blockers
~ There are no blockers assigned.
~ Angela uses her Infiltrate ability and is removed from the Attack Zone. She will deal two damage instead of one to the opposing player.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Angela is a Bolt type character card.
~ She has the Guardians of the Galaxy affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is an Uncommon and is #43 of 124.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
There isn’t a ruling for this specific card.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

I’m really digging this new Infiltrate ability and I like the characters that enhance the ability a lot. I like the super rare version, Angela: Hunter of Demons. She makes your characters with Infiltrate unblockable, and she also has Infiltrate. The downside is that she also makes it so your characters with Infiltrate can’t deal combat damage.

The version of Angela in this article is a great draft pick. I also like her because I still have the choice of dealing combat damage or using the Infiltrate ability. She also does an additional point of damage if she uses Infiltrate, making her damage two instead of one. If you get several of her dice in the field, she could possibly be doing a decent amount of damage when she’s not blocked.

I like the offensive nature of Infiltrate characters, but they are great control pieces too. Your opponent has to think a little harder about how they block or don’t block when these guys are running around. Characters that use Infiltrate when not blocked will remain in the field as potential blockers. Infiltrate is definitely better than I initially thought and this particular Angela is a great character to play around with.

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