Confusing Card of the Week #106 – Agent Venom: Losing Control

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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Agent Venom: Losing Control from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy set.

W Agent Venom, Losing Control

Ruling – Call Out Ability

“When a character die with Call Out attacks, you target an opposing character die. The targeted die can only legally block the attacking die that used Call Out on it, and no other die can legally blocked the die that used Call Out. If the die that used Call Out cannot legally be blocked for any reason (an effect made it unblockable, two different dice chose the same target for their Call Out, the die targeted with Call Out was KO’d, etc.) then the effect of Call Out is cancelled.”

The Call Out ability will trigger automatically when the die with Call Out attacks. This ability is not optional because it does not say you ‘may’ target an opposing character die. Each die with Call Out will trigger the Call Out ability when it attacks, even if the dice are the same character. For example, I attack with an Agent Venom die and that die’s Call Out ability triggers. I attack with a second Agent Venom die and Call Out triggers again. Each die should target a different opposing die, or the effects will be cancelled.

Call Out is an ability that targets. If a character is not eligible to be targeted, you cannot target it for Call Out. For example, Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! says “While Raven is active, your Mask Type and Teen Titan affiliated characters cannot be targeted by your opponents.” If my opponent has a Mask type character, a Sidekick, and Raven active, I cannot use the Call Out ability on any of their characters, except for the Sidekick die.

When you use Call Out on an opposing character die, the die you targeted is the only die that can block the character that used Call Out on it. None of the remaining opposing character dice can block the die that used Call Out. The die that is targeted for a Call Out ability can’t block any other attackers on that turn. For example, if I use Agent Venom’s Call Out on a Sidekick die, that is the only die that can block Agent Venom. Even if my opponent has four other character dice in the Field Zone, only that one Sidekick die that Agent Venom targeted can block him. And that same Sidekick die can’t block any of my other attacking dice.

A character die that’s been targeted by Call Out is not required to block, but if it does block, it can only block the die that targeted it with Call Out.

If the die that used Call Out is unblockable, the Call Out ability is cancelled and the die that was targeted for the Call Out ability can then choose to block a different attacking character die.

If the die that was targeted by Call Out is KO’d or removed before blockers are assigned, the effect is cancelled and the die that used Call Out can be blocked by other character dice that turn. For example, if I use Agent Venom’s Call Out to target a Sidekick die, but another character’s When Attacks ability deals damage to the Sidekick and KO’s it, my Agent Venom’s Call Out is cancelled and he can be blocked by other character dice as normal this turn.

If two dice use Call Out on the same opposing die, the effect of Call Out is cancelled and the opposing dice can choose to block as normal.

Ruling – Ability

Agent Venom has an additional effect on his card that says he can’t be KO’d the turn he uses Call Out, but only if he targets a Villain with his Call Out ability.

The Villain affiliation has two different affiliation icons. One is a red Hydra logo, commonly found in Marvel sets. The other is a stylized V, commonly found in DC sets and the TMNT sets. There have been Marvel sets that featured the V on their Villain cards.

Marvel Villain Affiliation     DC Villain Affiliation

Both of these symbols have the exact same meaning and are interchangeable. If a card has the Hydra icon in the text box, like Agent Venom, it applies to characters with the V icon as well.

If Agent Venom uses Call Out to target a Villain die, that die that used Call Out can’t be KO’d by combat damage, ability damage, or any other effect that says “KO”. The targeted die must have the Villain affiliation at the time it’s targeted. If the die gains the Villain affiliation later in the same turn, Agent Venom can still be KO’d because the targeted die was not a Villain at the time it was targeted. For example, when Agent Venom attacks, he targets a Sidekick die with Call Out. Blockers are assigned and then during the Actions and Globals portion of the Attack Step, I use a Global to give that same Sidekick the Villain affiliation. Agent Venom can still be KO’d this turn, because the Sidekick was not a Villain at the time Agent Venom targeted it with Call Out.

If Agent Venom’s Call Out effect is cancelled, he still gets the benefit of his second ability, as long as the die he targeted was a Villain. His ability only requires that he target a Villain with Call Out and not that the Call Out effect remains on the targeted die. For example, I attack with two Agent Venom dice. The first Agent Venom targets an opposing Villain die. The second Agent Venom die targets the same opposing Villain die. Both Call Out abilities are cancelled and both Agent Venom dice can be blocked by any opposing character die, but neither Agent Venom die can be KO’d this turn because they each targeted a Villain with their Call Out ability.

If the Villain that was targeted by Agent Venom’s Call Out blocks, Agent Venom will deal his attack value in combat damage to the blocker. He will also take damage from the Villain, but regardless of how much damage he has accumulated, he won’t be KO’d.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Agent Venom is a Mask type character card.
~ He has the Guardians of the Galaxy affiliation.
~ He has a max dice of four.
~ This card is an Common and is #2 of 124.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
There isn’t a ruling for this specific card.

You can find the cross IP compatibility wording, here.
You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Strategy and Opinion

I had a chance to use this card in our draft, but because there were so few Villains being played, I never used his second ability. I think he could possibly have a spot on a few teams out there in the casual scene. I’m not sure just how good he’ll be in competitive metas though. His stats are good and his purchase cost is okay, but I’m not sure Villains are that much of a nuisance yet to bring something like this. They reused the Civil War Venom die, which I find very amusing. Agent Venom seems to get the Venom hand-me-downs as far as dice icons go.

I really like this card for a casual Guardians team. My old GotG team had trouble against Villains, but with an ability like this, it helps to clear out some of those more troublesome Villains without risking the loss of one of your pieces. If there were more Villains in the GotG set, this guy would be a bomb in drafts!

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